1st Edition

Cultures and Languages Across the Curriculum in Higher Education Harnessing the Transformative Potentials of CLAC Across Disciplines

Edited By India C. Plough, Weloré Tamboura Copyright 2023
    276 Pages
    by Routledge

    276 Pages
    by Routledge

    This richly interdisciplinary volume explores the goals and benefits of the Cultures and Languages Across the Curriculum (CLAC) programs by drawing together noteworthy insights from educators, administrators, researchers, and students who have been directly involved in the CLAC programs at colleges and universities in the United States.

    Using autoethnographic methods, the authors analyze their personal experiences of CLAC to highlight best practices in establishing CLAC models and showcase ways to integrate languages and cultures into instruction and research across disciplines and contexts. Particular attention is given to the ways in which CLAC can support institutional internationalization and global objectives to enhance intercultural competence, world citizenship, and social justice in the community. The book is separated into three sections, with expertise from a wide range of culturally and linguistically diverse experts who represent different disciplines. Section I describes the development of new CLAC programs into existing institutional structures and provides the reader with first-hand accounts of the transformative impact of CLAC on individuals. Section II demonstrates the different collaborative forms that have been created between CLAC programs and various other disciplines, and Section III reflects on authors' experiences with disruptions to the power structures, hegemonic practices, and ideological assumptions often embedded in education.

    This timely volume will be of interest to academics, researchers, and post-graduate students in the fields of Multicultural Education, Culture and Language Studies, Curriculum Studies, and Higher Education. This book would also greatly appeal to graduate students and scholars in education development.

    1. Introduction

    India C. Plough and Weloré Tamboura

    Section I Transformations

    India C. Plough and Weloré Tamboura

    2. CLAC your campus: Institutionalizing a Program that Encourages Students to Put Language and Culture Skills to Use

    Danielle Rocheleau Salaz

    3. Developing a CLAC Program: Evolving Perspectives from Students, Faculty, and Administrators

    Amanda Brown, Gail A. Bulman, Rania Habib, M. Emma Ticio Quesada, and Stefano Giannini

    4. My Journey in Creating a CLAC Program: An Innovative and Inclusive Program in Curriculum Internationalization

    Jiangyuan (JY) Zhou

    5. Understanding Undegraduate Students’ Experiences in a Project-Based Cultures and Languages Across the Curriculum Program: A Teaching and Learning Autoethnography

    Fredy Rodriguez-Mejia

    6 The American in Me: A Spiraling Reflection on My Identities

    Erika Beth Kraus

    7. "I’m a French Teacher, Not a Data Scientist!": Culture and Language Across My Professions

    Spencer P. Greenhalgh

    Section II Interdisciplinarity and Transdisciplinarity

    India C. Plough and Weloré Tamboura

    8. Language Matters: Shifting Perspectives

    Deborah S. Reisinger

    9. CLAC at a SLAC: A Distinctive Model for Teaching Languages Across the Curriculum in the Context of a Small Liberal Arts College

    Oscar A. Pérez and Viviana Rangil

    10. Project-Based Language and Culture Immersion in Response to Learner Individuality

    Xuehong (Stella) He

    11. Cultures and Languages Across the Curriculum Programs as a Window to Russian-Speaking Communities: An Autoethnography

    Dmitrii Pastushenkov

    Section III Impact on Society

    India C. Plough and Weloré Tamboura

    12. Reflecting on Learning and Teaching French as a Second Language: Personal Experiences and Insights from a CLAC Program

    Weloré Tamboura

    13. Interdisciplinarity and Translanguaging in a CLAC Program: Challenging and Changing Language Ideologies in Higher Education

    Doaa Rashed

    14. A Path Towards a Transformational Language Teaching and a Polydisciplinamorous Pedagogy: An Autoethnography

    Romina S. Peña-Pincheira

    15. Powers and Exponents: Countering the Culture of Control in Mathematics Teacher Education

    José Martínez Hinestroza

    16. Unifying Themes and Future Directions

    India C. Plough and Weloré Tamboura


    India C. Plough is Associate Professor in the Residential College in the Arts and Humanities at Michigan State University, United States. She teaches sociolinguistics and is Director of the RCAH Language Proficiency Program. Her research interests include second language teaching, learning, and assessment. Her current work focuses on the role of interactional competence and nonverbal behavior in defining the second language speaking construct.

    Weloré Tamboura is Assistant Professor at the Université des Lettres et des Sciences Humaines de Bamako (ULSHB), Mali. Her main areas of interest are community engagement and the mobilization of information communication techniques and technologies as a tool (key) for social change.