1st Edition

Curatorial Challenges Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Contemporary Curating

    266 Pages
    by Routledge

    266 Pages
    by Routledge

    Curatorial Challenges investigates the challenges faced by curators in contemporary society and explores which practices, ways of thinking, and types of knowledge production curating exhibitions could challenge. Bringing together international curators and researchers from the fields of art and cultural history, the book provides new research and perspectives on the curatorial process and aims to bridge the traditional gap between theoretical and academic museum studies and museum practices.

    The book focuses on exhibitions as a primary site of cultural exchange and argues that, as highly visible showcases, producers of knowledge, and historically embedded events, exhibitions establish and organize meanings of art and cultural heritage. Temporary exhibitions continue to increase in cultural significance and yet the traditional role of the museum as a Bildung institution has changed. As exhibitions gain in significance, so too do curatorial strategies. Arguing that new research is needed to help understand these changes, the book presents original research that explores how curatorial strategies inform both art and cultural history museums in contemporary society. The book also investigates what sort of critical, transformative, and perhaps even conservative, potential can be traced in exhibition cultures.

    Curatorial Challenges fosters innovative interdisciplinary exchange and brings new insights to the field of curatorial studies. As such, it should be of great interest to academics, researchers, and postgraduate students engaged in the study of curatorial practice, museum studies, the making of exhibitions, museum communication, and art history.

    List of Figures

    List of contributors

    Introduction: Thinking and Doing Exhibitions

    Anne Folke Henningsen, Anne Gregersen, and Malene Vest Hansen

    Part I. Curating within the Changing Role of Museums as Bildung Institutions

    1. Curatorship as Bildungsroman: Or, From Hamlet to Hjelmslev

    Donald Preziosi

    2. Curating the Nude in Istanbul: Some Curatorial Challenges

    Ahu Antmen

    3. Curating the Dead Body between Medicine and Culture

    Karin Tybjerg

    4. Fashion Curation: Unpacking a New Discipline and Practice

    Marie Riegels Melchior

    5. Exhibition Addresses: The Production of Publics in Exhibitions on Colonial History

    Mathias Danbolt

    6. Multi-Sited Curating as a Critical Mode of Knowledge Production

    Sabine Dahl Nielsen

    Part II - Exhibitions and/as Research

    7. Curating and Research: An Uneasy Alliance

    Simon Sheikh

    8. Exhibitions as Research, Curator as Distraction

    Peter Bjerregaard

    9. Curating a Mild Apocalypse. Researching Anthropocene Ecologies through Analytical Figures

    Nathalia Brichet and Frida Hastrup

    10. Curating experimental entanglements

    Adam Bencard, Louise Whiteley and Caroline Heje Thon

    11. The forgotten and the forgettable: the making of The World Goes Pop and Other Stories

    Flavia Frigeri

    12. Looters, Smugglers, and Collectors: Rethinking Models of Ownership Research and How to Mediate It through the Form of the Exhibition

    Tone Hansen

    Part III - Revisiting the Past and Challenging Canons

    13. Multiple Modernisms: Curating the Postwar Era for the Present

    Kristian Handberg

    14. Contested Paradise: Exhibiting Images from the Former Danish West Indies

    Mette Kia Krabbe Meyer

    15. Against the Grain of Neutralization: Exhibiting the Documentary as a Curatorial Production of Subjective Knowledge

    Susanne Neubauer

    16. Innovative, Polemical, Dogmatic: The Case of Soviet Experimental Museum Displays in 1930–1933

    Masha Chlenova

    Concluding remarks

    Anne Folke Henningsen, Anne Gregersen and Malene Vest Hansen



    Malene Vest Hansen is Associate Professor of Art History at the University of Copenhagen.

    Anne Folke Henningsen is Associate Professor of Ethnology at the University of Copenhagen.

    Anne Gregersen is Curator at the J.F. Willumsens Museum and a Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Copenhagen.