Computational Modelling of Concrete Structures  book cover
1st Edition

Computational Modelling of Concrete Structures

ISBN 9781138001459
Published March 26, 2014 by CRC Press
1120 Pages

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Book Description

The EURO-C conference series (Split 1984, Zell am See 1990, Innsbruck 1994, Badgastein 1998, St Johann im Pongau 2003, Mayrhofen 2006, Schladming 2010, St Anton am Alberg 2014) brings together researchers and practising engineers concerned with theoretical, algorithmic and validation aspects associated with computational simulations of concrete and concrete structures. The conference reviews and discusses research advancements and the applicability and robustness of methods and models for reliable analysis of complex concrete, reinforced concrete and pre-stressed concrete structures in engineering practice.

Conference topics and invited papers cover both computational mechanics and computational modelling aspects of the analysis and design of concrete and concrete structures:

* Constitutive and Multiscale Modelling of Concrete

* Advances in Computational Modelling

* Time Dependent and Multiphysics Problems

* Performance of Concrete Structures

The book is of special interest to researchers in computational concrete mechanics, as well as industry experts in complex nonlinear simulations of concrete structures.

Table of Contents


Plenary lectures

Comminution of concrete due to kinetic energy of high shear strain rate
Z.P. Bažant & F.C. Caner

Modeling failure of brittle materials with eigenerosion
A. Pandolfi, B. Li & M. Ortiz

Multiscale computational models for the simulation of concrete materials and structures
G. Cusatis, R. Rezakhani, M. Alnaggar, X. Zhou & D. Pelessone

Multi-scale (FE2) analysis of material failure in cement/aggregate-type composite structures
J. Oliver, M. Caicedo, E. Roubin, J.A. Hernández & A. Huespe

The aim of computational methods for managing concrete structures in nuclear power plants
E. Galenne, S. Michel-Ponnelle, J. Salin, G. Moreau, J. Sanahuja & C. Toulemonde

Poro-chemo-fracture-mechanics … bottom-up: Application to risk of fracture design of oil and gas cement sheath at early ages
F.-J. Ulm, M. Abuhaikal, T. Petersen & R.J.-M. Pellenq

Constitutive and multiscale modelling of concrete

Hierarchical multiscale models for localization phenomena within the framework of FE2-X1
J.F. Unger

Modeling of Alkali-Silica Reaction in concrete: A multiscale approach for structural analysis
R. Esposito & M.A.N. Hendriks

A novel strain-rate model for concrete and its influence on wave propagation due to impact
U. Häussler-Combe

Implication of pore structure on micro-mechanical behaviour of virtual cementitious materials
N.L.B. Le, L.J. Sluys, M. Stroeven & P. Stroeven

A constitutive model for concrete based on continuum theory with non-local softening coupled with eXtended Finite Element Method
J. Bobiński & J. Tejchman

An elasto-plastic constitutive model with non-local softening and viscosity to describe dynamic concrete behaviour
I. Marzec & J. Tejchman

Modelling cement at fundamental scales: From atoms to engineering strength and durability
E. Masoero, H.M. Jennings, F.-J. Ulm, E.D. Gado, H. Manzano, R.J.-M. Pellenq & S. Yip

Two-scale model for concrete beams subjected to three point bending—numerical analyses and experiments
Ł. Skarżyński, M. Nitka & J. Tejchman

A multiscale model for predicting the elasticity modulus and the strength of Ultra-High Performance Fiber Reinforced Concrete
J.L. Zhang, X. Liu, Y. Yuan & H.A. Mang

Is cement a glassy material?
M. Bauchy, M.J.A. Qomi, R.J.-M. Pellenq & F.-J. Ulm

Multi-scale model of a single crack bridge in composites combining rigid brittle matrix with heterogeneous fibrous reinforcement
M. Vořechovský, R. Rypl & R. Chudoba

Modeling concrete under high frequency loading using a multi-scale method
A. Karamnejad, L.J. Sluys & V.P. Nguyen

Mesoscopic modeling of triaxial behavior of concrete
Y. Malecot, L. Zingg, E. Piotrowska, M. Briffaut & L. Daudeville

Application of a nonlocal damage law to model concrete fracture
E. Lorentz & K. Kazymyrenko

An approach to modelling smoothed crack closure and aggregate interlock in the finite element analysis of concrete structures
A.D. Jefferson, I.C. Mihai & P. Lyons

Modelling of fracture in three dimensional brittle bodies
Ł. Kaczmarczyk & C. Pearce

Consideration of fibre orientation in a micromechanical model for strain hardening cement composite
I. Viejo, M. Laspalas, I. Mariner & M.A. Jiménez

Constitutive modelling of fibre reinforced cementitious composites based on micromechanics
I.C. Mihai, A.D. Jefferson & P. Lyons

Non-local model and global-local cracking analysis for the study of size effect
C. Giry, C. Oliver-Leblond, F. Ragueneau & E. Kishta

Numerical analysis of Recycled Aggregate Concrete mechanical behavior
P. Folino

On finite element modeling of compressive failure in brittle materials
J. Červenka, V. Červenka & S. Laserna

Influence of the macro-porosity and the meso-structure on the dynamic properties of concrete
F. Gatuingt & S. Pierre

A volumetric upgrade of scalar gradient damage model
J. Pamin, A. Wosatko & R. Desmorat

Nano-scale characterization of elastic properties of AFt and AFm phases of hydrated cement paste
S. Hajilar & B. Shafei

ITZ-induced crack initiation in concrete: Micromechanics-based sensitivity analyses regarding concrete phase properties
M. Königsberger, B. Pichler & C. Hellmich

Experimental and numerical investigation of the mechanical behavior of interfaces between cementitious materials
T. Cordes & G. Hofstetter

A continuum micromechanics-LEFM model for fiber reinforced concrete
J.J. Timothy & G. Meschke

Advanced modelling strategies and paradigms

Compressive behavior of a lattice discrete element model for quasi-brittle materials
M. Vassaux, F. Ragueneau, B. Richard & A. Millard

Discrete modeling of micro-structure evolution during concrete fracture using DEM
M. Nitka & J. Tejchman

Numerical simulations of the bond between concrete and perforated metal sheets within composite slabs
S. Pirringer & J. Kollegger

Lattice discrete particle modeling of buckling deformation in thin ultra-high-performance fiber-reinforced concrete plates
R.G. El-Helou, C.D. Moen, E. Lale & G. Cusatis

Numerical analysis of linear viscoelastic 3D concrete specimens: Comparison between FE and FFT methods
B. Bary, L. Gélébart, E. Adam & C. Bourcier

Modeling of multiple cracks in reinforced concrete members using solid finite elements with high aspect ratio
O.L. Manzoli, M.A. Maedo, E.A. Rodrigues & T.N. Bittencourt

Correlations in the mesoscale modelling of fracture of quasi-brittle materials—extracting internal lengths
V. Lefort, G. Pijaudier-Cabot, D. Grégoire & P. Grassl

Computing permeation properties of mortar from pore size distributions
F. Khaddour, D. Grégoire & G. Pijaudier-Cabot

Prediction of cracks in concrete due to strain incompatibilities at the mesoscopic scale
F. Benboudjema, C. De Sa & F. Lagier

Statistical distribution and size effect of residual strength after a period of sustained load
M. Salviato, K. Kirane & Z.P. Bažant

A constrained LArge Time INcrement algorithm for quasi-brittle fracture: Implementation and optimisation aspects
B. Vandoren, A. Simone & L.J. Sluys

Localization analysis of coupled plasticity and damage models for dissipative materials
G. Xotta, S. Beizaee & K.J. Willam

Numerical modeling support for form-finding and manufacturing of folded plate structures made of cementitious composites using origami principles
R. Chudoba, J. van der Woerd & J. Hegger

Numerical modelling of cracking in Steel Fibre Reinforced Concretes (SFRC) structures
J.-L. Tailhan, P. Rossi & D. Daviau-Desnoyers

A new method for calculating local response in elastic media—the embedded unit cell approach
M. Grigorovitch & E. Gal

Lattice models of debonding in composite concrete pavements
D. Tompkins, L. Khazanovich & J.E. Bolander

Parametric FE studies on a coupled energetic-statistical size effect in plain concrete beams under bending
E. Syroka-Korol & J. Tejchman

Elastic-brittle fraction model for concrete and masonry structures
M.A.N. Hendriks & J.G. Rots

A numerical approach for the evaluation of the structural redistribution coefficient KRd
M. di Prisco & P. Martinelli

Comparison of nonlocal and crack-band damage-plasticity approaches for modelling the failure of reinforced concrete structures
D. Xenos & P. Grassl

Adaptive strain path-following control for softening material
T. Pohl, M. Bischoff & E. Ramm

3D cohesive crack propagation using hybrid-Trefftz finite elements
C.J. Pearce, G. Edwards & Ł. Kaczmarczyk

Zero-thickness interface model for coupled thermo-mechanical failure analysis of concrete
A. Caggiano & G. Etse

Using XFEM for modelling localized fracture of reinforced concrete beams
F.Y. Liao & Z. Huang

Development of full-scale finite-element models to evaluate corroding concrete slabs
B. Shafei & A. Alipour

Modelling cracking in reinforced-concrete beams using beam finite elements with embedded discontinuity
P. Šćulac & G. Jelenić

Numerical modeling of steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete on the meso- and macro-scale
Y. Zhan, H.G. Bui, J. Ninic, S.A. Mohseni & G. Meschke

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Time dependent and multiphysics problems

Reorientation of fibres during the flow of fibre-reinforced self-compacting concrete and determination of fibre orientation factor
S. Kulasegaram, R. Deeb & B.L. Karihaloo

Fire resistance analysis of RC elements with restrained thermal elongation in a natural fire
A. Sadaoui, A. Khennane & M. Fafard

Accounting for the fibre orientation on the structural performance of flowable fibre reinforced concrete
E.V. Sarmiento, M.A.N. Hendriks & T. Kanstad

Analysis of the thermo-chemo-mechanical behavior of massive concrete structures at early-age
T. Honorio, B. Bary & F. Benboudjema

Modeling the rapid chloride migration test for concrete using the lattice model and characteristic Galerkin approach
B. Šavija, M. Luković & E. Schlangen

Diffusion-reaction model for ASR: Formulation and 1D numerical implementation
J. Liaudat, C.M. López & I. Carol

A coupled carbonation-rust formation-mechanical damage model for steel corrosion in reinforced concrete
T.T.H. Nguyen, B. Bary, T. DeLarrard & V. L’Hostis

Drying cracking pattern analysis using a simple two-stage drying model and a discrete model
A. Delaplace & H. Noyalet

Microscopic model for concrete diffusivity prediction
M. Bogdan, F. Benboudjema, J.-B. Colliat & L. Stefan

Model B4: Multi-decade creep and shrinkage prediction of traditional and modern concretes
R. Wendner, M.H. Hubler & Z.P. Bažant

Concrete behaviour under ballistic impacts: Effects of materials parameters to penetration resistance and modeling with PRM model
C. Pontiroli, B. Erzar & E. Buzaud

Modeling dynamic fracture of quasi-brittle materials: Rate sensitivity and impact
J. Ožbolt, B. Irhan, A. Sharma & D. Ruta

Modeling processes related to corrosion of steel reinforcement and damage in concrete
J. Ožbolt, F. Oršanić & G. Balabanić

Computational failure analysis of concrete under high temperature
G. Etse, M. Ripani & J.L. Mroginski

Thermal effects on early-age cracking potential of concrete bridge decks
J.E. Bolander, K. Kim & K. Sasaki

The influence of loading rate on the compressive strength of cementitious materials: Experiments and “separation of time scales”-based analysis
B. Pichler, I. Fischer, E. Lach, Ch. Terner, E. Barraud & F. Britz

A numerical model for the self-healing capacity of cementitious composites
G. Di Luzio, L. Ferrara & V. Krelani

Microprestress-solidification theory: Modeling of size effect on drying creep
Z.P. Bažant, P. Havlásek & M. Jirásek

A 2D hydro-mechanical lattice approach for modelling corrosion induced cracking of reinforced concrete
P. Grassl, C. Fahy, S. Wheeler & D. Gallipoli

Chemoplastic modelling of Alkali-Silica Reaction (ASR)
A. Winnicki, S. Seręga & F. Norys

Three-dimensional network modelling of the influence of microstructure of concrete on water transport
I. Athanasiadis, S. Wheeler & P. Grassl

Modelling of chloride transport in non-saturated concrete
M. Fenaux, J.C. Gálvez, E. Reyes, A. Moragues & J. Bernal

Numerical analysis of multiple ion species diffusion and Alkali-Silica Reaction in concrete
M.N. Nguyen, J.J. Timothy & G. Meschke

Multi-scales computation of creep deformation of concrete at very early-age
M. Farah, F. Grondin, A. Loukili & M. Matallah

Performance of concrete structures

Compressive membrane action in confined RC and SFRC circular slabs
B. Belletti, F. Vitulli & J.C. Walraven

Influence of differential settlements on masonry structures
H. Nasser, M. Al Heib & O. Deck

Numerical study of a strain hardening cementitious composite overlay system for durable concrete repair
M. Luković, E. Schlangen, B. Šavija, G. Ye & K. van Breugel

Discussion on mechanical behavior of joints using post-installed anchors and concrete surface roughening for seismic retrofitting
Y. Takase, T. Abe, T. Ikeda, T. Wada, K. Katori & Y. Shinohara

Assessing the structural behavior of shear-critical prestressed concrete beams using Finite Element analysis and digital image correlation
K. De Wilder, G. De Roeck, L. Vandewalle, P. Lava, Y. Wang & D. Debruyne

Bending load capacity of strengthened RC beams with stochastically distributed material properties
J. Weselek & U. Häussler-Combe

Study of brittle failure modes of precast roof elements connected to the beams with steel dowels
B. Belletti, C. Damoni, M. Scolari & A. Stocchi

Non-linear analyses and cracking process of FRC tension ties
P. Bernardi, E. Michelini, A. Sirico, F. Minelli & G. Tiberti

Non-linear mechanical analysis of shield tunnel structure at ultimate loading
H. Zhang, X. Liu & Y. Yuan

Non-linear analysis of mechanical behaviors of shield tunnel segments reinforced by steel plate
M. Tang, X. Liu & Y. Yuan

Crack tracking on a shear critical reinforced concrete beam
A.T. Slobbe, M.A.N. Hendriks & J.G. Rots

Nonlinear FE analysis of a full scale in situ test on a RC bridge by means of a 1D layered frame model
D. Ferreira, J. Bairán & A. Marí

Determination of distribution width for shear stresses at support in reinforced concrete slab bridges
E.O.L. Lantsoght, A. de Boer & C. van der Veen

Numerical analysis for predicting the ultimate capacity of rectangular reinforced concrete stub columns
A.A. El Fattah & H. Rasheed

Formulation for the adjustment of RC-section behaviour to experimental tests
A.T. López, A. Tomás & G. Sánchez-Olivares

Modeling viscous damping in nonlinear direct-integration and modal time-history analyses of base-isolated reinforced concrete buildings
D.R. Pant & A.C. Wijeyewickrema

Three-dimensional FE simulation of pullout test of corroded bar from RC specimen
M. German & J. Pamin

Nonlinear FEA guideline for modelling of concrete infrastructure objects
A. de Boer, M.A.N. Hendriks, J.A. den Uijl, B. Belletti & C. Damoni

Simplified method strategies based on damage mechanics for engineering issues
J. Mazars & S. Grange

Numerical investigation of the bearing capacity of transversely prestressed concrete deck slabs
S. Amir, C. van der Veen, J.C. Walraven & A. de Boer

Fatigue testing and numerical simulation of mono strand stay cable systems
J. Novoszel, W. Traeger & J. Kollegger

Pressure-impulse diagrams for SFRC underground tunnels
M. Colombo, P. Martinelli & R. Huaping

Safety assessment of a bridge deck slab using NLFEA and a semi-probabilistic global resistance safety factor
M. Pimentel & J. Figueiras

FEM and Strut-and-Tie analysis of RC frame corners under opening bending moment
M. Szczecina & A. Winnicki

Pavement infrastructures footprint: The impact of pavement properties on vehicle fuel consumption
A. Louhghalam, M. Akbarian & F.-J. Ulm

Simulating bond-slip effects in high-performance fiber-reinforced cement based composites under cyclic loads
M.J. Bandelt & S.L. Billington

Simulation of large strains in concrete specimen—centric tensile tests using steel ropes as reinforcement
B. Kromoser, B. Eichwalder & J. Kollegger

Numerical simulation of shear behavior of reinforced concrete beams with and without flanges
P. Huber & J. Kollegger

Introduction of warping in a nonlinear multifiber beam model in torsion for reinforced concrete structures
S. Capdevielle, S. Grange, F. Dufour & C. Desprez

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