Computer Science and Applications: Proceedings of the 2014 Asia-Pacific Conference on Computer Science and Applications (CSAC 2014), Shanghai, China, 27-28 December 2014, 1st Edition (Hardback) book cover

Computer Science and Applications

Proceedings of the 2014 Asia-Pacific Conference on Computer Science and Applications (CSAC 2014), Shanghai, China, 27-28 December 2014, 1st Edition

Edited by Ally Hu

CRC Press

554 pages

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The 2014 Asia-Pacific Conference on Computer Science and Applications was held in Shanghai, December 27-28, 2014. These CSAC-2014 proceedings include 105 selected papers, which focus not only on the research of science and technology of computer sciences, but also on the research of applications, aiming at a quick and immediate effect on daily life in the near future.

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Organizing Committees

RFID-based manufacturing lifecycle information acquisition and management system for automobile

A.S. Liu & B.D. Zang

Mining positive and negative sequential patterns in data streams with a sliding window

W. Ouyang & Q. Huang

Study on digital publishing standards based on the improved fuzzy comprehensive evaluation

Y. Du, X. Wang, Y. Zhang, W. Zhang & L. Wei

The research of iot controlling model based on pso for new energy heating system

P. Zhao, Y. Ning, J. Liu, H. Wang, H. Yao, Y. Ma, W. Shi,

W. Wang & B. Li

Sorted dictionary and an application to priority queue

T. Chen & J. Ma

A roust Contourlet and SVD based image watermarking scheme

K. Fan & G. Chen

Data reduction for Phasor Measurement Unit using random forest

W.C. Cheng, W.Z. Cheng & M.T. Xu

Framework and methodologies of human-machine cooperation for the civil aircraft deck design

A. Zhang, W.H. Bi, B. Chen & Z.L. Tang

Research and implementation of cadre education quality evaluation system

H. Qiu, J. Shen, C. He & D. Qian

Research on the integration and services model of geospatial information resources based on SOA

J. Zheng & Q. Cui

Problems of alignment in Paraconc for a case study

L. Tang, T.Y. Wang, Y.B. Chen & T.Y. Wang

Secure data aggregation with privacy-protection in smart grid

X. Liu, Q. Zhang & Z. Li

Pulse position encoding research based on SAW RFID tags

H.-s. Yan, Y.-y. Li & X. Liu

Network coding link optimization problem based on PSO algorithm with mutation

X. Zhuo & R. Fan

Sand production in oil wells prediction method based on data mining technology

G. Feng & G. Feng

A method based on tdma for improving the accuracy of neighbor list in vanet

Q. Huang & Z. Du

Teaching method research of program course based on case and interest

B. Wang, D. Li & Y. Ma

Heuristic research on a resource constrained project scheduling problem

Z. Wei, H. Li, M. Li & X. Dong

Parallelisms in video processing of an fpga implementation

Y. Liu

Research on the spatial distribution of rural settlements based on gis

L. Qu, P. Ma & Z. Guo

Application of TS-PSO to face pose estimation

S. Wang, Y. Zhang & G. Ji

The process from ft to dft based on a calculation example

K.-N. Peng, Y.-M. Zheng, H.-M. Gao & X.-Z. Yu

Facial expression recognition using Coarse-To-Fine classifiers

Y. Zhou, Y. Li & S. Wang

Application of planning-graph with weight in logistics vehicles dispatching system

Q. Tan & Q. Zhao

Research and implementation of cross-platform engine for intelligent terminal

Y. Liu & X. Huang

Research on trustiness of software behavior based on logic division of function code

W. Liu, L. Liu & L. Ci

Code and carrier synchronization for ieee 802.15.4k dsss phy

X. Tang & R. Xu

Visual cryptography scheme for hiding some information but displaying others

Y. Han, S. Ji, W. He, & H. Dong

Research on key technologies of software simulation platform oriented-Xinjiang region

Q. Cui, G. Shi, C. Wang & J. Zheng

Existence and algorithms for solutions to a new System of Generalized Mixed Equilibrium Problems in Banach spaces 163

Y.J. Miao & Y.L. Zhao

Research of halftone watermark detection technology based on mobile platform

H. Ding

Load balanced and energy efficient aodv protocol

D. Duan & X. Jia

DacIoT: A data cloud for the Internet of Things

Z. Liao, Y. Xiong & Y. Zhu

An improved topology schedule algorithm for storm system

S. Long, R. Rao, W. Miao & X. Zhang

Investigation of 3D map based on rich information

X. Bai

Research on failure case reasoning reuse technique of the ship information equipment based on CBR

Y. Qiao & J. Cheng

Practical application of road condition assessment system to road networks in Timor-Leste

X. da C. Hugo, H. Emoto, A. Miyamoto & S. Aleixo

Effect system with control capturing

S. Matsumoto & S. Nishizaki

Intelligent prediction system of oilfield development index

Y.-h. Zhong, D. Wang, Y.-p. Yue & Y.-x. Liao

A Topic Analysis Model for Chinese students’ compositions

G. Huang, G. Yang, Y. Zhou & Z. Zhou

Heating system study based on VRML

J. Fu

Freeway ramp metering based on particle swarm optimization

G. Lu, X. Liang & Q. Lu

Strategies to optimize fingertip force for impedance control of robot hand based on EtherCAT

M. Hou, L. Jiang, M. Jin, H. Liu & Z. Chen

Design of FPGA-based palm vein acquisition system

X. Lan, P. Chen, Z. Chen & Z. Sun

Research of reliability test about web application based on TTCN-3

D. Zhang, S. Fang & X. Ji

Multi-bit versus multi-level lossless data hiding using histogram shifting

X.-G. Xiong

Modify region scalable fitting model for meteorological object segmentation

J. Zhang, J. Lei, M. Jiang, J. Qiu, Y. Chen & Z. Wang

Viscosity interative algorithms with errors for two nonexpansive mappings and variational inequalities

X.G. Song & S.Y. Zhang

A comprehensive survey of evaluation metrics in paper-reviewer assignment

L. Li, L. Wang & Y. Zhang

Finite-snr diversity and multiplexing tradeoff and optimum power allocation for TDBC

S. Zhao, Q. Zhang, Q. Meng & S. Shao

Calculation method to diagnose integrated causes of faults in process systems by means of dynamic uncertain causality graph

S. Geng & Q. Zhang

The improvement and implementation of virtual machine scheduling algorithm in OpenStack

Z. Wang & J. Cao

Using probabilistic topic models for document similarity computation

M. He & W. Zheng

Finite element method on Lobatto points for contact problem

L. Ma, L. Hou & Y. Chen

Evaluation of compression methods for genomic sequence

L. Dai, L. Wang, J. Wang & Z. Zhang

A novel similarity calculation method based on principal component

W. Li, H. Li & M. Gao

Block transformation model for multi-sensor affine images matching

G. Tu, Z. Li, S. Zhou & W. Li

Research and implementation of mobile account system based on cloud computing

F. Wang & X. Huang

Reducing the complexity of register file based on compiler and hardware Co-design

X. Ju, Y. Lin & X. Zhang

Research and implementation of business collaboration for e-government platform

Z. Chen, X. Zhao, M. Hao & L. Shi

Study on DBA algorithm in EPON systems of distribution communication network

J. Chang, G. Tan, X. Tian & W. Xiao

Software-based distributed storage area network performance optimization for iscsi

Y.-z. Wu, S.-j. Tian & Y.-y. Zhou

An improved back propagation neural network approach to the remote sensing land use and land cover classification

Q. Cao, Z. Guo & Y. Yang

The design and implementation of aquaculture expert system

P. Shi, F. Li, Y. Wang & Z. Lei

Development of a wireless sensor network for measuring spray deposition in aerial applications

R. Zhang, L. Chen, J. Kan & G. Xu

Design for multiple-user interfaces with usability patterns

F. Zou, Q. Hua, X. Wang & L. Guo

Myerson values in interval games with communication networks

H. Tian, Z. Wang, X. Zheng & X. Zhang

Research on the system of land use analysis based on ArcEngine

H. Zhan, P. Ma, Z. Guo, Y. Yao & Q. Zong

A validated method of solving initial value problem for odes

M. Tang, M. Wu & G. Deng

Design and implementation of a physical game architecture based on ios platform

Y. Feng & X. Huang

Mobile Internet and internship management of Higher Vocational College

N. Xixian

Exposing image forgery with wedge-shaped constraints

H. Ge & H. Malik

Overlapping clustering on images returned by search engine

G. Ruijun & C. Geng

A new digital city management based on the adaptive spatial information Multi-grid technology

Y.C. Hu, D.L. Xing & S. Dong

Shape matching and retrieval using vector functions

G. Wang, Y. Wang, L. Liu & Y. Song

Design and implementation of a TPM based security file system

Z. Qiu, G. Cai & A. Guo

Alarm device for fatigue driving based on tgam module

Y. Zheng & J. Gao

Development of a mobile robotics platform for navigation tasks using image processing

De Souza L. Cuadros, A. Marco, De Souza P. Liondely S., G.M. Almeida, Passos A. Rogério & D.F.T. Gamarra

The intelligent expert system based on the theory of single-valued dynamic uncertain causality graph

K. Qiu & Q. Zhang

An automatic matching algorithm of chord based on the melody

J. Wang & J. Li

PSO-based LSSVM for credit scoring

T. Li, B. Zhang, J. Wu, X. Lv & B. Fang

Wavelet-entropy based detection of pathological brain in MRI scanning

X. Zhou, Y. Zhang, G. Ji & S. Wang

Research on robustness testing based on TTCN-3

D. Zhang, S. Fang & Z. Li

Simulation of distilling ocean information automatically from the sar images

N. Dong

Games as inquiry tools in the physics classroom

Z. Xueping

Hybrid proximal methods for generalized mixed equilibrium problems

Z.X. Zhang & Y.L. Zhao

Modeling of the pH neutralization process using online support vector regression

L.-g. Zhao & X.-x. Zhang

Review of the ECG signal identification system design

M. Yang, Y. Tian & H. Wang

Assessment research of the cloud model based on computer simulation

S. Yue, L. Zhang, H. Yu & H. Guo

On the generation and evaluation of a complete sudoku puzzle

H.L. Zhao & X.S. Ding

Research of the multimode IoT mobile gateway based on SDR architecture

J.J. Zhou, W. Wang & J. Zhang

A stable sort algorithm of two-way passed and binary-search based on extreme-points(TPBEA)

R. Wang, Z. Zang, Y. Yu & D. Cao

A new algorithm for border noise removal

D.-L. Xi & Y. Liu

Intelligent video surveillance system with the function of abnormal event exploring

R. Huan, F. Guo, Z. Wang & Q. Chen

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