Computational Vision and Medical Image Processing: VipIMAGE 2011  book cover
1st Edition

Computational Vision and Medical Image Processing: VipIMAGE 2011

ISBN 9780415683951
Published September 28, 2011 by CRC Press
460 Pages

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Book Description

This book contains invited lecturers and full papers presented at VIPIMAGE 2011 - III ECCOMAS Thematic Conference on Computational Vision and Medical Image Processing (Olhão, Algarve, Portugal, 12-14 October 2011). International contributions from 16 countries provide a comprehensive coverage of the current state-of-the-art in: Image Processing and Analysis; Tracking and Analyze Objects in Images; Segmentation of Objects in Images; 3D Vision; Signal Processing; Data Interpolation, Registration, Acquisition and Compression; Objects Simulation; Medical Imaging; Virtual Reality; Software Development for Image Processing and Analysis; Computer Aided Diagnosis, Surgery, Therapy and Treatment; Computational Bioimaging and Visualization; Telemedicine Systems and their Applications.

Related techniques also covered in this book include the level set method, finite element method, modal analyses, stochastic methods, principal and independent components analyses and distribution models. Computational Vision and Medical Image Processing - VIPIMAGE 2011 will be useful to academics, researchers and professionals in Computational Vision (Image Processing and Analysis), Computer Sciences, Computational Mechanics and Medicine.

Table of Contents



Invited lectures

Thematic sessions

Scientific committee

Invited lecturers

Towards human-sequence evaluation, C. Fernandez, J. Gonzalez & X. Roca

Finite-context models for image compression, A.J. Pinho

Learning classifier families for object detection and parameter estimation, S. Sclaroff, A. Thangali, Q. Yuan & V. Ablavsky

Contributed papers

Generation of planar radiographs from 3D anatomical models using the GPU, A.S. Cardoso, D.C. Moura & J.G. Barbosa

An on-line system for medical and biological image sharing, G.M. Porcides, L.A.P. Neves, L.C.M. de Aquino & G.A. Giraldi

Stapes replacement-different ways to replace its function, F. Gentil, C. Garbe, M. Parente, P. Martins, R.N. Jorge & J. Paco

Vision-based hand segmentation techniques for human-robot interaction for real-time applications, P. Trigueiros, F. Ribeiro & G. Lopes

Database implementation for clinical and computer assisted diagnosis of dermoscopic images, B.S.R. Amorim, T. Mendonca, A.R.S. Marcal, J.S. Marques & J. Rozeira

The finite element analysis of skull deformation after correction of scaphocephaly, W. Wolański, M. Gzik, E. Kawlewska, D. Larysz & P. Larysz

Modeling and simulation of trigonocephaly correction with use of Finite Elements Method, M. Gzik, W. Wolański, E. Kawlewska, K. Kawlewski & D. Larysz

Computer-aided diagnosis of dementia using medical imaging processing and artificial neural networks, G. Gavidia, R. Lopez & E. Soudah

Automated extraction of the Femoral Shaft Axis and its distal entry point from full and reduced 3D models, S. Van Cauter, M. De Beule, A. Van Haver, P. Verdonk & B. Verhegghe

Facial expression recognition using MPEG-4 FAP-based 3D MMM, H. Ujir & M. Spann

Using aerial photographs and characteristic points for automatic estimation of altitude of the references points, M.A.P. Domiciano, E.H. Shiguemori, O.D. Zaloti Jr. & L.A.V. Dias

Simple and fast shape based image retrieval, J.F. Nunes, P.M. Moreira & J.M.R.S. Tavares

Bone registration using a robotic ultrasound probe, P.M.B. Torres, P.J.S. Goncalves & J.M.M. Martins

The use of 3D mandibular movement simulation in total denture construction, P. Fonseca, J. Reis-Campos, M.H. Figueiral, N. Viriato & M.A.P. Vaz

A practical and robust image processing method for evaluating the External Apical Root Resorption, S. Alves, N.G. de Posada & M.A.G. Lopez

Preliminary study of the clinical application of the Clinical Decision Support System ORAD II in a university dental clinic, A.F. Simoes, A. Correia, T. Marques & R. Figueiredo

Medicine application of laser holography and speckle interferometry, V.A. Antonov, M.H. Grosmann, A.I. Larkin, A.V. Osintsev & V.P. Schepinov

Image processing techniques in the analysis of the stresses exerted on the abutment tooth for a Removable Partial Denture, M.J. Santos, M.H. Figueiral, A. Correia, J.M. Monteiro & M.A.P. Vaz

Current quality control procedures in Digital Radiography, S.D. Kordolaimi, A.-L.N. Salvara & M.E. Lyra

Image segmentation algorithms on female pelvic ultrasound images, P.F. Silva, Z. Ma & J.M.R.S. Tavares

Image segmentation algorithms and their use on doppler images, T.D.C.A. Silva, Z. Ma & J.M.R.S. Tavares

Morphometric and immunohistochemical image analysis in pre-pubertal lamb testes after prenatal betamethasone treatment, G. Pedrana, E. Souza, M.H. Viotti, C. Trouche, D. Sloboda & G.B. Martin

Colourquantisation as a preprocessing step for image segmentation, H. Palus & M. Frąckiewicz

Reconstruction of a stratified flow inside a duct using X-ray transform for constant by parts functions, A.R. Teixeira & N.C. Roberty

Parallelization environment of digital images processing for medical applications, C.A.B. Pariente & P.E. Ambrosio

Fovea and optic disc detection in retinal images, J. Pinao & C.M. Oliveira

Displacement measurements with block motion algorithms, G. Almeida, J. Fonseca & F. Melicio

Automatic segmentation of the secondary austenite-phase island precipitates in a superduplex stainless steel weld metal, V.H.C. Albuquerque, R.Y.M. Nakamura, J.P. Papa, C.C. Silva & J.M.R.S. Tavares

Discrete t-norms in noisy image edge detection, M. Gonzalez-Hidalgo, S. Massanet & A. Mir

An object-based image analysis approach to spine detection in CT images, M. Schwier, T. Chitiboi, L. Bornemann & H.K. Hahn

Comparing different filtering and enhancement methods to evaluate the impact on the geometry reconstruction for medical images, A.J. Joao, A.M. Gambaruto & A. Sequeira

Fast identification of individuals based on iris characteristics for biometric systems, J.G. Rogeri, M.A. Pontes, A.S. Pereira, N. Marranghello, A.F. Araujo & J.M.R.S. Tavares

Monitoring feet temperature using thermography, D. Bento, F.C. Monteiro & A.I. Pereira

Identification of foliar diseases in cotton crop, A.A. Bernardes, J.G. Rogeri, N. Marranghello, A.S. Pereira, A.F. Araujo & J.M.R.S. Tavares

A local invariant features approach for classifying acrosome integrity in boar spermatozoa, L.F. Robles, V. Gonzalez-Castro, O. Garcia-Olalla, M.T. Garcia-Ordas & E. Alegre

Analysis of mixing of a clothoid based passive micromixer: A numerical study, F. Pennella, S. Ripandelli, L. Ridolfi, F. Mastrangelo, M.A. Deriu, F.M. Montevecchi, U. Morbiducci, M. Rasponi, M. Rossi & C.J. Kahler

Flow visualization of trace particles and Red Blood Cells in a microchannel with a diverging and converging bifurcation, V. Leble, C. Fernandes, R. Dias, R. Lima, T. Ishikawa, Y. Imai & T. Yamaguchi

Does fluid shear stress represent the degree of a Red Blood Cell deformation? M. Nakamura & S. Wada

Flow of Red Blood Cells through a microfluidic extensional device: An image analysis assessment, T. Yaginuma, A.I. Pereira, P.J. Rodrigues, R. Lima, M.S.N. Oliveira, T. Ishikawa & T. Yamaguchi

An automatic method to track Red Blood Cells in microchannels, D. Pinho, F. Gayubo, A. Isabel & R. Lima

Speech articulation assessment using dynamic Magnetic Resonance Imaging techniques, S.R. Ventura, M.J.M. Vasconcelos, D.R. Freitas, I.M. Ramos & J.M.R.S. Tavares

The breast lesions characterization by b values variation in the DW-Magnetic Resonance Imaging, A.A. Fernandes, M.B. Ribeiro, J.C. Janardo, S.D. Jaguegivane & M.E. Pereira

Efficient lesion segmentation using Support Vector Machines, J.-B. Fiot, L.D. Cohen, P. Raniga & J. Fripp

Multimodality imaging population analysis using manifold learning, J.-B. Fiot, L.D. Cohen, P. Bourgeat, P. Raniga, O. Acosta, V. Villemagne, O. Salvado & J. Fripp

2D MRI brain segmentation by using feasibility constraints, V. Pedoia, E. Binaghi, S. Balbi, A. De Benedictis, E. Monti & R. Minotto

Stochastic bone remodeling process: From isotropy to anisotropy, N. Mellouli & A. Ricordeau

Carotid artery atherosclerosis plaque analysis using CT and histology, F. Santos, A. Joutsen, J. Salenius & H. Eskola

Level set framework for detecting arterial lumen in ultrasound images, A.R. Abdel-Dayem

Micromovement measurements of endosseous dental implants with 3D Digital Image Correlation (DIC) method, A.T. Rodrigues, B.A. Neto & C.P. Nicolau

Monte Carlo simulation of PET images for injection dose optimization, J. Boldyš, J. Dvořak, O. Bělohlavek & M. Skopalova

The use of medical thermal imaging in obstetrics, R. Simoes & C. Nogueira-Silva

Analysis system of sudomotor function using digital image processing, J.L. Quintero, E. Nava & M.S. Dawid

3D geometry reconstruction from gray and RGB medical images, P. Talaia, M. Parente, A. Fernandes & R.N. Jorge

The breast phantom construction for a research purpose, M. Ribeiro, J. O’Neill & J. Mauricio

Engineer methods of assistance of toraco-chirurgical operation, B. Gzik-Zroska, W. Wolański, M. Gzik & J. Dzielicki

Stress analysis of the tympanic membrane through image, C. Garbe, M. Parente, P. Martins, R.N. Jorge, F. Gentil & J. Paco

Simulation and modeling the thermal behaviour of textile structures, M.J. Geraldes, L. Hes & M. Araujo

Reaction force produced in the coccyx in different degrees of prolapse, T.H. Da Roza, R.N. Jorge, M. Parente, T. Mascarenhas, J. Loureiro & S. Duarte

Texture analysis and pattern recognition in X-band SAR images for urban forestry, S. Canale, A. De Santis, D. Iacoviello, F. Pirri & S. Sagratella

Cosmo-Skymed SAR data for urgency situations-study of a real case, R.L. Paes, E.H. Shiguemori, M. Habermann, A.M.R. Neto & R.M. Andrade

Using satellite imagery to develop a detailed and updated map of imperviousness to improve flood risk management in the city of Lisbon, T. Santos, S. Freire, J.A. Tenedorio & A. Fonseca

Feature extraction from satellite imagery and LiDAR to update exposure to tsunami and improve risk assessment in dynamic urban areas, S. Freire, T. Santos & J.A. Tenedorio

Situational awareness on Rio de Janeiro’s terrain sliding using Cosmo-Skymed data-study of a real case, R.L. Paes, O.D. Zaloti Jr., F.M. Barros & C.H.L. Ribeiro

Identification of wildfire precursor conditions: Linking satellite based fire and soil moisture data, C. Aubrecht, C.D. Elvidge, K.E. Baugh & S. Hahn

Development of an automated procedure for a patient specific segmentation of the human femur body from CT scan images, D. Almeida, J. Folgado, P.R. Fernandes & R.B. Ruben

Pseudo Fuzzy colour calibration for sport video segmentation, C.B. Santiago, A. Sousa & L.P. Reis

Combining hierarchical watershed metrics and Normalized Cut for image segmentation, T.W. Pinto & M.A.G. de Carvalho

A comparison between segmentation algorithms for urinary bladder on T2-weighted MR images, Z. Ma, R.N. Jorge & J.M.R.S. Tavares

Computational algorithms for the segmentation of the human ear, E.M. Barroso, Z. Ma, J.M.R.S. Tavares & F. Gentil

Evaluation of wavelets in noise reduction of Electromyographic signals, F. Ballesteros & J. de Castro

Assessing the detection of embolic signals using continuous wavelet transform, I.B. Goncalves, A. Leiria & M.M.M. Moura

Comparison between some time-frequency analysis methods on electromyography (EMG) signal, H.A. Weiderpass, C.G.F. Pachi, J.F. Yamamoto, I.C.N. Sacco, A. Hamamoto & A.N. Onodera

A new interface for manual segmentation of dermoscopic images, P.M. Ferreira, T. Mendonca, P. Rocha & J. Rozeira

InVesalius-An open-source imaging application, T.F. de Moraes, P.H.J. Amorim, F.S. Azevedo & J.V.L. da Silva

GPU acceleration of legendre moments as biomarkers of bone tissue, J.A. Lachiondo & M. Ujaldon

On the accurate classification of bone tissue images, J.E. Gil, J.P. Aranda, E. Merida-Casermeiro & M. Ujaldon

Automated quantification of histone relocation in cell nuclei, T. Ries, C. Dietz, M. Horn, O. Deussen, M. Leist, T. Waldmann & D. Merhof

An automated vehicle counting system from UAV images, A.M.R. Neto, E.H. Shiguemori & A.P.A. de Castro

Tracking rural and urban landmarks for UAV autonomous navigation, R.M. Andrade, E.H. Shiguemori & A.P.A. de Castro


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