2nd Edition

Corporate Video Production
Beyond the Board Room (And Out of the Bored Room)

ISBN 9781138910935
Published July 22, 2016 by Routledge
366 Pages 49 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

In this updated edition of Corporate Video Production, Stuart Sweetow teaches aspiring and seasoned videographers how to make imaginative corporate videos with eye-catching designs, rhythmic editing tricks, and essential scriptwriting and interview techniques. Readers will learn how to shoot on location or in a studio, work with employees-turned-actors, find new clients, and produce online videos and podcasts for corporations, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. Additionally, this new edition has been updated to include discussion questions, chapter summaries, and professional tips, and to cover live webcasting, mobile devices, shooting in 4K, micro-videos, micro-cameras, and storytelling techniques for corporate social responsibility programs. A companion website features downloadable forms and further resources.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Preface to the Second Edition


Chapter 1 Case Studies


Corporate Social Responsibility—Google Heroes

Videos Documenting Company Community Service

Big YouTube Views

Hamburger University and Sustainability at McDonald’s

Consulting Firm Booz Allen Hamilton

Scripted Videos with Professional Talent at World Savings

Finding and Directing Talent

Evaluation Mechanisms

New Employee Orientation Video

Recruiting with Video -- Facebook Headquarters

A Consumer Products Manufacturer

Setting Up an In-House Video Service

Using Outside Services



Social Media and User-Generated Video

Shared Content at Safeway

Movie Production and IMAG Display at Berkshire Hathaway

Shooting the CEO

Job Listings at Corporations

Salary Ranges for Video Production Employees

Summary of Key Points and Takeaways

Discussion Questions


Chapter 2 Marketing Yourself as a Producer


A Personal Message from an Independent Video Producer

Getting Started and Getting Business

Volunteer for Nonprofits

Your Business Plan

Writing the Video Production Proposal

Requests for Proposals and Requests for Qualifications

Business Accounting, Licenses, and Taxes

Business Insurance

Independent Contractor Defined

Hiring Help

Business Formations

Doing Business with the Government

Summary of Key Points and Takeaways

Discussion Questions

Chapter 3 Video Project Proposals


Sample Proposal: The Metropolitan Transportation Commission

Sample Proposal: Accounting Training DVDs

Summary of Key Points and Takeaways

Discussion Questions

Chapter 4 Budgeting the Corporate Video Production


Determining the Costs

Above and Below the Line

The Executive Producer

What to Leave In, What to Leave Out

Budget Management

Distribution and Marketing Budget

The Bottom Line

Summary of Key Points and Takeaways

Discussion Questions


Chapter 5 The Role of the Producer in Corporate Video


The Producer-Director

Above the Line

The Producer As Team Motivator

The In-House Producer

Instructional Video Evaluation Instrument

The Contract/Freelance Producer

Script Development

Production Management

Summary of Key Points and Takeaways

Discussion Questions


Chapter 6 Directing Corporate Videos


Directing Professional Talent

Shooting the CEO

Employees as Actors: Directing Nonprofessional Talent

Auditioning the Talent

Directing the Crew

Directing Live Switching

Script Markup and the Shot Sheet

Directing the Edit

The Unique Position of the Corporate Video Director

Checklist for Use of Talent

Summary of Key Points and Takeaways

Discussion Questions


Chapter 7 Production Coordination


Production Management

Script Breakdown

Daily Call Sheets

Daily Production Reports

The Assistant Director

The Production Assistant

Interview with a Production Manager and Producer

Crews for Corporate Shoots

Talent and Union Crews


Producer Support

SAG Industrial and Educational Pay Rates

Summary of Key Points and Takeaways

Discussion Questions


Chapter 8 Corporate Scriptwriting


Determining Objectives

Research and Concept Development

Facts + Frameworks = Concept

The Audience

The Treatment

Writing for the Visual Element

Writing for the Spoken Word

Describing Visuals

Script Formats

Writing Dialog

Writing Documentary Scripts

Script Drafts

Summary of Key Points and Takeaways

Discussion Questions

Chapter 9 Legal Considerations


Trade Secrets and Nondisclosure


Safety Issues

Permissions, Releases, and Permits


Distribution Agreements

Legal Considerations If You Are a Freelancer

Summary of Key Points and Takeaways

Discussion Questions

Chapter 10 Talent: Working with Talent, Coaching the Executive, and Appearing On-Camera Yourself


Coaching Nonprofessional Talent

On-Camera Reporters and Guests

The Floor Director

Professional Narration: On-Camera and Voice-Over

Actors for Dramatic Roles



On-Camera Training and Presentation Skills

Summary of Key Points and Takeaways

Discussion Questions

Chapter 11 Location Shooting


How Mr. Murphy Stole from My Big-Budget Video Production

Location Scouting

Logistics on Location

Nondisruptive Equipment Setups

Client Guide to Location Filming

Site Survey Checklist

Your Murphy Bag

Summary of Key Points and Takeaways

Discussion Questions



Chapter 12 The Interview Format



Shooting an Interview Sequence

The Single-Camera Interview Shoot

Employing Composition and Continuity in Interview Filming

Notes to the Interviewer

Remote Interviews


Summary of Key Points and Takeaways

Discussion Questions

Chapter 13 Aesthetic Considerations


Branding Complementation

Creative Corporate Camera Work



Moving the Camera

Art Direction and Set Design

Wardrobe, Makeup, and Hair in the Corporate Video

Summary of Key Points and Takeaways

Discussion Questions


Chapter 14 Technical Considerations


Enterprise-Grade Cameras


Camera Support

Exposure Metering

4K and 8K Cameras

Mobile Studios


Audio and Lighting Considerations for the Enterprise

Postproduction for the Enterprise


Storage Solutions

Redundant Array of Independent Disks

Hardware Acceleration

High-Definition Editing Formats

Electronic Filters—Softening the Skin

Compositing and Effects

Multiple-Camera Editing

4K Editing

Summary of Key Points and Takeaways

Discussion Questions


Chapter 15 Training Videos


Cost Justification for Training Video

Video as a Consistent and Repeatable Training Medium

Video as an Engaging and Exciting Medium

Treatment for a Supervisor Training Video

Call Center Training

Safety Training

Treatment for a Safety Training Video

Product Training for Retail Customers

New Employee Orientation

Media Training

Presentation and Speech Training

In-House Video Repurposed for External Distribution

When Video Is NOT Effective

Non-Fiction Storytelling

Instructional Design

Summary of Key Points and Takeaways

Discussion Questions


Chapter 16 Marketing and Social Media


YouTube for the Enterprise

Embedding, Creating Channels, and Playlists

GoPro and User Generated Videos

ULTA and Haul Videos

Short Vines by Big Corporations

Tumblr in the Boardroom

Instagram: 15 Seconds of Fame

Burberry, Instagram, and Apple

Engagement Objects on Websites

Top Corporations’ Video Sites

Facebook, Twitter, and Other Sharing Sites

Facebook Embedded Videos

AT&T on Facebook

Facebook Video Views Design Guidelines

Twitter in the Boardroom

Dailymotion, Vimeo, Metacafe, and Veoh

Summary of Key Points and Takeaways

Discussion Questions


Chapter 17 Corporate Events: Filming Conferences and Meetings


Shooting in an Auditorium

iMag Projection

Lighting Considerations

Mics at Meetings

Tying into the Sound System

Feeding the Audio and Video to a Remote Site

Live Streaming of Meetings

Conference Highlight Videos

A Guide to Videotaping Meetings

Recording Clear Audio

Wireless Microphones

Audience Questions and Answers

Camera Placement

Multiple Cameras


PowerPoint Slides and Other Projected Images


Summary of Key Points and Takeaways

Discussion Questions


Chapter 18 Nonprofit Organizations


Multiple Constituencies: The Politics of Nonprofits

Case Studies: Nonprofits

Saving Lives with Video

American Cancer Society

Shooting CEOs for the YMCA

California Department of Public Health

American Indian Cancer Control Project

Starr King School of the Ministry

The Progressive Way

Project SEED


iTunes and YouTube at the University of California

Hospitals and Medical Centers


Summary of Key Points and Takeaways

Discussion Questions


Chapter 19 Video Distribution: Live Streaming, Video on Demand, and Videoconferencing


Live Streaming

H.264, H.265, VP8, Flash, HTML5, and WebM

Streaming Appliances

Videoconferencing and Collaboration Technology

Google Hangouts

Content Distribution Networks

Satellite Distribution

Cloud Storage

The Enterprise Content Delivery System

Summary of Key Points and Takeaways

Discussion Questions



Sample Budget 1

Sample Budget 2

Sample Budget 3




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Stuart Sweetow is a video producer specializing in corporate video production and informational videos. His career started in 1970 when he won first place in the Southern Illinois University Film Festival, after which he worked as a staff video producer for corporations for several years until he founded Audio Visual Consultants, a video production company specializing in producing training and marketing videos for corporations and nonprofit organizations. He taught video production for seven years at the University of California Berkeley Extension, and he has written over 100 articles on video for various magazines.


"For half a decade, Stuart Sweetow’s Corporate Video Production has been essential reading for corporate video producers—novices and veterans alike. The new edition, updated for our 4K-ready, microcamera-savvy, mobile-centric moment, sets the new standard. With the invaluable perspective of a seasoned producer who knows how to build a versatile, profitable corporate video business and keep it rolling through changing technologies and times, Sweetow provides easy-to-follow insight on corporate video from every angle: how to pitch it, plan it, cast it, direct it, shoot it, deliver it, and get it seen." —Steve Nathans-Kelly, Editor, Streaming Media Producer

"A practical, real-life compendium of what every corporate video professional must know to succeed. From banking to high tech, Sweetow shares up-to-date universal truths, revealing them through dozens of little known secrets of corporate production that will help jump start any career. Highly recommended!" —Greg Snyder, Former Senior Vice President of Corporate Video, World Savings

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