1st Edition

Critical Religious Education in Practice A Teacher's Guide for the Secondary Classroom

    204 Pages
    by Routledge

    204 Pages
    by Routledge

    Critical Religious Education in Practice serves as an accessible handbook to help teachers put Critical Religious Education (CRE) into practice. The book offers straightforward guidance, unpicking some of the key difficulties that teachers encounter when implementing this high-profile pedagogical approach.

    In-depth explanations of CRE pedagogy, accompanied by detailed lesson plans and activities, will give teachers the confidence they need to inspire debate in the classroom, tackling issues as controversial as the authority of the Qur’an and the relationship between science and religion. The lesson plans and schemes of work exemplify CRE in practice and are aimed at empowering teachers to implement CRE pedagogy across their curriculum. Additional chapters cover essential issues such as differentiation, assessment, the importance of subject knowledge and tips for tackling tricky topics. The accompanying resources, including PowerPoint presentations and worksheets, are available via the book’s companion website.

    Key to developing a positive classroom culture and promoting constructive attitudes towards Religious Education, this text is essential reading for all practising and future teachers of Religious Education in secondary schools.

    Chapter One: Critical Religious Education - an Introduction Chapter Two: Critical Religious Education - Handling controversy in the classroom Chapter Three: Critical Religious Education: An introductory scheme of work (Year 7) Chapter Four: Critical Religious Education and World Religions: An exemplar scheme of work for teaching Islam (Year 8) Chapter Five: Critical Religious Education and Philosophy: An exemplar scheme of work for teaching Science and Religion (Year 9) Chapter Six: Critical Religious Education and Ethics: An exemplar scheme of work for introducing moral decision making (Year 9) Chapter Seven: Critical Religious Education and GCSE Religious Studies Chapter Eight: Critical Religious Education and Assessment Chapter Nine: Critical Religious Education and Differentiation


    Christina Easton is undertaking a Philosophy PhD at the London School of Economics, UK. She has eight years of experience teaching Religious Education, including as a Head of Department.

    Angela Goodman is undertaking a PhD focusing on Critical Religious Education. She contributes to Initial Teacher Training in Religious Education at King’s College London, UK, and has taught Religious Education at secondary level for seven years.

    Andrew Wright is Professor of Religious and Theological Education at the Institute of Education, University College London, UK.

    Angela Wright directs the Secondary Religious Education PGCE at King’s College London, UK. She has worked in Initial Teacher Training for over twenty years.