1st Edition

Contemporary Lithospheric Motion Seismic Geology Proceedings of the 30th International Geological Congress, Volume 5

Edited By Ye Hong Copyright 1997
    264 Pages
    by CRC Press

    262 Pages
    by CRC Press

    This volume presents the results on contemporary geodynamic model, crustal stress field, active faults, folds and volcanoes. It discusses the tectonophysical environments of earthquake generation and the methodology of earthquake prediction.

    1. On global tectonics and its dynamics 2. Active faults and recent geodynamics of Eurasia 3. Some remarks on seismotectonics and geodynamics of the Chinese Continent 4. Crustal dynamics in the north and east margin of 5. Evidence of neotectonic activity in the South Carolina Coastal Plain 6. Adriatic Slab versus Tyrrhenian lithosphere (in the Mediterranean puzzle): New suggestions for an old problem 7. Active fault geometry and kinematics in Greece: The Thessaloniki (Ms =6.5, 1978) and Kozani-Grevena (Ms =6.6, 1995) earthquakes - Two case studies 8. Geomorphic evidence for irregular faulting along the north piedmont of Liulengshan Range, Shanxi rift system, China 9. Seismic potential along the main active strike-slip fault zone in western Sichuan, China 10. Karakorum Fault and its geodynamics 11. Summary of historic faults in Taiwan 12. 1995 Hyogoken-Nanbu (Kobe) Earthquake and urban active faults 13. Geodynamic model for midcontinent resurgent activity and instability of India Shield 14. Volcanic phenomena in the Iwo-jima Island 15. On the application of the M8 algorithm to New Zealand eartquake data 16. Load/Unload Response Ratio theory (LURR) - A new approach to prediction of earthquakes and other geological disasters 17. CN algorithm in Italy: Intermediate-term earthquake prediction and seismotectonic model validation 18. Spatial distribution of anomalies in different stages before an earthquake 19. An experimental study on deformation of en-echelon faults and seismicity 20. Temperature measurements along simulated faults during seismic fault motion 21. Brief review and preliminary proposal for the use of ground effects in the macroseismic intensity assessment 22. A nonlinear model for intraplate earthquake


    Hong\, Ye