1st Edition

Critical Content Analysis of Children’s and Young Adult Literature Reframing Perspective

Edited By Holly Johnson, Janelle Mathis, Kathy G. Short Copyright 2017
    216 Pages
    by Routledge

    216 Pages
    by Routledge

    In this book the authors describe their strategies for critically reading global and multicultural literature and the range of procedures they use for critical analyses. They also reflect on how these research strategies can inform classrooms and children as readers. Critical content analysis offers researchers a methodology for examining representations of power and position in global and multicultural children’s and adolescent literature. This methodology highlights the critical as locating power in social practices by understanding, uncovering, and transforming conditions of inequity. Importantly, it also provides insights into specific global and multicultural books significant within classrooms as well as strategies that teachers can use to engage students in critical literacy.



    Chapter 1 Critical Content Analysis as a Research Methodology

    Kathy G. Short

    Chapter 2 The Critical Reading of Children’s Texts: Theories, Methodologies, and Critiques Clare Bradford

    Chapter 3 Examining Displaced Youth and Immigrant Status through Critical Multicultural Analysis

    Holly Johnson & Becca Gasiewicz

    Chapter 4 Using Intertextuality to Unpack Representations of Immigration in Children’s Literature

    Yoo Kyung Sung, Mary L. Fahrenbruck, and Julia Lopez-Robertson

    Chapter 5 When Entertainment Trumps Social Concerns: The Commodification of Mexican Culture and Language in Skippyjon Jones.

    Carmen M. Martínez-Roldán

    Chapter 6 "Having Something of Their Own": Passing on a Counter-Story about Family Bonds, Racism and Land Ownership

    Wanda Brooks

    Chapter 7 Representations of Same Sex Marriage in Children's Picture Storybooks

    Janine Schall

    Chapter 8 Re-Imagining an Alternative Life after the Darfur War:  Writing as Emancipatory Practice.
    Vivian Yenika-Agbaw

    Chapter 9 The Significance of the Arts in Understanding Social, Historical and Cultural Events

    Janelle Mathis

    Chapter 10 The Right to Participate: Children as Activists in Picture Books

    Kathy G. Short

    Chapter 11 Blurred Lines: The Construction of Adolescent Sexuality in Young Adult Novels

    Melissa B. Wilson

    Chapter 12 A Poststructural Discourse Analysis of Novel Set in Haiti.

    Deborah Dimmett

    Chapter 13 Connecting Critical Content Analysis to Critical Reading in Classrooms

    Holly Johnson, Janelle Mathis, and Kathy G. Short

    About the Authors


    Holly Johnson is an associate professor at the University of Cincinnati, USA.

    Janelle Mathis is a professor at the University of North Texas, USA.

    Kathy G. Short is a professor at the University of Arizona, USA.