1st Edition

Conscience and Belief: The Supreme Court and Religion The Supreme Court in American Society

Edited By Kermit L. Hall Copyright 2000

    Available as a single volume or as part of the 10 volume set Supreme Court in American Society

    God and the Warren Court: The Quest For “A Wholesome Neutrality”; The Supreme Court, Polygamy and the Enforcement of Morals in Nineteenth Century America: An Analysis of Reynolds v. United States; Organized Religion and the Supreme Court; Of Church and State and the Supreme Court; Religious Pluralism and Education in Historical Perspective: A Critique of the Supreme Court’s Establishment Clause Jurisprudence; Thomas Jefferson’s Religious Views and Their Influence on the Supreme Court’s Interpretation of the First Amendment; The Origins and Historical Understanding of Free Exercise of Religion; The Supreme Court And The Privatization of Religion; Sabbatarian Accommodation in the Supreme Court


    Kermit L. Hall