1st Edition

Covenant and Polity in Biblical Israel Volume 1, Biblical Foundations and Jewish Expressions: Covenant Tradition in Politics

Edited By Daniel Elazar Copyright 1995
    496 Pages
    by Routledge

    477 Pages
    by Routledge

    In this first volume of a trilogy, Daniel J. Elazar addresses political uses of the idea of covenant, the tradition that has adhered to that idea, and the political arrangements that flow from it,

    Among the topics covered are covenant as a political concept, the Bible as a political commentary, the post-biblical tradition, medieval covenant theory, and Jewish political culture.

    I: The Idea; 1: Covenant as a Political Concept; 2: Covenant and the Origins of Political Society; 3: Biblical Origins; 4: The Bible and Political Life in Covenant; II: Torah: Covenantal Teaching; 5: Bereshith: The Covenants of Creation; 6: Abraham and His Children: Migration and Covenant; 7: Federal versus Natural Man; 8: Freedom and Covenant: Exodus, Sinai, and Sefer Habrit; 9: The Mosaic Polity: What Else Happened at Sinai?; 10: From Covenant to Constitution: Deuteronomy; III: The Classic Biblical Utopia; 11: Joshua: God’s Federal Republic; 12: Fostering Civic Virtue; 13: Joshua’s Farewell Addresses; 14: Judges: The Reality?; IV: The Alternate Model; 15: Covenant and Kingdom: Dealing with Fundamental Regime Change; 16: The Institutionalized Federal Monarchy; 17: Covenant as Judgment, Law, and Government; 18: Covenant Applied: Israelite Political Organization; V: The Postbiblical Tradition; 19: Talmudic Constitutionalism; 20: Medieval Covenant Theory; 21: Covenant and Polity in the Premodern Jewish Historical Experience; 22: The Covenant Tradition in Modernity; 23: The Covenant Idea and the Jewish Political Tradition: A Summary Statement


    Edietd by Daniel Elazar