5th Edition

Corrosion Resistance Tables
Metals, Nonmetals, Coatings, Mortars, Plastics, Elastomers, and Linings and Fabrics, Fifth Edition (4 Volume Set)

ISBN 9780824756727
Published March 31, 2004 by CRC Press
912 Pages

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Book Description

Devoted to state-of-the-art research on mechanisms of corrosion and advancements in corrosion resistance, the fifth edition of Schweitzer’s Corrosion Resistance Tables offer a convenient, single-source tabular guide to materials used in the construction of all system components—from vessels to pumps to gaskets and packing—for specific processes and applications.

Four pages of tables are devoted to each, with data provided for its effect on a list of metals, nonmetallic materials, coatings, mortars, plastics, elastomers and linings, and fabrics. The tables reflect the latest technological developments and research on material usage, showing each material’s suitability, their performance graded according to degree of penetration per year, the temperature to which it is resistant (given in both Fahrenheit and Celsius), and whether the material is unsatisfactory in its ability to resist the corrodent’s effects. This revised and expanded edition includes tables for 83 additional corrodents covered for the first time.

Table of Contents

Acid Mine Water
 Aluminum Chlorohydroxide
 Amino Acids
 Ammonium Formate
 Aniline Oil
 Arsenious Acid
 Butyl Lactate
 Carbonated Water
 China Wood Oil
 Coal Tar
 Ethyl Butyrate
 Ethylene, dry
 Freon 17
 Glutamic Acid
 Hydraulic Fluid, petroleum
 Hydraulic Fluid, synthetic
 LPG Propane
 Magnesium Bisulfate
 Manganese Sulfate
 Methyl Acrylate
 Mineral Spirits
 Monochloroacetic Acid
 Nickel Ammonium Sulfate
 Nitriding Gases
 Oil, mineral
 Paper Pulp, chlorinated
 Paper Pulp, non-chlorinated
 Phenol Sulfonic Acid
 Phosphorous Pentachloride
 Pine Oil
 Potassium Hypochloride
 Potassium Phosphate
 Sea Water
 Selenious Acid
 Sodium Hydrosulfide
 Sodium Tetraborate
 Stannous Flouride
 Sugar Solution
 Sulfuric Acid Vapors
 Tin, molten
 Tung Oil
 Urea Ammonium Liquor
 Zinc Cyanide

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“extremely accessible information on comparative material performance…these tables serve as an extremely useful corrosion guide to anyone involved in the selection of materials.”
Materials & Design
“…assist[s] not only the practicing engineer who is well grounded in the basics, but also any general student of science who is charged with the specific responsibilities of selecting proper materials of construction for specific applications.”
Chemical Industry News
“…The author has done an excellent job in preparing this guide. It is recommended for the specialist and any library.”
Electrochemical Progress
“…a must for engineering libraries…[and] recommended to everyone concerned with the problems of selecting proper materials for specific applications.”
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