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1st Edition

Contemporary Nuclear Physics

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ISBN 9780849317101
Published September 18, 2003 by Narosa
350 Pages

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Book Description

Discussing recent developments in both theoretical and experimental nuclear physics, Contemporary Nuclear Physics presents thirty three articles presented at The National Seminar on "Contemporary Nuclear Physics" organized by the Institute of Physics. Topics range from structure to reaction dynamics, from hadrons to quarks, from the terrestrial to the astophysical, andfrom the conventional to the exotic. These include heavy ion collisions, quark gluon plasma, early universe, nucleons, mesons, quarks and QCD, neutron starts, nuclear astrophysics, exotic nuclei, nuclear masses, nuclear structure, deformations, mean fields, high spin states, superheavy nuclei and giant resonances.

Table of Contents

Heavy Ion Interactions in Glauber Model form Low to Ultrarelativistic Energies. Elastic & Inelastic Scattering Studies with Heavy Ions at NSC. Influence of Entrance Channel and Nuclear Structure on Heavy-Ion Induced Fusion-Fission Reactions. Li-Induced Fusion Studies with the I.O.P. Machine. New Closed Formula for Heavy Ion Fusion Cross Section and the "Threshold Anamoly". Fragmentation Dynamics in Intermediate Energy Heavy-Ion Collisions. Compression Modulus: The Elusive Property of Nuclear Matter. Nuclear Incompressibility from the Compressional-Made Giant Resonances. An Effective Lagrangian Model for Meson Production in Proton-porton Collisions. Exploring Vector Meson Masses in Nuclear Collisions. Electromagnetic Signals of Hot Hadronic Matter. Effect of In-Medium Meson Masses on Nuclear Matter Properties. Confined Colour. Magnetic Moment of the -QCD Sumrule. Single Photon Production in Relativistic Heavy Ion Collisions and Quark Hadron Phase Transition. Collective Flow Analysis of Kr84-Emulsion Interactions at Around 900 A Me V. QCD-Motivated Quark Stars in the Light fo Recent Astrophysical Observations. Electron and Neutrino Capture Rates for Astrophysics. Double Beta Decay: A Potential Problem for Future. Orientations of Recoil Nuclei in Muon Capture by Complex Nuclei. Proton-Rich Nuclei. Disappearance of Nuclear Magicity in the Exotic Neutron- and Proton-Rich Nuclei. Structure of Halo Nuclei form Breakup Reactions. Shell Structure of Superheavy Nuclei in an Effective Field Theory Formalism. Pseudo-Spin as a Relativistic Symmetry. Transition Strength Sums and Quantum Chaos in Shell Model States. Nuclear Partition Functions in Thermal Hartree-Fock Approximation with New Skyrme Forces. A Method for 4 Studies. High Spin Spectroscopy with Deformed Hartree-Fock and Angular Momentum Projection. Three Quasiparticle Bands in the A=80 Region. The Micro and the Macro Cosmos. Concluding Remarks.

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