1st Edition

Control, Mechatronics and Automation Technology Proceedings of the International Conference on Control, Mechatronics and Automation Technology (ICCMAT 2014), July 24-25, 2014, Beijing, China

Edited By Dawei Zheng Copyright 2016

    This proceedings volume contains selected papers presented at the 2014 International Conference on Control, Mechatronics and Automation Technology (ICCMAT 2014), held July 24-25, 2014 in Beijing, China. The objective of ICCMAT 2014 is to provide a platform for researchers, engineers, academicians as well as industrial professionals from all over the world to present their research results and development activities in Control, Mechatronics and Automation Technology.

    A Multistage Conjugate Multiplied Accumulation algorithm for frame synchronization of DVB-S2 system
    J. Zhao, Z.-T. Huang, F.-H.Wang & G.-W. Ma
    Research on time synchronization on the basis of TWSTFT
    H. Chen, Y.Wang,W.Wu & H. Zhao
    H∞ robust tracking control for the image stabilizing system of optical telescope
    M.H. Ding & X.Y.Wang
    Experimental study on pressure-balanced brush seals at low speeds
    S.Q. Huang, S.F. Suo, Y.J. Li &Y.M.Wang
    Research about BP learning process of Fuzzy Neural Network Control of Ultrasonic Motor base on different learning rates
    Z. Huang &W. Chen
    The design of the control system in the urban traffic Platform Screen Door
    Z.Wang, D. Xia, D. Chen & P. Zhi
    A new method of dynamic detection for vehicle load based on Empirical Mode Decomposition
    J. Tian, S. Li,W. Sun & J. Su
    Research on AMDB modeling and display techniques
    C. Chen, Y.L.Wang, Z.P. Hui & J.N.Wang
    A comparative study of nonlinear filters in Pilot-Induced Oscillation caused by actuator rate limiting
    Y. Lu, L. Yu & H. Ma
    Design and development of simulation system based on virtual DCS
    W. Zeng, X. Chen & S. Zheng
    PSO-based Tuned Mass Damper control for high-rise structure excited by simulated fluctuating wind field
    W. Huang, D.-Y. Zhu, J. Xu & J.-W. Lu
    Extended State-Observer-based Sliding Mode Control for unmatched uncertainty
    L.L. Yang, Z.J. Li & H.Y. Xiong
    Develop semi-physical simulation platform of turbine DEH control system based on IAP
    Y. Lin, S. Zheng & D. Jin
    Vehicle detection using local symmetry filter
    H. Zheng, Y. Yang & Y. Huang
    Longitudinal velocity tracking control for EV based on MPC
    B.Wang, Z. Liu & Z. He
    H-infinity control strategy research for engine idle start/stop control
    W. Meng, H. Jing & S. Ge
    Research on FOG signal process based on wavelet transform
    W.Wu, Y.Wang, H. Chen & H. Zhao
    Effects of contact frequency on cascade models
    Z.Yi, H. Huan & L. Fang
    A security mechanism based on Electronic Product Code technology for logistics security
    Non-uniform signal reconstruction based on time base error in time-interleaved ADC system
    Z. Hong, Y. Lin & H. Li
    Research on fault knowledge excavating technique based on design information of products
    Y. Qian, L.Wang & S. Zheng
    Research on the construction of traffic meteorological service system in Chongqing
    S. Han, C. Gai & Z. Jiang
    A method of testing the static parameters of A/D converter
    Y.S. Yin, Y.Wu & H.H. Deng
    TVOS content security analysis and protection in smart TV
    X. Wang, S. Yao, X. Wang, D. Chen, D. Wang, J. Sun & Z. Hua
    Research on applied innovative talent training mode of automobile service engineering based on the concept of CDIO
    S. Li
    Conceptual design of aY-configuration VTOL UAV
    W.K.Wang, Z.X. Hou & B.Wang
    Design and implementation of a cross-platform and cross-method SNMP extension MIB system
    S. Hu & J. Liu
    Information spreading in module networks with stifling effect
    L. Fang & S. Fei
    Collective synchronization on module networks with tunable clustering coefficients
    Z. Yi, H. Huan, L. Fang & S. Fei
    Modeling and simulation of super-low-altitude satellite attitude motion in free molecular flow
    S.Wen, Y. Yan & H. Zhang
    YAG laser cutting plate surface quality of the research were reviewed
    G. Yin, Y. Shi & Z. Li
    Research of dynamic queue scheduling algorithm
    X. Guan
    Evidence fusion improved algorithm based on similarity measure
    L. Shen
    Volumetric efficiency of the diesel engine optimized design based on multiple factors
    Y.Q. Huang
    Design for the pitching hydraulic system of reclaimer
    J. Wang & G. Yang
    Influence factor analysis for stiffening girder bridge line of concrete self-anchored suspension bridge
    M.Z. Fu, Y.X. Liang & X.R. Fu
    The display architecture design of Xuanquan site
    W.F. Gao & T. Cui
    A comparative study on super-large gold deposit of part GANSU inWestern Qinling: Constrains geological geochemical characteristics and geochronological condition
    G. Chen, Q. Gong, Z. Liang, Y. Zhang & H. Ma
    Laplace spectrum of multipartite umbrella graphs Ul1,l2,...,ls ,n
    S.F. Lu, J.Y. Zou & Y.H. Liu
    Analysis of rotor dynamic characteristics to 185MW main oil pump
    Q.Q. Gou, X.D. Lai, X.M. Chen & D.M. Song
    The design of electronic micro-distance measure device with high precision
    X.R. Gao, S.S. Zhang & G.Z. Zong
    A reliable mapping algorithm for multiple virtual network requests with location constraints
    D. Liao, G. Sun, K. Cheng & H.F. Yu
    A cloud resource scheduling strategy based on ant colony optimization algorithm
    G. Tan,W. Zheng, Y. Du & D. Xin
    The concentrator: Failure analysis of black screen
    W.N.Wang, F.S. Chen, Z.K. Luo, C.L. Ou & H. Chen
    A data mining algorithm based on cloud environment
    Y. Zhu & J. Li
    Fault diagnosis model based on Fuzzy Petri Nets for aerospace embedded systems
    Q. Gao, C. Hu, H. Yan, K.Wang & G.X. Jin
    Pan-sharpening multispectral images with sparse coding
    W.Wang &Y. Zuo
    Adaptive memetic algorithm for Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problem
    Y. Zuo, X. Deng & R. Niu
    SAR images change detection with simple fusional approach and iterative approximation of minimum error threshold
    R. Niu, L. Liu &Y. Zuo
    Extracting action patterns by computing position offset of skeletal joints for real-time interactive action classification
    G. Lu, Y. Zhou & X. Li
    Research on recommend system model for big data analysis
    S. Wu, L. Zhong, J.Wu & H. Song
    Modeling dielectric waveguides and PML scatterings by the efficient EC-S-FDTD scheme
    W.S. Li & D. Liang
    Strategy and implementation of avoiding vibration area for cascaded hydropower stations on Wujiang River
    T. Zuo
    HOG-based feature extraction and identification for raised or indented characters pressed on metal labels
    Q. Wang, J. Li, C. Lu & Q. Zhang
    Mobile camera source identification based on CFA interpolation and large components of sensor pattern noise
    Z.P. Zhou, C.Y. Hu & C.J. Zhou
    An asynchronous detection method based on the content of accelerator card
    J. Jiang & P. Lu
    Forecast method research to student performance of information management professional based on Bayesian network
    Y. Xin
    Study of generation algorithm for named entity professional information database based on statistical tree
    B. Gao & Z. Zha
    Electric arc furnace modeling based on the measured data for simulink analysis
    H. Xin & B. Liu
    A regression-based model for virtualization overhead analysis
    Z.G. Cai, J.Q. Qian, K.T. Yin & Z.J. He
    Analytic high frequency model of SOI-MOSFETs with active transmission line analysis
    J. Zhang, J. He,W. Zhao,W.Wang, T. Zhang, Y. Ye, C. Du & M. Chan
    A unified charge-based model for SOI MOSFETs valid from intrinsic to heavily doped channel
    J. Zhang, J. He, X. Zhou, J. Yang, Q. Chen,W. Deng, Y. Ye,W.Wu,W. Zhao,W.Wang, J. He & M. Chan
    Research on temperature field distribution of the single-phase GIS disconnecting switch based on finite element analysis
    J. Cui, L. Niu, J. Zhan, M. Ma, J. Huang, Q. Chen & Q. Li
    On-line temperature monitoring system design of GIS contact based on infrared sensing technology
    J. Cui, L. Niu, J. Zhan, M. Ma, J. Huang, Q. Chen & Q. Li
    Design and practice of the cantilever mechanism of automobile chassis based on TOSCA technology
    Y. Wei
    Post processing and format conversion of computer graphics image
    L. Zhao
    Social security of peasant workers in the process of urbanization
    Z. Zhang
    Internationalization of higher education based on linguistics
    Q. Qiao
    Transformation of human orientation thinking mode in Marxist philosophy
    G. Han
    Strategy of innovatively training social physical education tutors with resource of universities
    Strategy of professional education based on public English in higher vocational colleges
    J. Shu
    Effective management measures on ideological and political education of university students
    Y. Niu
    Influence of the information mode implemented in the building companies by BIM
    L. Lan
    Social work on lonely situation of the elderly in gerocomiums
    G. Bian
    Application based on dynamic monitoring of surveying robot
    R. Yang
    Application of BeiDou Navigation Satellite System in surveying and mapping engineering
    H. Zhang
    Development space and literature idea of ecological literature
    Y. Zhang
    Strengthening measures of innovations on English logic teaching
    Q. Luo
    Japanese teaching reform based on network test platform
    Z. Huang
    Situation and introspection over higher-education cultural resources after New China Founded
    B. Peng
    Schema teaching of Business-English writing from the perspective of cognitive linguistics
    K. Pan
    Application of artistic synaesthesia in piano performance and teaching
    J. Deng
    Reform of physical education system in universities and its execution effects
    C. Fu
    Trend and problem analysis of population transfer in Henan
    X. Shi
    Reforming of ideological and political education idea of college students
    M. Fan
    Cultivation of national-defense education concept among students in colleges and universities
    X. Yang
    Observation and analysis on kindergarten boys’ dance learning situation
    Z. Zhang
    Analysis on causes and countermeasures of architectural concrete cracks
    F. Tian & D. Bai
    Construction of practice base through cooperation between independent college and enterprise
    D. Wang &Y. Zhang
    Manifestation of the translator’s subjectivity in the two Chinese versions of Pride and Prejudice
    Y. Xu
    Countermeasures for training high-qualified skilled talents in higher vocational colleges
    J. Chi
    Research of package design in conservation-minded society
    Y. Yu
    Risks of computer network communications and ways of solutions
    B.Wang & J. Wan
    Convergence of MICE industry in Guilin China within modern service industries
    Y. Tang & Y. Chen
    Practical application and effect of computer multimedia teaching
    Q. Yang
    Development of tourism products based on the folk customs
    Y. Sun
    Necessary condition and effectiveness of labor contract signing for enterprise personnel
    Y. Li
    Application of art aesthetic ideas and the aesthetic presentation of senses
    W. Gao
    Theoretical application of computational physics in Matlab visualization
    Z. Jiang
    Study on keyword inquiry method of large-scale RDF data
    Development of Chinese medical diagnosis and large-scale scientific analysis instruments
    L. Chen, Y. Lv, Z. Xuan & C. Chen
    Construction of English linguistics item bank based on Computer Network Technology
    J. Lei
    Updating working concepts of modern library and information studies
    H. Luo
    Influences of literary works on Chinese language and literature
    F. Cui
    Application of natural language in artificial intelligence field
    X. Nan
    Thoughts on UNWTO TedQual certification for higher tourism vocational education in China
    Y. Dai
    Application of computer alarm system in the industrial security equipment system
    S. Liu
    Performing features of piano music adapted from folk songs
    Y. Wang
    Economic effects of new energy development in future China
    Y. Gao
    Application of fair value in financial accounting
    Q. Jiang
    Study of integrated measurement and control system in helicopter electrical system
    L. Gao, Y. Yan & Y. Shang
    Basic model for cultivating spirit of universal fraternity in teachers
    L. Chen, X. Deng & C. Xu
    Ideas and advantages of Sino-foreign cooperative education
    G. Feng
    Joint optimization of base station clustering and beamformer design in Cloud-RAN networks under LTE system
    D.X. Ma, P. Gong & K. Niu
    The development of an ink formula storage system
    W. Fu &T.-J. Deng
    Study on issues and challenges of logistics and distribution industry in China and India
    Y. Chen, X. Tang & H. Liu
    A survey of convergence rate of SGD for non-smooth optimization
    L. Xia, X. Zhang & H.Wang
    Design and implementation of intelligent bus system based onWaveMesh
    H.L.Wang, F. Liu, J.X. Huo & W. He
    A system dynamics model on PM 2.5 issue in Beijing
    Y. Shi, Z. Zuo & M. Zhi
    Recognizing textual entailment by detecting lexical and semantic alignment
    Z.Wang, R.Wang & P. Zhu
    Research on operation mode of reverse logistics in e-commerce
    Y. Gu
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