1st Edition

Creative Leadership Contexts and Prospects

    284 Pages
    by Routledge

    284 Pages
    by Routledge

    There has never been a better time to study, practice, and experience creative leadership. In the fluid and turbulent economic and social environments of the 21st century, creative leadership has become a cardinal force in the creation and evolution of adaptive organizations. In the last two decades, organizational science has witnessed a rapid increase in the number of studies on the nature, skills, and processes of creative leadership. The resulting accumulated body of knowledge has remained for many years dispersed and fragmented across multiple strands of organizational research. This volume seeks to foster the cross-fertilization of scientific knowledge and insight by bringing together authoritative contributions from leading scholars whose work is located in different strands of creative leadership research.

    Creative Leadership: Contexts and Prospects builds upon a recently introduced multi-context framework that integrates metatheoretically three conceptualizations of creative leadership found in the extant literature: Facilitating employee creativity; Directing the materialization of a leader’s creative vision; and Integrating heterogeneous creative contributions. These three conceptualizations reflect essential differences in the enactment of creative leadership across various collaborative contexts of creative work, and they underlie the intellectual efforts of different research strands.

    The collection of chapters in Creative Leadership: Contexts and Prospects offers the latest thinking on creative leadership in facilitative, directive, and integrative contexts, and a stimulating set of ideas for crafting the next generation of nuanced theories and empirical studies in the field.

    Part I: Foundations of Creative Leadership

    1. Introduction: Connecting Creative Leadership’s Strands of Research

    Charalampos Mainemelis, Olga Epitropaki, and Ronit Kark

    2. On the Relationship Between Creative Leadership and Contextual Variability

    Charalampos Mainemelis

    3. Unpacking the Socio-cognitive Foundations of Creative Leadership: Bridging Implicit Leadership and Implicit Creativity Theories

    Olga Epitropaki, Jennifer S. Mueller, and Robert G. Lord

    Part II: Creative Leadership in Facilitative Contexts

    4. Leading Creative Efforts: Common Functions and Common Skills

    Michael D. Mumford, Colleen Durban, Yash Gujar, Julia Buck, and E. Michelle Todd

    5. Leader Behaviors and Employee Creativity: Taking Stock of the Current State of Research

    Christina E. Shalley and G. James Lemoine

    6. Empowering Leadership and Team Creativity: The Roles of Team Learning Behavior, Team Creative Efficacy, and Team Task Complexity

    Xiaomeng Zhang and Ho Kwong Kwan

    7. Fostering the Creativity of Work Teams: Creative Leadership in the Midst of Diversity

    Maria Kakarika

    Part III: Creative Leadership in Directive Contexts

    8. Creativity is not Enough: The WICS Model of Leadership

    Robert J. Sternberg

    9. The Creative Leadership Practices of Haute Cuisine Chefs

    Isabelle Bouty, Marie-Léandre Gomez, and Marc Stierand

    10. "It Must Give Birth to a World": Temporality and Creative Leadership for Artistic Innovation

    Silviya Svejenova


    Part IV: Creative Leadership in Integrative Contexts

    11. Leading for Creative Synthesis: A Process-Based Model for Creative Leadership

    Sarah Harvey, Chia-yu Kou, and Wenxin Xie

    12. Brokerage and Creative Leadership: Process, Practice, and Possibilities

    Elizabeth Long-Lingo

    13. A Curatorial Metaphor for Creative Leadership

    Robert Litchfield and Lucy L. Gilson

    14. Exploring Integrative Creative Leadership in the Filmmaking Industry

    Nicole Flocco, Filomena Canterino, Stefano Cirella, Jean-Francois Coget, and Abraham B. (Rami) Shani


    Charalampos Mainemelis is Professor of Organizational Behavior and Director of the SEV Center of Excellence in Creative Leadership at ALBA Graduate Business School, The American College of Greece, Greece.

    Olga Epitropaki is Professor of Management at Durham University Business School, UK.

    Ronit Kark is Associate Professor of Organizational and Leadership Studies at the Department of Psychology at Bar Ilan University, Israel.

    "Based at universities in Athens, Durham and Tel Aviv, the leading contemporary trio of academic researchers on creative leadership have gathered a state-of-the-field reader. Organized around their great insight that creative leaders variously facilitate, direct and integrate others’ contributions in producing creative work, this collection of 14 articles provides a wealth of valuable insights, both theoretical and practical." - David Slocum, "The Top 10 Creative Leadership Books From 2018," Forbes.com, January 13, 2019