Computing, Control, Information and Education Engineering: Proceedings of the 2015 Second International Conference on Computer, Intelligent and Education Technology (CICET 2015), April 11-12, 2015, Guilin, P.R. China, 1st Edition (Hardback) book cover

Computing, Control, Information and Education Engineering

Proceedings of the 2015 Second International Conference on Computer, Intelligent and Education Technology (CICET 2015), April 11-12, 2015, Guilin, P.R. China, 1st Edition

Edited by Hsiang-Chuan Liu, Wen-Pei Sung, Wenli Yao

CRC Press

1,020 pages

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This proceedings set contains selected Computer, Information and Education Technology related papers from the 2015 International Conference on Computer, Intelligent Computing and Education Technology (CICET 2015), to be held April 11-12, 2015 in Guilin, P.R. China. The proceedings aims to provide a platform for researchers, engineers and academics as well as industry professionals from all over the world to present their research results and development activities in Computer Science, Information Technology and Education Technology.

Table of Contents

Computer Science and Intelligent Computing

Texture image-based 3D entity modeling method

Z.Q. Zhao & J.X. Hao

Design and implementation of web-based research supervisors information management system for postgraduates’ education

P. Cheng, X.P. Hao & C. Xiao

The query optimization algorithm based on distributed heterogeneous database

P. Wang & H.Y. Li

Design and implementation of mobile learning system based on cloud computing

G.X. Wang & F.T. Jiang

Analysis on factors influencing the mental health of rural left-behind women—based on a survey conducted in GT village, Zhaoling district, Luohe city, a central subregion of Henan province, China

X.H. Hu

Exploration on enlightenment and significance of stratum differentiation in social management—based on investigation on social stratum differentiation in rural areas of China

X.H. Hu

Evaluation method for e-commerce transaction credit based on cloud model

X.K. Liang, L.M. Tao & T. Cui

The design and implementation of intelligent home control system

H.M. Zhu & H.W. Yang

Design and analyze a worktable motion control system

W. Yan

Application of Newton interpolation in static nonlinear correction for maf sensor

Y.Y. Zhang, Y.L. Wu & Y.H. Xu

Improved method for the recovery of regular broken paper

Y.J. Gong

The design of intelligent hydraulic vulcanizing machine control system

J.M. Sa, A.C. Sun, S.Y. Wu & Y.J. Gu

Driving habits analysis on vehicle data using error back-propagation neural network algorithm

W.J. Zhang, S.X. Yu, Y.F. Peng, Z.J. Cheng & C. Wang

Use of cloud computing for distributed simulation: A way forward

X.H. Fan, Z. Fan, Q. Xuan & M.X. Li

Research of the color descriptor sift

Y.R. Wang, T.B. Zhang, G.L. Li, C.X. Dong & H.W. Zhao

Analysis of computer-aided design of the detector appearance

X.T. Yu

Design of Ip core of dpsk modulator with variable bit rate and carrier frequency based on fpga

X. Zheng

Design and implementation of remote control-based autonomous collision avoidance system prototype

Y. Zhang, X.Y. Zhao, K.J. Zhang, J.W. Li & Z.Z. Yang

Modeling and analysis of uphill climbing for the electromagnetic-driven spherical robot

S.J. Sang

Starting performance simulation system of the three-phase synchronous and asynchronous motors based on Matlab

J.M. Sa, X.S. Sun, J.L. Zhou & Y.J. Gu

The application of online examination system of medical science in hospitals

S.L. Hu

Building image classification methodology using Gaussian kernel combined with Nonparametric kernel

L.N. Ma

Research on Human Computer Interaction (hci) and UI pattern design for mobile devices: A review

X.X. Bai

Research on the image measurement method of cycloidal gear pitch deviation based on OpenCV

C. He, Z.F. Huang & L.L. Cheng

Research on college major construction of automobile engineering in high engineering education with computer technology education

Y.D. Tian

Exploration for construction technology of bridge pier column

S.P. Huang & M.L. Guo

Overshoot analysis and suppression technology for damped ins

G.W. Zhang & L. Feng

Summary of the key technologies of robot driver

M.M. Sun, A.M. Du, Z.Z. Yuan, Z.P. Zhu & Z.X. Ma

Molecular dynamics analysis of pmma/pvc and pp/pa6 blends

M. Zhang

Optimization design of flipping table based on dynamic characteristics

R. Shao, Q.C. Liu, D.W. Yu & Z.J. Wu

Fighter digital alarm interface behavioral and eye-tracking experimental evaluation under visual and aural channels

Y.F. Niu, C.Q. Xue, H.Y. Wang & J. Li

Risk assessment of cascading failures in power grid based on fuzzy comprehensive evaluation

F.C. Zhang & J.D. Huang

Application of 3D printing technology in product design

X.T. Yu

Carrying capacity analyzing of hydrostatic thrust bearings with linear deformations

L.G. Cai, Y.M. Wang, Z.F. Liu, Y.S. Zhao, H.W. Zhao & X.M. Dong

The heat generation of high-speed spindle bearings under different preload methods

Y. Yang, Q. Cheng, L.G. Cai & Q.N. Feng

Application of adaptive fuzzy theory revision in atv engine fault diagnosis

Y.M. Yu & B.H. Zhang

An effective tool for optimizing the leaf sequencing algorithms

J. Jing, H. Lin, K. Zhao & Y.J. Hu

Study on freezing resistance of curing chlorine saline soil

B. Peng, G.K. Yin, C.L. Cai & W.Y. Li

Research on routing technology of PCE-based multi-layer multi-domain optical network

X.Y. Wang, J.L. Zhou, J. Xu & X.X. Meng

Analysis of the effect of rmt parameters on support time

T.P. Li, Y. Li, Y.L. Qian & X. Ma

Parameter correction of ultrasonic horn based on VB platform and finite element method

H.W. Ji, S.S. Zhao & X.P. Hu

The identification of the liquid drop fingerprint combining support vector machine with clustering method

Q. Song, M.Y. Qiao, S.H. Zhang & L. Yang

Research on PID leveling system of a rocket launcher based on background trend line prediction model

Z.Q. Shen & L.X. Xing

A module-independent solution to localize WLAN access points

K. Wu, Y. Liu, X.R. Gou & Y.Z. Li

A spatial-temporal localization method

B. Chen

Compatibility study for polymer blends based on MesoDyn calculations

M. Zhang

Business intelligence scouting and monitoring

C.S. Wu, R. Liu, Q. Wu & Rong Li

Energy from waste

R. Liu, C.S. Wu, L.J. Zhang & Q. Wu

Research of chain-roller type half-feed peanut picking device

X.L. Lü, Z.C. Hu, B.L. Peng & Z.Y. Yu

Study on the analysis method of the cab vibration transfer path

Y. Tang, D.J. Zhou, B. Li, H.T. Zheng & J.W. Jiang

Scenario analysis of carbon capture and storage technology in China

R. Liu, L.J. Zhang, Q. Wu & W. Zhang

Supervision of network bank in Europe and America and its implications

Y. Han

A new type of network flow calculation method based on discrete time

H. Zhang, Y.C. Shen & J. Hu

High resolution actuator using a ballscrew mechanism and the control method

D.Y. Zhang, J.W. Qian, Y.N. Zhang & L.Y. Shen

Anisotropic property of the multiple-dimensional rough surface on moth wing

G. Sun & Y. Fang

Cost-benefit analysis of Donghai Bridge offshore wind farm

C.S. Wu, R. Liu, C. Song & L.J. Zhang

Semantic priming effect triggered by sound from different directions: Evidence from N400 effect

H.Y. Wang, G.Y. Zhang, J.H. Xu & J.W. Dang

The research of piezoelectricity ACV and its control technology

N.Z. Liu

Study of microstructure of steel samples deformed in a step-wedge die

А.О. Tolkushkin, E.А. Panin, О.N. Krivtsova & Zh.K. Amanzholov

Design and development of an omnidirectional mobile robot using fuzzy directional control

A. Suebsomran & J. Thanomsin

The study of axial forces with the purpose of realization combined process “helical rolling-pressing”

A.B. Naizabekov, V.A. Talmazan & A.S. Arbuz

Application and study of hard landscape materials in landscape design

Y.J. Meng

Secure proxy mobile IP protocol for wireless industrial sensor network based on ECC

L. Tir, H. Zhang & P. Cheng

Quantitative remodeling of shell structure based on structural mechanics

K.Q. Lin & C.H. Su

Fusion methods of automobile control algorithm with IPG CarMaker

W.J. Zhang, W.L. Niu & T. Jin

The implication of eco-design for drinking water in polyethylene terephthalate bottle

T. Chai-ittipornwong

The optimal parameters of WEDM for material removal rate of hardened tool steel: SKD 61

K. Jirapattarasilp & K. Kosit

Simulation on microstructure of electrorheological fluid with ultra-fine abrasive particles

X.M. Liu, Y.W. Zhao & D.X. Geng

Waste as a renewable energy source

R. Liu, C.S. Wu, L.J. Zhang & Q. Wu

Partial discharge pattern recognition in switchgear based on statistical parameters of the support vector machine

Y. Zhou, W.G. Zhang, J.P. Li, K. Xu & X.X. Liu

Research on evolution model of networked software

Y. Yao, Y. Hong & H. Li

Experimental study on combustion performance of typical upholstered furniture’s fabric

Y. Chu, F. Qu, L.Q. Yang & Y.L. Yan

Remaining charge estimation of LiFePO4 power battery using an Unscented Kalman Filter

Z.W. Yu, W.M. Li & T. Zahid

The design of home appliances remote control system based on PSTN and MCU

R. Hao, G.W. Gao & G. He

A new formula of phase contrast imaging for continuous X-ray based on in-line X-ray imaging

T. Xia, J.S. Ma, J.H. Cheng & J. Yang

Common design of data communication protocol based on wireless sensor networks

P. Tang, X.S. Zheng, L. Wang, Z.W. Wang, G.H. Cheng, L.Y. Han, F.Q. Hao, X. Sun, X. Sun & X. Sun

Dynamic adaptive display design based on wireless sensor networks

Z.W. Wang, X.S. Zheng, L. Wang, P. Tang, R.L. Zhang, G.H. Cheng, Q.L. Meng, R.Y. Zhang & Y. Wan

Recognition and segmentation for fire smoke based HSV

X.J. Chen & F. Dong

Excellent resource sharing construction scheme study of automobile theory course–taking Huaxia College, Wuhan University of Technology as an example

H.Q. Wu & W.F. Yang

The application of visual simulation in urban rail vehicles driving simulation system

S. Cang

Hadamard like 2×2×2 channel matrix for networking interference alignment

K.L. Zhang

Research on multi-machine nonlinear adaptive excitation control mechanism for power systems: A case study

L. Chang

Design and implementation of forest fire monitoring system based on wireless sensor networks

F. Lao

A creative analysis of business management of the talent training mode based on ERP

T. Li & Y.R. Wang

Study of servo manipulator based on STM32

G.P. Lu & Y.H. Zhang

Network media influence on the ideological and political education

Y. Xu

Discussion on sports curriculum of multimedia technology application

L.J. Wan

Study on model innovation of WeChat network marketing

X. Xia

The design and implementation of management information system of hospital of anesthesia operation

G.H. Yu, Y. Gao, L.G. Hao & L.D. Li

Design and implementation of cyclic redundancy check algorithm

S.J. Sang

Ensemble global and local features for single-sample face recognition

Z.M. Qian, H.F. Qin, X.Q. Liu & M.L. Shi

Research and implement based ARINC 659 bus test system

J. Xu, Z.Y. Hu & J. Xia

Study on the data operation models in the android native development kit

W.T. Liu

Zernike orthogonal moments for image edge detection

M. Jiang & G.J. Sha

Coverage optimization strategy for multilayer mobile sensor network based on artificial bee colony algorithm

X.L. Zeng

Pavement crack recognition based on image processing

Z. Gao & S.L. Tang

Research on pavement crack image preprocessing

Z. Gao & M.X. Wu

Design and implementation of J2EE Struts architecture based on OA

X. Jia & M.J. Chang

Design of an automatic test system of jiggle switch travel and force

J.P. Yuan, X.F. Xue & F.F. Yu

Application of mind mapping to improve the teaching effect of Java program design course

C. L. Li, L.P. Yang & W. Wang

Computer simulation and numerical calculation of unbalanced rotor in dust blower

P. Zeng & L. Zhao

Software development of molten iron weight measurement control system

X.Y. Zhu, P. Zeng & L. Zhao

Based on the FPGA serial interface under the control of VGA display system design

Y. Luo & J.Z. Cheng

The method of classifying requirement documentation into different levels based on COSMIC

T. Liu, H.J. He & P. Lu

ESHARP: Energy-saving hybrid ad-hoc routing protocol for wireless sensor network

D.L. Qiao, F. Xue & Y. Yang

A new method of file type identification based on two level 2DPCA

Z.D. Han & B.L. Li

A monitor system for big data analytics

M.R. Shi

Improving the performance of AOD V routing protocol in VANET

H.W. Zou & X.K. Lin

Research on digital micro-teaching platform based novel pattern for art and design education: An innovation methodology

X.Y. Zhang

Brain waves intelligent control and real-time monitoring equipment

Y. Zhang, S.B. Hao, T.Y. Qiao & G.F. Cui

Design of radar antenna control system test device

W.M. Du, G.H. Liu & L.J. Gu

A search-efficient neighboring optimization algorithm in P2P-VoD networks

X.F. Meng, Q.X. Huang & K.Y. Ding

Architecture design of two associated softwares for a MFL inspection device

S. Kong, Z.W. Ling, X.L. Guo, M.L. Zheng & W.C. Guo

The re-establishment of curriculum system for computer software engineering specialty under the background of undergraduate education restructuring

X.H. Xu, X.B. Yang, W.S. Cheng, H.Y. Gao & G.A. Ning

A measurement method based on trinocular stereo vision

L. Huang, J.B. Gao & J. Yan

Security risk analysis and security mechanism study of virtual machine

M.F. Tuo, J. Zhang, H.M. Zhang & Y.M. Zhao

Research on safety verification technology of cyber-physical systems

M.F. Tuo, X.S. Zhou, L. An & R. Zhu

Current research on situation of dct starting control technology

J.Q. Wang, Y. Yao, X.J. Li, S. Li & T. Wu

Design of digital herbarium for Hubei medicinal plant specimens based on ASP and SQL SERVER management system

Y.B. Sun, L.B. Zhang & K.L. Chen

A new supervised learning hierarchy clustering classification method

L.P. Pu

Research on intelligent computer system based automobile manufacture and assembly

C.L. Pang

The launch vehicle cowling environment monitor system based on wireless sensor networks

Z.Y. Fang, Y.J. Zhang & J. Jin

Research on interactive E-learning platform based on data mining and cloud computing: A review

J.M. Liu

Design of intelligent lighting-control and temperature- measure system oriented to integrated home system

C.L. Zhang, W. Wang & X.J. Su

Research on three-dimensional reconstruction of heart using serial sections based on computer 3D printing

H.T. He

The method of pre-extracting support vectors for svm based on sample interaction distance

Z.M. Li & P. Ling

Mechanical, Energy, Information and Education Engineering

Use teaching aids to build efficiency “Student-Centered” class in vocational colleges

M.Y. Fan

The research platform construction of mobile digital library from the public perspective

B. Xu

Enlightenment of ancient comic books of Tsai Chih Chung to Chinese traditional cultural transmission

J.F. An & R.B. Hu

Application of computer technology in landscape design

H.L. Wang, J.G. Liu, K.J. Li, X.L. Zhan & J.H. Wang

Reference and influence of Japanese furniture on Chinese national furniture

Z. Gao, R.B. Hu, X.Y. Suo & J.F. An

Software process measurement model based on generalization quality system

X. Chen & Y.P. Zhang

Structural analysis of 800GS80 single-stage double-suction centrifugal pump

X.R. Chu, J.B. Wang, W. Yao, J. Gao & L. Wang

Challenges and coping methods for the grass-roots organization of our party strengthening social management—based on investigation and survey on GT village in central Henan Province of North China

X.H. Hu

Research on the strategy of discipline construction for Chinese university

L.P. Wang

Analysis of market discipline in banking supervision

N. Ye

Review of transmission line project cost based on probability analysis

D.X. Niu & B.J. Li

Mobile context-aware recommender system

J. Ke & Z. Wu

Increase the classroom teaching effectiveness of “mechanical principles” based on the students

Y.F. Wu, S.Z. Yang, C.L. Xia & Z.F. Zhou

Commercial strategies chain suppliers pharmaceutical products to decrease costs logistics

A.J.V. Silva

A survey on dimension reduction techniques in text classification

Z.J. Wang & R.S. Zhou

An empirical study on the effect of Synergistic Learning instructional design

Z.Y. Ding & X.B. Zhu

Design of remote monitoring station for sewage treatment based on embedded platform

P.Z. Wen, C.J. Xu, W.M. Huang & Z.R. Deng

An improvement of Chinese text hierarchical clustering algorithm

X.L. Liu, Z.G. Chen, B. Zeng, Q.X. Zhu & T. Chen

An empirical analysis of housing price based on hedonic pricing theory: Evidence from Chengdu city

K. He, M.S. Zhang & H. Wang

Empirical research on influence of health qigong to the flexible quality of college students

B. Han

Structure analysis and mathematical modelling based optimization approach to robotics mechanical system: A case study

J.C. Ruan & W.K. Shao

The application of laser technology in the information warfare

Z.H. Lan, M.Y. Hou, C.Y. Tian, Y.G. Ji, H.Y. Wang & H. Mei

Analysis on elasticity of substitution of migrant workers

J.D. Bu, H. Pang & M. Zhou

Innovative research on construction of college student management team from perspective of applied talents training

X.G. Ren & Y.M. Cui

On the enrollment issues of private colleges and universities

S.P. Huang & M.L. Guo

The evaluation of Donghai Bridge offshore wind project

R. Liu, L.J. Zhang, Q. Wu & J.C. Zhao

A new method for evaluating priming effect in speech recognition

J.F. Yang, W.T. Ying & Z.L. Hong

A novel method for nasal-oral airflow measurement

L. Ma, J.G. Wei, Y.Q. He & J.W. Dang

Optimal orthogonal designs

W.Y. Mu, J.J. Chen & S.F. Xiong

Improvement chain supplies a company of development of technological solutions in the commercial areas and area of consultancy

A.J.V. Silva

Model parameter identification of vehicle frame using operation model method

H.T. Zheng, D.J. Zhou, B. Li, Y. Tang & J.W. Jiang

Optimization of multi-hole porthole die for hollow aluminum profile based on FEM analysis

X.R. Chu, L. Chen, S.X. Lin & J. Gao

Evaluation of the sheared edge of the metal blanking process with one ductile damage model combined the induced anisotropy

Z.M. Yue, X.C. Zhuang, X.R. Chu, H. Badreddine & J. Gao

The research of wear mechanism on spiral leaves with variable diameter and variable pitch

J.M. Wang, J.X. Li & X.M. Ye

A study of mechanical properties in 5083 aluminum alloy at different rolling states

W.B. Zhu, X.Q. Jiang, Q. Li & Si Ya Wang

Improved design and implementation of position and pitch trim device based on transposition part

L.Q. Miao, L.G. Lai, H. Yu, J.C. Jiang, H.P. Jiang, D.S. Zhang, J. Wang, R.P. Wang, X.J. Gao & Y.A. Zhang

Quality of reinforcing steel of JSC «Arselor Mittal Temirtau»

О. Krivtsova, Т. Seisembinov, A. Naizabekov & А. Nassonov

Qualimetric assessment of the quality of forgings obtained by hammering tool with elastic elements that implements the transverse and longitudinal shift

S.N. Lezhnev, Е.А. Panin, А.О. Tolkushkin & А.B. Naizabekov

Amorphous-nanocrystalline composite based on nanocarbon, obtained by sintering under high pressure

D.V. Kuis, G.P. Okatova, N.A. Svidunovich, P.V. Rudak, I.L. Tobolich, S.N. Lezhnev,

A.O. Tolkushkin & V.S. Urbanovich

Mini-language for efficient and comprehensive definition of time intervals with the possibility of recurrence

P. Voborník

Fabrication of polystyrene microneedles for transdermal drug delivery

W. Luangweera, S. Jiruedee, A. Pimpin, C. Rattanasumawong, T. Palaga, W. Srituravanich, K. Patoomvasna & B. Sookyu

The research on the peer-to-peer trust model under the internet financial environment

Q. Wang & Y. Liu

The numerical simulation method of diesel fuel atomization field characteristics of diesel engine

Z.P. Liu

The experimental research of horizontal soil washing machine on power and torque characteristics

X.M. Ye & D.X. Liu

The affecting factors and countermeasures on college students group competition

Y. Peng & Y. Li

A research of art design education and market economy

X.Y. Zhang

Approaches to knowledge reduction based on interval and set-valued decision information systems

H. Wang, R. Gao & X.Q. Wang

Reference and influence of Korean furniture on Chinese national furniture

Z. Gao, R.B. Hu, J.F. An & X.Y. Suo

The development tendency of information design and the transformation of design discipline

D.W. Li

Heterogeneous data integration system based on ontology

Y.L. Jiang & Y.M. Zhang

Adaptive compressive sensing using optimized projection matrix

Y. Peng, X.Q. Song & Y.G. Zhu

Heterogeneous ensemble of Chinese message sentiment classification on automatic animation generation

J.L. Zhang

Adaptive compressive wideband spectrum sensing with adjustable measurement length

Y.G. Zhu & Y. Peng

Study on the detection of genetic algorithm optimization based on OBB tree collision

B.H. Lai & C.H. Li

Use of web-assisted technology in “2+2” college English teaching model

L.Y. Huang

The effect of ERP on accounting and financial management of enterprises in China

J.Q. Xiu & N. Zhang

Problems and strategies of the enterprise’s cost accounting

N. Zhang & J.Q. Xiu

Analysis of the innovative construction of entrepreneurship courses in higher vocational education

H.Y. Wang & H.Y. Liu

A study of the significance of tax planning for the enterprise’s financial management

L.D. Su & J. Zheng

Incorporating of lean manufacturing techniques in supply chain of automotive company

A.J.V. Silva

Research on the sports industry competitiveness index system construction based on Analytic Network Process (ANP)

S. Li

Study on model innovation of internet finance

Y. Shen

Applied research on the internet of things in logistics management

T. Peng

Approximation of Fejèr means for vector-valued Dirichlet function

Y.W. Chen, Z.F. Li & Y.J. Liu

On knowledge migration and knowledge transfer

L. Wang

An evaluation method for node importance based on pagerank in complex undirected weighted networks

F. Li, W.T. Zhao, Z.F. Sun, B. Dong & Y.J. Wang

Analysis of the cultivation of college students’ environmental literacy in the age of internet

Z. Zhang

Exploration and practice of materials chemistry graduate training mode

L. Hu & S.W. Duo

Analysis of the creative cooperation of stage lighting and sound

J. Chen

Preparation of nano hydroxyapatite and b-cyclodextrin composite microspheres used in release of theophylline

Y.P. Guo, L. Hu, Y.Q. Chen, X.F. Xing & W.M. Gao

Comparative analysis on risk assessment methods of small and medium-sized enterprises

X.F. Lei, Z. Wang & Y.T. Li

Design of remote monitoring system of embedded smart home based on ARM and ZigBee

Z. Gao & J.F. Hu

Architecture and implementation of new medical information system

X. Jia & M.J. Chang

Parallel differential reduction algorithm for multi-domain modelling

H.J. Wang, W.Y. Wu

Information engineering curriculum system reform of local undergraduates universities

X.M. Yang, W. Jun, X. Ling & T.Q. Li

Educational exploration based on computational thinking capacity cultivating

X.L. Zeng

A novel skin detection method based on local information consistency

J. Xue & Z.Y. Wang

Research on constructing integrated information service platform of “Three Rural Issues” based on agricultural cloud computing technology

L.W. Geng & J. Zhou

An application of the intelligent controller on the pulp concentration adjustment

X.X. Zheng & C.H. Ma

Statistical adjustment at module advanced planner and optimizer generated of sap to the case of a food production company

A.J.V. Silva

Research on legal case data management system based on information fusion

H. Liu

The application and exploration of the informatization of art design teaching

X.Y. Zhang

Research on reliable transmission of VANET’s safety messages based on motorcade

L. An, J. Zhang, M.F. Tuo, Y.M. Zhao & H.M. Zhang

Half-automatic welding for low position operation using CO2 and spot welding on bus body

H. Gan

Research on storage optimization and encryption algorithms for cd disc management system

W.G. Feng & W.T. Zhang

A stroke intersection points extraction method for Chinese calligraphy of stone rubbings

P.Z. Wen, C. Bi, M. Zhao & L. Cheng

Measuring analysis of magnetization characteristic curve and exciting current of single-phase transformer under DC bias

D.X. Wang

Discussion on China’s automobile cover mold development

Y.M. Zhou

Research on manage measures of college accounting information system based on network database

C.M. An & Y.X. Li

Analysis of art teaching effect based on computer vision techniques

J.G. Gong

Research on foreign linguistics corpus on teaching Chinese based on multimedia environment

Y.C. Chen

Study on employability training strategy of college students based on computer start incubators platform

B. Bai & X.W. Wang

Analysis of mechanics principle for the technology in tug-of-war sport

Z.X. Jin & Q. Zhang

Change detection of ship target in port based on Candidate region

Y.L. Sun, W. Zhou, J.H. Li & J.Q. Chen

The design of fatigue life test bed for certain air type shock absorber

K. Yang, L. Tang & P. Wu

A study of developing innovative concepts of schooling in higher vocational education

H.Y. Liu & H.Y. Wang

Method of reliability computer simulation assessment for microelectronic device under multi-failure mechanism

B. Wan & G.C. Fu

Inventory reduction in chain supplies finished products for multinational enterprises

A.J.V. Silva

Study on risk of internet finance

Y. Shen

Several methods of generating teachers’ practical knowledge in vocational colleges

C.X. Wang

Optimization design of intermittent rotary mechanism of large rotor

X.Y. Liu & J.G. Yi

Optimization approach of faults samples for heavy automobile engine

M. Ye & J.G. Yi

Students’ information literacy in the business colleges for AACSB international accreditation

X. Xu & J.H. Bi

Exploration and analysis on the reform of NCO English teaching in military academies under the condition of informationization

G.H. Pei, Y. Ding, Y. Yao & Y.B. Wang

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