1st Edition

Curriculum in a New Key The Collected Works of Ted T. Aoki

    494 Pages
    by Routledge

    494 Pages
    by Routledge

    Ted T. Aoki, the most prominent curriculum scholar of his generation in Canada, has influenced numerous scholars around the world. Curriculum in a New Key brings together his work, over a 30-year span, gathered here under the themes of reconceptualizing curriculum; language, culture, and curriculum; and narrative. Aoki's oeuvre is utterly unique--a complex interdisciplinary configuration of phenomenology, post-structuralism, and multiculturalism that is both theoretically and pedagogically sophisticated and speaks directly to teachers, practicing and prospective.

    Curriculum in a New Key: The Collected Works of Ted T. Aoki is an invaluable resource for graduate students, professors, and researchers in curriculum studies, and for students, faculty, and scholars of education generally.

    Contents: W.F. Pinar, Foreword. R.L. Irwin, Preface. W.F. Pinar, "A Lingering Note": An Introduction to the Collected Works of Ted T. Aoki. Part I: Reconceptualizing Curriculum. Toward Curriculum Inquiry in a New Key (1978/1980). Curriculum Implementation as Instrumental Action and as Situational Praxis (1984). Competence in Teaching as Instrumental and Practical Action: A Critical Analysis (1984). Interests, Knowledge, and Evaluation: Alternative Approaches to Curriculum Evaluation (1986/1999). Toward Understanding Computer Application (1987/1999). Teaching as In-dwelling Between Two Curriculum Worlds (1986/1991). Layered Understandings of Orientations in Social Studies Program Evaluation (1991). Layered Voices of Teaching: The Uncannily Correct and the Elusively True (1992). Legitimating Live Curriculum: Toward a Curricular Landscape of Multiplicity (1993). Part II: Language, Culture, and Curriculum. Toward Understanding Curriculum Talk Through Reciprocity of Perspectives (1981). Signs of Vitality in Curriculum Scholarship (1986/1991). The Dialectic of Mother Language and Second Language: A Curriculum Exploration (1987/1991). Five Curriculum Memos and a Note for the Next Half-Century (1991). In the Midst of Slippery Theme-Words: Living as Designers of Japanese Canadian Curriculum (1992). The Child-Centered Curriculum: Where Is the Social in Pedocentricism? (1993). Humiliating the Cartesian Ego (1993). In the Midst of Doubled Imaginaries: The Pacific Community as Diversity and as Difference (1995). Imaginaries of "East and West": Slippery Curricular Signifiers in Education (1996). Language, Culture, and Curriculum... (2000). Part III: Sounds of Pedagogy in Curriculum Spaces. Reflections of a Japanese Canadian Teacher Experiencing Ethnicity (1979). Revisiting the Notions of Leadership and Identity (1987). Inspiriting the Curriculum (1990). Sonare and Videre: A Story, Three Echoes, and a Lingering Note (1991). Taiko Drums and Sushi, Perogies and Sauerkraut: Mirroring a Half-Life in Multicultural Curriculum (1991). The Sound of Pedagogy in the Silence of the Morning Calm (1991). Narrative and Narration in Curricular Space (1996). Spinning Inspirited Images in the Midst of Planned and Live(d) Curricula (1996). Locating Living Pedagogy in Teacher"Research": Five Metonymic Moments (2003). Part IV: Appendix: Short Essays. Principals as Managers: An Incomplete View (1991). Bridges That Rim the Pacific (1991). Interview (2003).


    William F. Pinar, Rita L. Irwin

    "Aoki is definitely in the avant garde of thinkers and writers in the curriculum field. He explores the relationship of other disciplines and areas of artistic endeavor to the curriculum field with poetic nuance and philosophical lenses....There is little sense of 'having been there before' when contemplating Aoki's work...Anyone interested in learning and living will find in it an expression of the interrelationship of all knowledge and knowing, the energy of a lived life, nudging experiences of all kinds in unexpected ways and in serendipitous situations."
    Norman V. Overly
    Indiana University

    "Aoki's work is groundbreaking and unique, but has never before been collected in a single volume....During his long career he has been deeply engaged in the question of the relationship between curriculum theory and classroom practice....In Curriculum in a New Key the range and intensity of Aoki's interests is reflected, and his pedagogic voice shines through. The essays show how he uses a blend of narrative, philosophy, and aesthetic insight to subtly draw attention to matters of pedagogical relationship, subject matter and culture....This book is an invaluable resource for curriculum scholars internationally."
    Terrance Carson
    University of Alberta

    "Aoki is enormously erudite...not only in phenomenology, but in poststructuralism, critical theory, and cultural criticism as well. Even these four complex intellectual traditions fail to depict the range and depth of his study and his intellectual achievement....Of Aoki we must say that his brilliance as a pedagogue is inextricably interwoven with his brilliance as a scholar and theoretician. It is the unique and powerful combination of the three that makes his work absolutely distinctive...Aoki's life's work has and will continue to influence those who encounter it. If there were a Nobel Prize in education, he would be a recipient."
    William F. Pinar
    From the Foreword