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Critical Security Series: Critical Security Series

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A number of crises since the Cold War have demonstrated in the most dramatic way the insecurity of ordinary people in circumstances where states and the international system of states are either unable to provide protection or are themselves the principal sources of violence. Against such a backdrop, narrow views of security have become increasingly inappropriate. New challenges are emerging, and new dimensions need to be explored: accordingly, a radical reassessment of the notion of security is currently under way, leading to the notion of ’critical security’ with which this series is principally concerned. In the process of change, scope has been found for a wide variety of disciplines to enter the fray, and for fresh fields of study to claim some relevance and value to the field of security studies. This timely series seeks to encourage an interdisciplinary understanding of the notion of security in contemporary global life.

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Resolving Security Dilemmas A Constructivist Explanation of the INF Treaty

Resolving Security Dilemmas: A Constructivist Explanation of the INF Treaty

1st Edition

By Brian Frederking
October 24, 2018

This title was first published 2000:  The book applies constructivist arguments about culture, norms and identity to explain the superpower negotiations that produced the INF Treaty. It contributes to the constructivist research program in two ways. First, it develops a speech act model of ...

Immigration and Insecurity in France

Immigration and Insecurity in France

1st Edition

By Jane Freedman
May 16, 2017

The importance of the immigration issue in French politics has been highlighted by the success of Jean-Marie Le Pen, leader of the extreme-right Front National party, in reaching the second round of the presidential elections. This absorbing book closely examines the debate over immigration in ...

Sovereignty under Siege? Globalization and New Zealand

Sovereignty under Siege?: Globalization and New Zealand

1st Edition

By Chris Rudd, Robert G. Patman
March 29, 2017

This collection of invaluable essays explores, analyzes and critically evaluates the interaction between globalization and New Zealand sovereignty. The volume is the first to seriously address this subject in a systematic fashion. It pursues three interrelated lines of enquiry: the impact of ...

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