Current Issues of Science and Research in the Global World : Proceedings of the International Conference on Current Issues of Science and Research in the Global World, Vienna, Austria; 27–28 May 2014 book cover
1st Edition

Current Issues of Science and Research in the Global World
Proceedings of the International Conference on Current Issues of Science and Research in the Global World, Vienna, Austria; 27–28 May 2014

ISBN 9781138027398
Published December 1, 2014 by CRC Press
384 Pages

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Book Description

This book contains the papers presented at the International Conference on Current Issues of Science and Research in the Global World, held at the premises of the Vienna University of Technology from May 27 to May 28, 2014. The book represents a significant contribution to Law, Economics, Information & Communication Technologies, Journalism and Psychology, including topical research work in the presented fields.

This interdisciplinary volume is also essential reading for all those interested in international pluralism in terms of scientific contributions. The Pan-European University, respecting its own vision and ambition to become a well-known institution within the Global Research Area, traditionally elaborates research and scientifi c collaboration across national borders. The educational principles and research attitudes of the Pan-European University grasp the traditions of many cultures and geographic areas. The International Conference on Current Issues of Science and Research in the Global World was part of a series of similar top-rated international events organized by the Pan-European University, bringing together scientists, professionals, policymakers and representatives of culture from many countries.

Table of Contents

List of reviewers

Introductory articles

Requirements on the staff of an application oriented research organization
W. Purgathofer

Globalization and Indian youth: Findings from Moral Foundations Theory
W. Renner

The design and trademark in the European Union from the perspective of public law
R. Kaššák

Risks of the global economy
J. Sipko

History of journalism theories as a research project
S.G. Korkonosenko

Multi-cloud hosting IoT based big data service platform issues and one heuristic proposal how to possibly approach some of them
P. Farkaš & E. Ružický

Emigration as a way to freedom of the journalist Ladislav Mňačko
J. Leikert

Faculty of law, section current issues of legal theory and legal practice

Right of peoples to self-determination within the context of international law of armed conflict
A. Ďurfina

European framework of administrative decisions control mechanism
B. Pekár

Co-existence of various instruments protecting fundamental rights in European arrest warrant proceedings: Court of justice of the European Union case of Melloni (C-399/11)
L. Klimek

Extraordinary appeal and principle of legal certainty
M. Siman

Law vs. morality—permanent phenomenon
D. Soukeníková

Faculty of economics and business, section current topics of economic theory and practice in international business

Comparison of Czech and foreign managers from the perspective of their leadership and management styles
J. Dědina & K. Dědinová

The impact of the global economic crisis of 2008/2009 on the national competitiveness of Central and Eastern European countries
T. Dudáš

Open innovation strategy—a complex approach in environmental innovation processes design
P. Molnár

A note on the social security systems with built-in pro-fertility measure
V. Palko

Overview of the use of traditional and new financial resources for SMEs and access to finance in Slovakia and European Union
M. Sobeková Majková

Aspects of green marketing: The current situation in the selected companies in the Slovak Republic
S. Supeková

Faculty of massmedia, section media-science-culture

Brno, starobrno and massmedia in the project partnership for local development
M. Foret & I. Zdráhal

A problem of responsibility in media studies
Ľ. Hajduk

Emotions as a key element of news reporting
Z. Hudíková

Communication intersection—journalist and spokesperson
E. Chudinová

Playwright Peter Scherhaufer (an essay from theater archives)
D. Inštitorisová

Introduction of intercultural models used in global marketing
Z. Ihnátová

Methodological bases of media and lifestyle
J. Kyseľová

Creative personality in relation to the Big Five personality model
R. Keklak

Virtual media reality—second and third life
Y. Vavrová

Problem of an intellectual and his position in the society
M. Macková

Faculty of informatics, section new trends in information technology applications Crowd simulation using potential fields and markers
J. Běhal Dadová

Improving the search algorithm for new binary Error-Control Codes
J. Doboš & M. Rakús

Snore detection with android OS mobile terminals
T. Čechvala, P. Farkaš, E. Ružický, M. Šimek, A. Vidács & L. Vajda

The research activities of the Faculty of Informatics PEU and possibilities of their applications
E. Ružický & P. Farkaš

Linked List Shadow Mapping
M. Ferko

Applications of 360° object photography in augmented reality
J. Lacko

The simulation of the scattering characteristics for cavities with complex shape
I. Lvovich, F. Schindler & A. Preobrazhensky

The possibilities of calculation the scattering characteristics on parallel approach
I. Lvovich, E. Ružický & O. Choporov

The problems of estimation of characteristics in Wi-Fi communications
Y. Lvovich, A. Preobrazhensky & A. Kurotova

Intelligent interferer in LTE and LTE-A
T. Páleník, A. Ralbovský, M. Rakús, J. Doboš, A. Silva & M. Rupp

The smoke in the chimney—international cooperation at Pan-European University
J. Doboš, E. Ružický, T. Páleník, P. Farkaš, Y.C. Tseng, Y. Ren, A. Vidács, L. Vajda & M. Šimek

Role of the process-driven management in informatics and vice versa
V. Řepa & J. Voříšek

Statistical testing of random sequences
F. Schindler, T. Szabó & J. Bujda

Database programming with MS SQL under .NET Framework
F. Schindler & M. Šutka

Past and future of Human—Computer Interaction
M. Šperka

Trends in information visualization for software analysis and development
P. Kapec, P. Drahoš & M. Šperka

Model for Management of Business Informatics
J. Voříšek & J. Pour

Augmented map presentation of cultural heritage sites
Z.B. Haladová, M. Samuelčík & I. Varhaníková

Faculty of psychology, section man in the social system of work

Current issues of psychology and psychologists in the educational system in Slovak Republic
E. Gajdošová

Diagnostic of the motivational orientation of managers on the basis of Herzberg’s Theory
T. Kollárik

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Vlasta Kunova is the vice-rector for science and research at the Pan-European University Bratislava, Slovakia. She was the director of the Institute of International Law and Comparative Law from 1996 until 2012. Her specialisation is the European Constitutional Law and Human Rights Protection and Legal Aspects of EU Citizenship. Within the framework of Jean Monnet Chair and Jean Monnet Module, she delivered lectures at many prominent Universities and Jean Monnet Conferences dealing with European integration and European Law. She acted as an expert on legal approximation in Ukraine, Serbia ,Uzbekistan and Meditteranean countries . She was a key expert in the project for Belarus, and projects dealing with the state administration reform in the new EU member states. She publishes texbooks, monographs and articles mainly on effectiveness of the EU decision making processes, human rights protection and harmonization of law. She was involved in many research projects oriented on European Studies. Her Jean Monnet Chair has been listed as one of the Top 20 Success Stories in the year 2007.

Martin Dolinsky is the research assistant at the Pan-European University Bratislava, specialized in the field of sustainable development. He gives lectures in Innovation Management and Evaluation and Management of Sustainability. He is also a guest editor of the  Journal on Energy, Sustainability and Society (Springer). His PhD research was in the field of sustainability measurement metrics and during his studies, he visited universities in Slovenia, Italy and Austria. Together with Monika Kurtova, he organized the 4th annual Sustainable Development Symposium 2014 in Slovakia.