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Concepts for Critical Psychology: Disciplinary Boundaries Re-thought

About the Series

Developments inside psychology that question the history of the discipline and the way it functions in society have led many psychologists to look outside the discipline for new ideas. This series draws on cutting edge critiques from just outside psychology in order to complement and question critical arguments emerging inside. The authors provide new perspectives on subjectivity from disciplinary debates and cultural phenomena adjacent to traditional studies of the individual.

The books in the series are useful for advanced level undergraduate and postgraduate students, researchers and lecturers in psychology and other related disciplines such as cultural studies, geography, literary theory, philosophy, psychotherapy, social work and sociology.

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Surviving Identity Vulnerability and the Psychology of Recognition

Surviving Identity: Vulnerability and the Psychology of Recognition

1st Edition

By Kenneth McLaughlin
December 06, 2011

Today, political claims are increasingly made on the basis of experienced trauma and inherent vulnerability, as evidenced in the growing number of people who identify as a "survivor" of one thing or another, and also in the way in which much political discourse and social policy assumes the ...

Cultural Ecstasies Drugs, Gender and the Social Imaginary

Cultural Ecstasies: Drugs, Gender and the Social Imaginary

1st Edition

By Ilana Mountian
November 01, 2012

In this important contribution to the field, Ilana Mountian critically analyses discourses surrounding drug addiction, drug prohibition, treatment and prevention, and highlights new ways of understanding the role that gender plays in the ethics of drug use across cultures. The book analyses the ...

Social Identity in Question Construction, Subjectivity and Critique

Social Identity in Question: Construction, Subjectivity and Critique

1st Edition

By Parisa Dashtipour
August 16, 2012

Social identity theory is one of the most influential approaches to identity, group processes, intergroup relations and social change. This book draws on Lacanian psychoanalysis and Lacanian social theorists to investigate and rework the predominant concepts in the social identity framework. ...

Psychologisation in Times of Globalisation

Psychologisation in Times of Globalisation

1st Edition

By Jan De Vos
June 21, 2012

Today more than ever, our understanding of ourselves, others and the world around us is described in psychological terms. Psychologists deeply influence our society, and psychological-discourse has invaded companies, advertising, culture, politics, and even our social and family life. Moreover, ...

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