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Corporate Social Responsibility: Corporate Social Responsibility

About the Series

Presenting applied research from an academic perspective on all aspects of corporate social responsibility, this global series includes books for those with an interest in ethics and governance, corporate behaviour and citizenship, regulation, protest, globalisation, responsible marketing, social reporting, and sustainability.

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Ageing Populations and Changing Labour Markets Social and Economic Impacts of the Demographic Time Bomb

Ageing Populations and Changing Labour Markets: Social and Economic Impacts of the Demographic Time Bomb

1st Edition

Edited By Stella Vettori
August 23, 2018

Talk of a demographic time bomb is not new. The notion first entered public consciousness some time ago, but there is a lack of clarity about what such talk is really all about. Ageing populations are seen both as a threat and an opportunity. There is concern about discrimination against older ...

Territories of Social Responsibility Opening the Research and Policy Agenda

Territories of Social Responsibility: Opening the Research and Policy Agenda

1st Edition

By Patricia Almeida Ashley, David Crowther
May 25, 2017

CSR is a fragile concept if conceived only at the organizational level or driven only by leadership will. Many writers deal with aspects of social responsibility, but most deal with it as this kind of organizational and voluntary initiative. Few address the wider policy agenda. The contributors to ...

Managing Responsibly Alternative Approaches to Corporate Management and Governance

Managing Responsibly: Alternative Approaches to Corporate Management and Governance

1st Edition

By Venkataraman Nilakant, Jane Buckingham
November 16, 2016

In the wake of financial meltdown and environmental disaster, employers increasingly demand that managers have an understanding of ethical decision making, corporate social responsibility and values-based management. Business ethics is therefore increasingly being taught in business schools and is ...

Corporate Community Involvement A Visible Face of CSR in Practice

Corporate Community Involvement: A Visible Face of CSR in Practice

1st Edition

By Bilge Uyan-Atay
February 13, 2014

There has been tremendous growth in Corporate Community Involvement (CCI) projects of all sizes in recent years. This has been encouraged by organisations such as Business in the Community in the UK, which provides information designed to motivate businesses and government to engage in CCI. In fact...

Corruption in International Business The Challenge of Cultural and Legal Diversity

Corruption in International Business: The Challenge of Cultural and Legal Diversity

1st Edition

Edited By Sharon Eicher
January 01, 2009

It is common practice to assume that business practices are universally similar. Business and social attitudes to corruption, however, vary according to the wide variety of cultural norms across the countries of the world. International business involves complex, ethically challenging, and ...

Creating Food Futures Trade, Ethics and the Environment

Creating Food Futures: Trade, Ethics and the Environment

1st Edition

By Janice Jiggins, Cathy Rozel Farnworth
October 28, 2008

A global transformation in food supply and consumption is placing our food security at risk. What changes need to be made to the ways we trade, process and purchase our food if everyone in the world is going to have enough wholesome food to eat? Is there genuine scope for creating food futures that...

Human Dignity and Managerial Responsibility Diversity, Rights, and Sustainability

Human Dignity and Managerial Responsibility: Diversity, Rights, and Sustainability

1st Edition

By Ana Maria Davila Gomez, David Crowther
December 28, 2011

The issue of human rights, in the context of corporate social responsibility, is normally taken to relate to concern about exploitation in the supply chain - child labour, slavery in developing countries, and similar evils; but of course, human rights are engaged in relation to the treatment of ...

Looking Beyond Profit Small Shareholders and the Values Imperative

Looking Beyond Profit: Small Shareholders and the Values Imperative

1st Edition

By Peggy Chiu
December 28, 2008

In this revealing book Peggy Chiu argues against the common belief that maximizing wealth is the primary concern of ordinary small shareholders when they make their share-buying decisions. This fascinating in-depth study of small shareholders provides both theoretical and empirical insights into ...

Making Ecopreneurs Developing Sustainable Entrepreneurship

Making Ecopreneurs: Developing Sustainable Entrepreneurship

2nd Edition

Edited By Michael Schaper
June 28, 2010

The first edition of this book looked at the emergence of 'ecopreneurs' - environmental entrepreneurs gaining competitive advantage for their firms through understanding and utilising green issues. These green entrepreneurs have led the way in enabling market forces to generate economic growth ...

Global Perspectives on Corporate Governance and CSR

Global Perspectives on Corporate Governance and CSR

1st Edition

By Güler Aras, David Crowther
November 28, 2009

Good governance is good PR, it is important in every sphere of society, whether it be the corporate environment, the political, or wider society. When resources are too limited to meet the minimum expectations of the people, it is a good governance level that can help to promote the welfare of ...

Auditor Independence Auditing, Corporate Governance and Market Confidence

Auditor Independence: Auditing, Corporate Governance and Market Confidence

1st Edition

By Ismail Adelopo
December 13, 2012

In Auditor Independence, Ismail Adelopo argues that the importance of auditors' independence cannot be over-emphasised. Not only do auditors provide certification of the truth and fairness of the information prepared by managers, they also have a duty to express opinions on the degree of compliance...

Spirituality and Corporate Social Responsibility Interpenetrating Worlds

Spirituality and Corporate Social Responsibility: Interpenetrating Worlds

1st Edition

Edited By David Bubna-Litic
May 20, 2009

Religion and spirituality have often been treated with a secular disdain by management theorists. Recently, the tide has begun to turn and there is a growing openness to cite spirituality in academic analysis and debate, and when considering issues of practical concern to those engaged in the ...

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