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Corbett Centre for Maritime Policy Studies Series: Corbett Centre for Maritime Policy Studies Series

About the Series

The Corbett Centre for Maritime Policy Studies Series is the publishing platform of the Corbett Centre. Drawing on the expertise and wider networks of the Defence Studies Department of King's College London, and based at the Joint Services Command and Staff College in the UK Defence Academy, the Corbett Centre is already a leading centre for academic expertise and education in maritime and naval studies. It enjoys close links with several other institutions, both academic and governmental, that have an interest in maritime matters, including the Developments, Concepts and Doctrine Centre (DCDC), the Naval Staff of the Ministry of Defence and the Naval Historical Branch. The centre and its publishing output aims to promote the understanding and analysis of maritime history and policy and to provide a forum for the interaction of academics, policy-makers and practitioners. Books published under the eagis of the Corbett Centre series reflect these aims and provide an opportunity to stimulate research and debate into a broad range of maritime related themes. The core subject matter for the series is maritime strategy and policy, conceived broadly to include theory, history and practice, military and civil, historical and contemporary, British and international aspects. As a result this series offers a unique opportunity to examine key issues such as maritime security, the future of naval power, and the commercial uses of the sea, from an exceptionally broad chronological, geographical and thematic range. Truly interdisciplinary in its approach, the series welcomes books from across the humanities, social sciences and professional worlds, providing an unrivalled opportunity for authors and readers to enhance the national and international visibility of maritime affairs, and provide a forum for policy debate and analysis.

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China's Maritime Security Strategy The Evolution of a Growing Sea Power

China's Maritime Security Strategy: The Evolution of a Growing Sea Power

1st Edition


By Edward Sing Yue Chan
September 10, 2021

This book examines the evolution of China’s maritime security strategy, and questions what has made China shift from a constrained to a more assertive strategy. Historically, China has not been an active player in maritime security, but in recent years Beijing has begun to pursue policies and ...

Architects of Continental Seapower Comparing Tirpitz and Gorshkov

Architects of Continental Seapower: Comparing Tirpitz and Gorshkov

1st Edition

By Jeremy Stocker
October 02, 2020

This book describes and analyses two iconic figures in twentieth-century naval history: the German Admiral Alfred von Tirpitz and the Russian Admiral Sergei Gorshkov. It examines the men, what they thought and wrote about seapower, the fleets they created and the strategic consequences of what ...

Europe, Small Navies and Maritime Security Balancing Traditional Roles and Emergent Threats in the 21st Century

Europe, Small Navies and Maritime Security: Balancing Traditional Roles and Emergent Threats in the 21st Century

1st Edition

Edited By Robert McCabe, Deborah Sanders, Ian Speller
September 25, 2019

This book seeks to identify and address gaps in our understanding of maritime security and the role of small navies in Europe. The majority of Europe’s navies are small, yet they are often called upon to address a complex array of traditional and non-traditional threats. This volume examines the ...

Naval Diplomacy in 21st Century A Model for the Post-Cold War Global Order

Naval Diplomacy in 21st Century: A Model for the Post-Cold War Global Order

1st Edition

By Kevin Rowlands
September 04, 2018

This book offers a detailed investigation of naval diplomacy, past and present, and challenges the widely accepted Anglo-American school of sea power thought. Despite the acknowledgement of the importance of the threat or use of force in the pursuit of policy since the dawn of strategic thought, ...

Early Naval Air Power British and German Approaches

Early Naval Air Power: British and German Approaches

1st Edition

By Dennis Haslop
January 08, 2018

This book examines the British and German approach to naval air power, describing the creation and development of the two naval air service organizations and doctrine. This work provides new insights as to how two naval air services were influenced by internal and political interventions, and how ...

The Dynamics of Coalition Naval Warfare The Special Relationship at Sea

The Dynamics of Coalition Naval Warfare: The Special Relationship at Sea

1st Edition

By Steven Paget
September 21, 2017

This book examines the dynamics of coalition naval operations. Since the end of the Second World War, few nations possess the capacity for large scale, sustained and independent naval operations; and even those that do, such as the USA, often find it economically, militarily and politically ...

Land Based Air Power or Aircraft Carriers? A Case Study of the British Debate about Maritime Air Power in the 1960s

Land Based Air Power or Aircraft Carriers?: A Case Study of the British Debate about Maritime Air Power in the 1960s

1st Edition

By Gjert Lage Dyndal
November 24, 2016

During the 1960s - in the midst of its retreat from empire - the British government had to grapple with complex political and military problems in order to find a strategic defence policy that was both credible and affordable. Addressing what was perhaps the most contentious issue within those ...

Re-inventing the Ship Science, Technology and the Maritime World, 1800-1918

Re-inventing the Ship: Science, Technology and the Maritime World, 1800-1918

1st Edition

By Don Leggett, Richard Dunn
November 23, 2016

Ships have histories that are interwoven with the human fabric of the maritime world. In the long nineteenth century these histories revolved around the re-invention of these once familiar objects in a period in which Britain became a major maritime power. This multi-disciplinary volume deploys ...

Wisdom and War The Royal Naval College Greenwich 1873–1998

Wisdom and War: The Royal Naval College Greenwich 1873–1998

1st Edition

By Harry Dickinson
November 17, 2016

Opened in 1873, in buildings constructed by Charles II to house retired sailors, the Royal Naval College was founded with the aim of providing officers with 'the highest possible scientific instruction in all branches of study bearing upon their profession'. For more than 125 years it taught ...

The Rise of the Indian Navy Internal Vulnerabilities, External Challenges

The Rise of the Indian Navy: Internal Vulnerabilities, External Challenges

1st Edition

Edited By Harsh V. Pant
November 15, 2016

The Indian Navy has gradually emerged as an indispensable tool of Indian diplomacy in recent years, making it imperative for Indian policy-makers and naval thinkers to think anew the role of the nation’s naval forces in Indian strategy. There is a long tradition in India of viewing the maritime ...

Preparing for Blockade 1885-1914 Naval Contingency for Economic Warfare

Preparing for Blockade 1885-1914: Naval Contingency for Economic Warfare

1st Edition

By Stephen Cobb
October 28, 2016

Today, the First World War is remembered chiefly for the carnage of the Western Front, but at the time the Royal Navy's blockade of Germany was a more frequent source of debate. For, even at a time of war, there were influential voices in Britain who baulked at a concept of economic warfare that ...

British Naval Aviation The First 100 Years

British Naval Aviation: The First 100 Years

1st Edition

Edited By Tim Benbow
October 17, 2016

In 1909 the British Admiralty placed an order for a rigid airship, marking the beginning of the Royal Navy's involvement with airpower. This collection charts the Navy's involvement with aviation over the following century, and the ways in which its rapid expansion and evolution radically altered ...

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