Creating Value for Leaders : Balancing the Interests of Customers, Employers, Investors, and the Marketplace book cover
1st Edition

Creating Value for Leaders
Balancing the Interests of Customers, Employers, Investors, and the Marketplace

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ISBN 9781032464220
May 12, 2023 Forthcoming by Productivity Press
232 Pages 33 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Value creation is the bedrock of business. It's what sets you apart from your competition, secures long-term customers, and brings distinct meaning to your brand and your solution. Without creating a value for your business, your unique offering will be seen as just another commodity in the eyes of your target market. It’s in every business leaders’ vocabulary and uppermost in their overall strategy. In fact, it is considered to be the purpose o a company according to the Business Roundtable and the World Economic Forum. Many companies and leaders seek to create value but do not know how. As a result, they continuously create value and but the result is they unconsciously destroy what they’ve build. To create long-term value, organizations need to put in place the infrastructure, capability and relationships (tangible and intangible assets) that enable them to meet the needs of their customers and stakeholders. This book is intended to make value creation understood and used by executives and managers. The book describes value creation in its various nuances, how it arises, how it is used, and the width of value creation, from how it impacts a company and how that company can become more successful by creating value for customers. The author also provides tips for CEOs, managers, HR and other professionals on how to succeed in value creation as a long-term strategy. The author also uses numerous examples and case studies to illustrate points being made.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents



The Importance of Value

Chapter 1: Value

What is real value?

Creating Value for yourself means Creating Value for others

The Impact of Culture on Creating Value

The Sense of Value

Using Customer’s Bill of Rights to Build a Customer Culture

Value of Belonging: the Orphaned Customer

Why "What’s In It For Me" Can Kill Value Creation

What does being Secure have to do with Creating Value?

Creating value, value co-creation and value destruction

From Value Grabbing to Value Creating: Lesson for Leaders

Is Value Co-Creation Always Necessary

The Value Co-Creation Platform

Wellbeing and Value Creation: Are they two sides of a coin?

Chapter 2: Value Creation Education

Example of Value Creation in Education: At the Michener Center, U of Texas, Austin

Creating Value with Knowledge

Training vs a Learning Mindset in Value Creation

Chapter 3: Customer Value

What is Customer Value and How Can You Create It?

The 8 Principles of Customer Value Creation

Some Misconceptions on Customer Value

The Memory of Your Experience is More Important Than Your Experience

Customer Value and Customer Satisfaction. Two sides of the same coin?

Can Customer Value change Customer Behaviour and vice versa?

Don’t give away too much to the Customer

Steps in Value Creation Implementation: The Customer Department

Customer Value Journey: Making the Journey Easy and Meaningful Creates Value

Customers as Ambassadors

How SME’s benefit by Creating Value for Customers: a case study

Does a Customer Seek Customer Experience?

Customer Centric Circles, the Self-Directed Approach to Service and Mindset Changes

Ease and Simplicity Creates Experience and Value

Chapter 4: Customer Value Starvation


Adding More Value does not Cost Much; Creating Low Value does Cost You

Value Creation Implementation Ideas. Avoid Value Destruction

When Zero Defects are the Norms, Why Not Zero Customer Complaints?

Nuisance Value: Value Creation or Value Destruction?

Value Deprivation

Chapter 5: Employee Value

Employee Value Added is not what companies think!

Value Creation by Employees

8 Tips for Value Creation for HR Professionals: Become Line Managers

Employee Journey

Using Employees to Build Market Place Foresight and Value Creation

Do Specialists create more value than Generalists?

Chapter 6: Businesses and Institutions

Value Creation is Output / Input

Are Companies Loyal?

The real sources of value: Assets and Performance

Value Creation and Destruction in Customer Value Constellations

4 Types of Companies: My Learnings from Value Creation

9 Reasons Why your Company Isn’t Creating Value

Building Silos or Breaking Silos? Internal Customers is a Flawed Concept!

Management by Creating Value

Does Value Creation Need Financial Incentives?

Companies Misunderstand Price

The Case for Value Creation Centres: Value Councils go beyond Pricing Councils and Innovation Councils

Journey of a Customer Value Creation Evangelist: From Companystan to Customerstan

Chapter 7: Profits and Value

How the Pure Profit Motive Destroys Value

The Great Balancing Act: YOU CAN TIP THE BALANCE! Increase Profits

Death of Profit: Customer Power Requires a Mindset Change to Improve Customer Retention and Profits

Value Added Stories to Increase Price

How Economics Creates Value

Chapter 8: Value Destruction

The Ukraine War Showcases Value Destruction and Learning From It

Look at Value Destruction to Create More Value


Value Destruction: Non-Value-Added Tasks Destroy Value

Will Value Destruction Ace Value Creation? Big Brother: Google, Apple and Microsoft

Power And Value

Money and Power: Motivators of Conscious or Unconscious Value Destruction

Chapter 9: Leaders, Executives and Value Creation

Value Creation and Leaders

To Create More Value, Leaders Should Not Always Lead

Fear: Value Creator or Value Destroyer for Leaders

Trust Creates Value

Should Creating Value be part of Leadership and Education

Why Leadership-Development Programs fail: A Contrarian View

Why Training Does Not Create Great Leaders?

The Leadership Skill of being able to Unlearn: Create Value through Unlearning

Are You a Value Creator or A Value Taker?

The Chief Creating Value Officer

Value Creation Implementation Ideas. Avoid Value Destruction

Chapter 10: Transformation and Value Creation

Value Creation for Transformational Growth of an Organization

Transforming companies through Value Creation not Value Destruction: The Balancing Act

Chapter 11: Purpose and Value Creation

Our Purpose in Life

The Purpose of a Company defined by the World Economic Forum

Why Purpose Creates Value

What is Value Creation and the new Purpose of a Company?

Chapter 12: Sustainability and Value Creation

Creating Value Through Sustainability

Value Washing

Chapter 13: Disruption and Creating Value

Creating Value in a Disrupted Marketplace

Marketing and Disruption

Creating Value out of Value Destruction by COVID-19

Chapter 14: Marketing and Value Creation

Marketing must Prevent Customer Value Starvation to Increase Profits

Can marketing be a value destroyer?

Pitching your Value Proposition: How to Focus on what Customers Value

De-Commoditizing Commodities: Add Value

Customer and Value Migration

Value of being Anonymous?

Does Planned Obsolescence Destroy Value?

My Terms or Yours: What Creates More Value?

Chapter 15: Value Creation and Technology

Why Creating Value is a skill needed for the future with AI and Technology

Technology as a Potential Value Destroyer

CIO’s Can Be True Value Creators

Chapter 16: Value Creation in Manufacturing

Are you adding Value to your Suppliers and Partners?

The Supplier Strikes Back

Chapter 17: Value and Values

Driving Businesses from Values: Values Create Value (And higher profits)

Value and VBA

Corporate Unconsciousness: a Wakeup Call

Chapter 18: Value Waiting to Happen and Innovation

Value is waiting to Happen

Appendix A: Short Guide to Customer Value Creation Definitions from the book

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Gautam Mahajan, international leader in Value Creation, strategy, general management, and globalization is President of Customer Value Foundation. He is Founder Editor of the Journal of Creating Value, He chairs the Global Conferences on Creating Value and mentors the Creating Value Alliance, Value Creation is coined as the Purpose of a company by the Business Roundtable.

His books are Value Dominant Logic; Value Imperative; Value Creation; Creating Customer Value Can Make you a Great Executive; Total Customer Value Management; Customer Value Investment, Customer Value Starvation Can Kill (with Walter Vieira).

He is associated with the Centre for Social Value Creation at the U of Maryland, and the Value Creation Wheel Lab at Nova School of Business and Economics in Lisbon, Portugal. We helped start the Value School at Kobe University, Japan, The Creating Value School at Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, and the Value Research Center at Doshisha University in Japan and the Creating Value Centre in Denmark. He also chairs the Global Conferences on Creating Value.

His clients included Alcoa, GE, GE Capital, State Farm Insurance, Wisconsin Energies, Sun Australia, Sealed Air, Rexam, Reynolds, Tatas, Godrej, ITC, Birla’s etc.,

Mr. Mahajan worked in the US for 17 years with Continental Group, (then a Fortune 50 company). He ran businesses for them. He is one of the inventors of the PET petaloid bottle and noise control kits. He has 18 US patents.

Mr. Mahajan is past Global President of the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce. He was Chairman, PlastIndia Committee, Vice President All India Plastics Manufacturers Association, Trustee Plastics Institute of America. He was a member of the US India think tank. Among his honors is a Fellowship from Harvard Business School and Illinois Institute of Technology. He also has 18 US patents. He was honored by the Illinois Institute of Technology with its Distinguished Alumni award. He delivered the first Distinguished Engineering lecture at Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago in May, 2012. He has chaired and given keynotes in conferences in several countries. He was the only Indian speaker at the Kotler Marketing summit in 2020, keynoted in 2021 and 2022.

He can be reached at [email protected]


"Gautam Mahajan has filled a gaping void in the literature on Creating Value. Not just a tour de horizon of where the field is today, it is a lovingly-crafted resource that can be used as a field book for academics, business professionals and consultants, as well as a spur to leaders whomever and wherever they are to espouse a value-centric approach. Gautam's key tenet - that the art of leading is actually the practice of creating value consciously is an important takeaway for me personally. His book is a non-disguised plea for more conscious business and more conscious leadership - in other words, a message for our times."

Prof. Alon Rozen, Dean, CEO and Professor of Innovation, École des Ponts Business School (Paris, France)

"Gautam Mahajan has displayed by this book why he is considered the leading thinker in the creating value thought process. He has written a comprehensive treatise on value creation, showing its width and depth, its usefulness to people and businesses. The work helps leaders and executives become great value creators and more successful."

Professor Hermann Simon, Founder & Honorary Chairman of Simon-Kucher and Partners

"Creating Value for Leaders" is an inspiring book and Mr. Mahajan shares all his experience in addressing holistically the complex world of Value Value Creation has been a hot topic for many years… yet there has been only terse discussion on how to create it. This book by Gautam Mahajan is an exception where he discussed not only the process of value creation in details and for which all stakeholders it should be created and how. This must-read book deep dives in to the nuances of creating value and infuses this thought in to every stakeholder’s mind not only for their business but also in their life. There is no doubt that this book will change the thinking of every relevant stakeholder in their idea of purpose in both business and life."

Dr. V Kumar, Salvatore Zizza Professor of Marketing, Tobin College of Business, St. John’s University, NY

"Value is one of the most relevant topics for all organizations. Gautam is one of the world's leading experts on the subject, approaching it in a clear and effective way, extremely connected with the demands of companies, professionals and institutions in their most diverse variations. Creating value, sharing value, delivering elements of value to customers and society are fundamental parts of the success of organizations and their respective managers. Gautam's books always bring a relevant perspective on the topic helping professionals in several countries.

This new book "Creating Value for Leaders: Balancing the Interest of Customers, Employees, Investors and the Marketplace" brings an expanded view of previous books, within a broad market context and its nuances, like conflicts of interest, creating shared value to society, and how to avoid destroying value. Definitely, an essential reading for executives, professionals, and students. There is a space in my personal library for this new book. Enjoy the reading."

Victor Venancio, Head of Digital Transformation LatAm at ihm Stefanini Group

"Management. A must-read to understand how to build meaningful and long-lasting business relationships and success."

Paolo De Angeli, CPP, Head of Customer Experience and Customer Value Management, Borealis AG

"This is a "to-go book" for value creation. Mahajan took the concept of value creation from A to Z, from customer side to supplier side to employee side. In addition, the impact of technology in this process is examined. I strongly suggest this book to all practitioners, students and faculty members."

Dr. Cihan Cobanoglu, CHTP McKibbon Endowed Chair Professor, and Dean, School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Muma College of Business | University of South Florida

"My career has been driven by the mantra, "value is defined by the receiver more than he giver" as our work seeks to create value for all stakeholders Gautam’s work captures and extends these ideas in comprehensive, innovative, and relevant ways. The value of this book will be high because users of the ideas will have impact."

Dave Ulrich, Rensis Likert Professor, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan, Partner, The RBL Group

"In this book Gautam Mahajan demonstrates his passion for value and the creation of value in business and in society. He shows that value creation is a complex and multi-faceted process, where many stakeholders and their value-related behaviors are interconnected. For example, value created for employees will transform to value for the business and for its shareholders, and also have the potential to be valuable for society at large."

Chrisian Grönroos, Professor, Hanken School of Economics

"Anyone can argue that creating value is the key to success. In fact, there are various methodologies that claim to be able to create value. However, in order to take advantage of these methodologies, one must have the right mindset. You will learn the right mindset for value creation by reading this book."

Youji Kohda, Professor and Executive Dean of Graduate School of Advanced Science and Technology, Director of Tokyo Satellite, Vice President of Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

"Pandemic made us realize the importance of well-being for us. The book gives us various hints to enhance the value and well-being of us and our society."

Dr. Mari Iizuka, Director, Doshisha University Well-being Research Centre, Professor, Doshisha Business School

"For those who are struggling to understand value creation in the marketplace from multiple perspectives, Gautam Mahajan has the answer. His book, integrating rare insights on how to balance CEO (Customer, Employee, and Owner/Investor) interests, is a must read for integrating the importance of ideas and strategies for value creation, with the culture and mindset changes need to engage customers, while enhancing resource fluidity from – and value appropriation for – owners and investors."

Rajendra Srivastava. Novartis Professor of Marketing Strategy and Innovation, Executive Director: Centre for Business Innovation (CBI), Executive Fellows Program in Management (EFPM), Indian School of Business

"Be prepared for a wild excursion that will change your approach to leading your teams, winning and building customer loyalty, engaging your staff and ecosystem, and increasing your own skills and passion.  Gautam Mahajan has built on this considerable range of writings and consulting work this this opus devoted to defining, creating, and delivering Value in its many forms.  You might nod knowingly at some of his stories but return to them later for deeper meaning; you will find new material to challenge your thinking and broaden your horizons."

Bill Price, President, Driva Solutions. Former Global VP for Customer Service, Amazon