252 Pages 4 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    252 Pages 4 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Criminology is a discipline that is constituted by its subject matter rather than being bound by an agreed set of concepts or way of thinking. This fully updated third edition of Criminology: The Basics is a lively and engaging guide to this compelling and complex subject. Topics covered include:

    • the history and development of criminology
    • myths about crime and offenders
    • the search for criminological explanation
    • victims of crime and state crime
    • crime prevention, cybercrime, and the future of crime control
    • criminology and intersectionality

    This edition also includes new sections on genocide, terrorism, cultural victimology, and Westo-centric thinking.

    Concise and accessible, this book utilises chapter summaries, exercise questions and lists of further reading to provide a perfect introduction to this subject.

    1. What is criminology?

    2. Counting Crime

    3. How much crime? Challenging myths about crime and offenders

    4. The search for criminological explanation

    5. Thinking about the victim of crime 

    6. Crime, power and global relations: an introduction to critical criminology

    7. A question of justice 

    8. Crime prevention and the future of crime control

    9. Developing your criminological imagination





    Sandra Walklate is Eleanor Rathbone Chair of Sociology at the University of Liverpool, UK, Professor of Criminology at Monash University, Australia, and Adjunct Professor in the School of Justice, QUT, Australia.

    Internationally recognised for her work in victimology and research on criminal victimisation, her recent publications include: Victims: Trauma, Testimony, Justice (2015, Routledge with Ross McGarry), The Contradictions of Terrorism (2014, Routledge with Gabe Mythen), Criminology and War: Transgressing the Borders (edited collection, Routledge, 2015, with Ross McGarry).

    She is currently Editor in Chief of the British Journal of Criminology.

    "Written by an eminent criminologist, this book provides students with one of the field's most thoughtful and comprehensive surveys of the extant criminological literature. Students will certainly enjoy reading Dr Walklate's offering and instructors will greatly appreciate its pedagogical value. I highly recommend this book to anyone who teaches introductory criminology courses."

    Walter S. DeKeseredy, Anna Deane Carlson Endowed Chair of Social Sciences, Director of the Research Center on Violence, and Professor of Sociology, West Virginia University, USA

    "Criminology: The Basics is written by one of the most respected criminologists working in Britain today. In this extended and updated third edition, Walklate discusses old controversies and new fields of inquiry with considerable aplomb. The book is written in an accessible but intellectual rigorous style that is perfectly suited for undergraduate students keen to learn more about the history of our discipline, its current state of play and what the future may hold for criminology as it becomes more intellectually diverse and global in its reach. Every criminologist should own a copy."

    Simon Winlow, Professor of Criminology, Teesside University, UK, and Director of the British Society of Criminology Critical Criminology Network

    "Criminology: The Basics provides an excellent grounding in criminology for those new to the discipline. The latest edition is a comprehensive and engaging introductory text, which has its strengths in both the accessibility of the discussion for new students, and the ability to capture various complexities and debates, encouraging the reader to think critically through the lens of a ‘Criminological Imagination’. This book is one that is likely to be returned to again and again."

    Claire Fox, Senior Lecturer in Criminology and BA Criminology Programme Director, University of Manchester, UK