1st Edition

Creating Community-Responsive Physicians Concepts and Models for Service-Learning in Medical Education

Edited By Sarena D. Seifer, Kris Hermanns, Judy Lewis Copyright 2000

    Eighth in AAHE’s Service-Learning in the Disciplines Series, this volume shows how service-learning is not only a strategy for preparing community-responsive and competent health physicians, but also for fostering citizenship and changing the relationship between communities and medical schools. This very useful book provides readers with a valuable source of information and inspiration to develop and expand service-learning across the continuum of medical education.

    About This Series—Edward Zlotkowski Introduction—Sarena D. Seifer, Kris Hermanns, and Judy Lewis Part One. The Broader Context for Service-Learning In Medical Education The Changing Health-Care System and Expectations of Physicians—Edward H. O'Neil Toward Building Communities of Commitment. Integrating Community-Oriented Primary Care and Continuous Quality Improvement Into Service-Learning—Deborah Gardner, Andrew Schamess, Doreen Harper, Denice Cora-Bramble Part Two. Designing and Implementing Service-Learning in Medical Education Partners in Health Education. Service-Learning by First-Year Medical Students—Joseph F. Walsh, Jennifer Sage Smith, G. Christian Jernstedt, Virginia A. Reed, and Sara Goodman Medical Students Go Back to Kindergarten. Service-Learning and Medical Education in the Public Schools—Kate Cauley, Elvira Jaballas, and Betty Holton Service-Learning in Medical Education. Teaching Psychiatry Residents How to Work With the Homeless Mentally Ill—Richard C. Christensen An Interdisciplinary Service-Learning Community Health Course for Preclinical Health Sciences Students—Daniel Blumenthal, Meryl S. McNeal, Lorine Spencer, JoAnne Rhone, and Fred Murphy Service-Learning Opportunities at The Ohio State University. The Community Medicine Rotation and the Community Project—Franklin R. Banks and Catherine A. Heaney University of Connecticut School of Medicine. An Urban Partnership—Judy Lewis Initiating, Maintaining, and Sustaining Community Partnerships. Developing Community-Based Academic Health Professions Education Systems—Bruce Bennard, Bruce Behringer, Carol Gentry, Mary Jane Kelley, Paul E. Stanton Jr., and Wanda Vaghan Integrating Teaching, Research, and Service at East Tennessee State University. Action and Accountability in Communities—Joellen B. Edwards, Joy E. Wachs, Sheila M. Virgin, Bruce A. Goodrow, and James E. Florence A Community Partnership in Service to the Homeless. University of Pittsburgh and the City of Pittsburgh—Thomas P. O'Toole, Joyce Holl, and Paul Freyder Student-Initiated Community Service. The Community Health Advancement Program—Sharon Dobie, Bonnie Beck, Melinda Tonelli, Charlene Forslund, Connie Huffine, Deborah Kippen, Diane Staheli, and William Hobson Part Three. Service-Learning Research and Evaluation The Socialization of Medical Students in a Preventive Health Service-Learning Experience—JoEllen Tarallo-Falk Evaluating the Impact of Service-Learning. Applications for Medical Education—Sherril B. Gelmon, Barbara Holland, Beth Morris, and Amy Driscoll Appendix Service-Learning Resources Contributors to This Volume


    Sarena D. Seifer, MD, is executive director of Community-Campus Partner­ships for Health, a research assistant professor in the Department of Health Services at the University of Washington School of Public Health and Community Medicine, and a senior fellow at the Center for the Health Professions, University of California-San Francisco. Kris Hermanns, BA, EdM, is associate director of the Swearer Center for Public Service at Brown University. Judy Lewis, MPhil, is director of community-based education and an asso­ciate professor in the Department of Community Medicine at the Universi­ty of Connecticut School of Medicine.