2nd Edition

Contractual Estoppel

By Alexander Trukhtanov Copyright 2022
    304 Pages
    by Informa Law from Routledge

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    The second edition of this book continues to offer the first and only comprehensive account of contractual estoppel, now made fully up to date with reference to the most recent cases. Contractual estoppel, a new and exciting development in the common law, is ever more widely employed and keeps showing itself of considerable practical utility. The book examines numerous judicial decisions which apply or discuss contractual estoppel, and offers a full and systematic exploration of its origin, principled basis, practical applications and limits. The doctrine continues to develop and the second edition tracks, catalogues, discusses and explains its multifarious applications, limits and niceties.

    In this title, the author, Alexander Trukhtanov, maintains the principal doctrinal claim of the first edition that contractual estoppel is a not misnomer, anomaly or distortion of reliance-based categories of estoppel, but its own category of legal estoppel. The book is a single point of reference for a systematic and organised exposition of the subject and an explanation of how it fits into existing law. It is practice-oriented but engages with important conceptual points.

    Contractual Estoppel will be of interest to practitioners, whether draftsmen, litigators or advocates, as well as academics and post-graduate students of contract law.

    1 Introductory Observations 2 Contractual Estoppel: General Principle 3 Applications 4 Entire Agreement and Non-reliance Clauses 5 Limits 6 Limits: Controls over Exclusion Clauses 7 Contractual Estoppel in the Family of Estoppels



    Alexander Trukhtanov is a City of London solicitor-advocate in private practice specializing in commercial law, international arbitration and commercial litigation.