1st Edition

Computer Science in Industrial Application Proceedings of the 2014 Pacific-Asia Workshop on Computer Science and Industrial Application (CSIA 2014), Bangkok, Thailand, November 17-18, 2014

Edited By Yanglv Ling Copyright 2015

    CSIA 2014  focusses on improvements in computer science in industrial application. The contributions are grouped into five main sections:
    1. Computer and Information Technology.
    2. Business management, E-commerce and Tourism. This section covers mainly basic theory and general method of economic management businesses and market economy. 
    3. Education, Psychology and Multimedia. This section uses a variety of theories and techniques through designing, developing, utilizing, managing and evaluating the processes of teaching and learning and related resources, to achieve the theory and practice of teaching optimization.
    4. Humanities, Politics, and Philosophy. This section mainly researches the advanced values and norms, and various cultural phenomena of human society, including architectural culture, literature, or education and culture, politics, and philosophy.
    5. Miscellaneous

    CSIA 2014 organizing committee

    Section 1: Computer and information technology

    Application researches on cloud computing in SME information system
    H. Song
    The exploration of traditional graphic symbol and modern visual communication design
    L. Liu
    Blocks garden – Research on creating a garden of intensive module assembly
    S. Li
    Characteristics of digital broadcasting technology and its development research
    M. Yang
    Exploration on the metadata model of the SOA -based adaptive learning support system
    T. Liu
    The building of evaluation system of students’ research training
    H. Luan & Z.H. Xia
    Research on clustering analysis and its application in customer data mining of enterprise
    W. Zhao, X.Y. Li & L.P. Fu
    Study on EEG monitoring information based on visual stimulation
    L.N. Xu, Z.Q. Guo, Z.W. Guo, Y.M. Sun & Y.J. Si
    Image encryption algorithm based on the key extracted from iris character
    L. Lang, Q.Y. Zhao & J. Zhou
    The prototype of the personalized information recommendation engine
    X.Y. Li
    Research on data mining in social network
    M.B. Yang
    The design of nautical navigation message system based on DSP
    K. Lin
    Research on the personal maritime search and rescue terminal
    K. Lin
    Design and implementation of image acquisition and processing system of QR code based on embedded system
    Y.L. Zuo
    Design and implementation of computer network monitoring software
    J.T. Cui
    The use of 3D printing technology in interior decoration
    X.L. Gu
    Research on the application of computer image processing technology in art creation
    Y.L. Zhang
    Discussion on the application of computer technology in artistic creation
    R.Y. Wang
    Network traffic prediction based on parameters joint estimation of phase space reconstruction
    M. Li & K.Y. Wang
    Design and implementation of remote heart monitoring terminal based on ucos
    B. Rao
    Design and implementation of remote data acquisition system based on embedded system
    B. Rao
    Discussion on the application of tablet auto pack system
    G.H. You
    Design and implementation of ftp service resource sharing platform based on lvs load balancing technology
    Y.S. Chen, W.L. Zhang, J.T. Ren & Z.K. Wu
    Design and implementation of security mechanism of network bank
    Y. Shen
    Design and implementation of computer network traffic monitoring
    L.H. Song & H.C. Zhao
    Research on computer image enhancement and image scratch repair
    H.F. Wang
    The development trend under the cross media based on flash animation technology
    Y.J. Shi, B.Q. Wang & F.T. Pu
    Application and research of data mining technology in the medical data
    J.W. Zhou

    Section 2: Business management, e-commerce and tourism

    Analysis and evaluation of the economic benefits of tourism under the ecological context
    J. Zhao
    Integrated marketing of micro-film in advertising
    Q.G. Sun
    Research on the operation mechanism of direct trading market between power consumers and power generation corporations
    Z. Wei
    Logistics enterprise’s employee health and performance management
    W. Shen, Y. Wang, R.J. Zhang & Y.M. Zhong
    E-commerce security policy analysis
    Explore the impact of E-commerce network on development of regional economic
    The development trend of China’s agricultural economic management disciplines
    Y. Luo
    Economic growth, convergence of Chinese provinces and industry sectors
    B. Wang
    Research on industrial tourism-led Dabancheng wind farm area development in Xinjiang region
    L.Q. Wang
    Status and application of human resource management in the enterprise management
    CI strategy research of agriculture creative industrial park in Langfang
    S.J. Mi & Q. Zhao
    Economical hotels in email marketing strategy
    Z.H. Zhang
    SWOT analysis of the developing situation of sports tourism industry in Anhui Province
    R.J. Jin & Y.H. Xiao
    Research on the development strategy of China construction bank Pingxiang branch based on SWOT method
    Z.L. Zhang
    Research on cooperation mechanism of Guang Xi and ASEAN under the 21st century Marine Silk Road strategy
    N.P. Zhang
    Social progress for the exploration of reform in the rural management system research
    Z.H. Zhang
    The research on the network sales model of special local product
    Z.H. Zhang
    Study the interaction between the development of specialized Southwest National Area rural tourism and new countryside construction
    X.Z. Geng
    The interactive development of economy in Hebei coastal region and local universities
    H. Wang & H.F. Zhang
    Problems of highway financing
    X.Y. Liu
    The study on new accounting standards for listed companies in china
    H.Y. Xie
    The integration of financial accounting and management accounting
    Z.L. Lou
    The strategy on low carbon economy development in Liaoning province
    Y. Liu, H. Liu, Z.H. Chen & C. Jiang
    The design and realization of tourism electronic commerce platform
    Y.L. Yang
    Design and implementation of financial management systems for SMEs
    J. Zhang
    ERP Functional demand analysis and security technology design under the E-commerce model
    J. Wang
    Asian option pricing based on two related assets
    M. Zhang

    Section 3: Education, psychology and multimedia

    Problems’ analysis and countermeasures of primary English teaching voice
    H.M. Hu
    Universities’ ethics oversight system in Mandarin
    C.S. Feng
    Application and development of multimedia in college English education
    L. Yang
    Research of management information system of college student internships
    X. Han
    Employability analysis and improving strategy of art majors in college
    L.Y. Kong & S.X. Yang
    Xu Beihong’s artistic influence on current university education teaching of Chinese painting art
    X.F. Kong
    Talk about graduate student of educational teacher expanding the path of employment in the local comprehensive university: An example of Chinese language and literature in my school
    S.M. Ren
    Application of constructivism in English teaching
    C.L. Liang
    On assistance of ideological and political education for academic ethos construction
    Y.C. Liu
    A comparative study of British and Chinese vocational education— enlightenments brought by English vocational education
    W. Feng
    A comparison of Path encoding in English and Chinese
    C.Y. Zhou & Y.H. Huang
    Review of China mobile English learning: Achievements and shortcomings -based on statistical analysis of literature for 10 years (2004–2014) in CNKI (China National Knowledge Infrastructure)
    P. Chen
    Practice on bilingual education and exam reform of vocational computer programming
    J.T. Geng, Z.F. Xie & X.Y. Mo
    The impact of network technologies on higher education management and countermeasures
    Y.X. Cui
    On the prospects of the quality education under the education and management of higher vocational schools
    H. Huang
    How to strengthen recessive ideological and political education?
    N. Cao
    The curriculum problem is the basis of model school construction
    S.P. Huang
    Research on effectiveness of ideological and political education research in we-media age
    G.L. Che
    Education equipment configuration and funding situation analysis of underdeveloped areas of information technology in rural primary and secondary school
    Z.M. Jiao
    Fusion of modern information and English teaching technology under the constructivist theory background
    J. Chen & S. Zhao
    Comparative study of college English traditional listening and speaking mode and network listening and speaking teaching mode
    S. Zhao & J. Chen
    Ink applied research of element graphic design teaching in intangible cultural context
    S.Q. Yao & X. Chen
    Research on moral education of PE teaching
    P.J. Li
    Present situation and development of vocational education in English
    L.H. Li
    Research on development trend of higher vocational students’ psychological health
    T. Qin & F.F. Liu
    A research on the situation and development strategy of reserve athletes in ordinary universities
    W. Bao
    The roots of psychological trauma and post-traumatic stress reaction/disorders and the intervention
    J. Zeng
    The study on university sport education reform based on modular teaching
    L. Wang & H. Ge
    The influence and countermeasures of network to psychology of juvenile delinquency
    C.M. Li & L. Lin
    Discussion on the self-maintenance and support mode of training equipment in higher vocational colleges
    B.Y. Huang, L.J. Li & H.X. Meng
    The study on sports psychology consultants based on competence model
    Y. Qiao
    Explore the text constitute and art design in the teaching of PS graphic design
    L. Qin
    Teaching and research of professional software application skills based on work task-driven — application skills of Thsware tri-dimensional quantity automatic calculation software
    H.G. Jiang
    The application of Germany dual education system in nursing education in China
    Y. Zhao
    Research on college English open course cloud computing application mode
    Z. Li & Y.F. Luo
    Study on the application of virtual reality to the teaching of information technology course
    G.M. Wang & N.Y. Wang
    Design and realization of scientific research management system in colleges and universities based on the structure of B/S model
    C.X. Wang
    The construction and application of computer network teaching platform
    C. Liu, F. Wang & L. Lin
    The design of English self-learning system based on WEB
    J.S. Cheng

    Section 4: Humanities, politics, and philosophy

    Innovation of concept and system of economic law based on the sustainable development
    J. Zhao
    The role of agricultural mechanization technology in the promotion of scientific and technological achievements in agriculture
    Z.Y. Tang & X.M. Fu
    Physical activity status of civil servants and their health-related research
    Y.C. Zhou, S.H. Bi, Q.L. Liu & J.Y. Bao
    Analysis and practical significance of Lenin’s legal supervision theory
    S. Bai
    Accurate analysis of “Chinese New Standard” with the exploration of classical poetry “mood” method
    T.H. Yuan
    Relations of high-tech talent investment in education, health and regional economic output
    J.S. Xu, L.F. Zheng, H.T. Wu & Z.G. Mao
    The analysis on social determinants of health of the floating population
    Y.C. Zhou, B.H. Shi, Z.Z. Deng & Q.B. Li
    The creation of public nature in community public space design
    W. Zhang & R. Jia
    Development of university document resources construction for the background of information services
    D.W. Jin
    Chinese empty nesters’ health status and research progress of community care needs
    W. Liu, Y.G. Zhang & Y.W. Li
    Characteristics of Audit Committee and effectiveness of its internal control
    Y.X. Zhao & X.L. Hu
    Region culture resources—the motivation that drives people to create animated cartoon
    H.X. Liu
    On the inheritance of ancient architecture decoration in the residential construction of urbanization
    S.L. Wang, P.F. Tan & L. Li
    The manifestation of texture art in the creative design of fashion fabrics
    W. Zhong & M.T. Yan
    Leisure sports characteristics and development trends in China
    R.D. Wang
    On the inheritance and development of folk music
    K. Guo
    “Impression·liu sanjie” – a research on the participation and perception of residents in scenic area and community
    Y.C. Wang
    The city color life under the concept of humanistic ecology – a case study of clothing, food, shelter and transportation
    J.Y. Wang & W.J. Wang
    Evaluation and optimization study of industrial upgrading for energy—taking the North Chengdu Reconstruction as an example
    P. Zhou, F. Zhou & T. Huang

    Section 5: The others

    Convergence study of Chinese carbon intensity
    B. Wang
    Promotion of library management and book circulation to research on medical research
    C.B. Zheng
    Green design horizon, hand-painted rendering performance techniques to explore
    J.H. Yong
    A review of flavonoids’ biological activities
    S. Cao

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    Yanglv Ling