1st Edition

Controlling Chaos and Bifurcations in Engineering Systems

Edited By

Guanrong Chen

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ISBN 9780849305795
Published September 28, 1999 by CRC Press
672 Pages

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Book Description

Over the last two decades, chaos in engineering systems has moved from being simply a curious phenomenon to one with real, practical significance and utility. Engineers, scientists, and mathematicians have similarly advanced from the passive role of analyzing chaos to their present, active role of controlling chaos-control directed not only at suppression, but also at exploiting its enormous potential. We now stand at the threshold of major advances in the control and synchronization of chaos for new applications across the range of engineering disciplines.
Controlling Chaos and Bifurcations in Engineering Systems provides a state-of-the-art survey of the control-and anti-control-of chaos in dynamical systems. Internationally known experts in the field join forces in this volume to form this tutorial-style combination of overview and technical report on the latest advances in the theory and applications of chaos control. They detail various approaches to control and show how designers can use chaos to create a wider variety of properties and greater flexibility in the design process.
Chaos control promises to have a major impact on novel time- and energy-critical engineering applications. Within this volume, readers will find many challenging problems-yet unsolved-regarding both the fundamental theory and potential applications of chaos control and anti-control. Controlling Chaos and Bifurcations in Engineering Systems will bring readers up-to-date on recent development in the field and help open the door to new advances.

Table of Contents

Reconstructing Input-Output Dynamics from Time Series
Black and Grey-Box Modeling of Nonlinear Systems: Identification and Analysis from Time Series
Design and Implementation of Chaos Control Systems
Chaos in Mechanical Systems and Its Control
Utilizing Chaos in Control System Design
Control and Synchronization of Spatiotemporal Chaos
Chaotic Vibration of the Wave Equation by Nonlinear Feedback Boundary Control
Sensitivity to Initial Conditions of Chaos in Electronics
Frequency Domain Methods for Chaos Control
Controlling Limit Cycles and Bifurcations
Theory and Experiments on Nonlinear Time-Delayed Feedback Systems with Application to Chaos Control
Time Delayed Feedback Control of Chaos
Impulsive Control and Synchronization of Chaos
Control and Anticontrol of Bifurcations with Application to Active Control of Rayleigh-Bénard Convection
Delay Feedback Control of Cardiac Activity Models
Bifurcation Stabilization with Applications in Jet Engine Control
Bifurcations of Control Systems in Normal Form
Controlling Bifurcations in Nonsmooth Dynamical Systems
Adaptive Observer-Based Synchronization
Discrete-Time Observers and Synchronization
Separating a Chaotic Signal from Noise and Applications
Digital Communications Using Chaos
Synchronization in Arrays of Coupled Chaotic Circuits and Systems: Theory and Applications
Chaos in Phase Systems: Generation and Synchronization
Chaos and Bifurcations in Feedback Control Systems
Chaos and Bifurcations in Coupled Networks and Their Control
Return Map Modulation in Nonautonomous Relaxation Oscillator
Controlling Chaos in Discrete-Time Computational Ecosystems

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"…represents an attempt to collect some important advancements in the field of chaos control with emphasis on engineering applications…a timely, relevant, well covered, highly readable book which is devoted to the emerging field of chaos control…most pleasing part is the description of some successful examples in engineering design in which chaos control has played a crucial role…a valuable reference for engineers, scientists, researchers and graduate students who have to deal with physical systems, design engineering systems, or "use chaos" for practical purposes."
-International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control, Vol. 11

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