1st Edition

Customer Experience Analytics How Customers Can Better Guide Your Web and App Design Decisions

By Akin Arikan Copyright 2023
    340 Pages 85 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    340 Pages 85 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

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    An unprecedented guide to user experience (UX) analytics, this book closes a mission-critical skill gap and enables business professionals in a digital-first world to make smart, effective, and quick decisions based on experience analytics.

    Despite two decades of web metrics, customer experience has largely remained a black box. UX analytics tools help businesses to see themselves and their customers with a new lens, but decision-makers have had to depend on skilled analysts to interpret data from these tools, causing delays and confusion. No more: this book shows a wide range of professionals how to use UX analytics to improve the customer experience and increase revenue, and teaches the C-SUITE method for applying UX analytics to any digital optimization challenge. It provides 50 case studies and 30 cheat sheets to make this a daily reference, and includes ten mindmaps, one for each role discussed, from senior leaders to product managers to e-commerce specialists.

    Managers across industries will regularly consult this book to help them guide their teams, and entry- to mid-level professionals in marketing, e-commerce, sales, product management, and more will turn to these pages to improve their websites and apps.

    Introduction: The Experience Imperative. PART I … Experience Analytics Essentials for Closing Blinspots and Connecting the Dots A Fresh Pair of Eyes are Needed to See Your Digital Business Today. 1. What Ingredients Make for a Good Experience? 2. Where are the Blindspots in the Traditional Digital Intelligence Ecosystem? 3. A Map of Digital Experience Analytics and Metrics. 4. Connect the Dots Between Experience and the Digital Intelligence Ecosystem. PART II … Solve Everyday Business Challenges Faster with Experience Analytics Train Your New Pair of Eyes on Your Digital Business. 5. Solve Common Challenges at the Top of the Funnel. 6. Solve Common Challenges at the Middle of the Funnel. 7. Solve Common Challenges at the Bottom of the Funnel. 8. Solve Common Challenges at the Flip Side of the Funnel. 9. Solve Challenges Across the Entire Customer Journey. PART III … See Into The Future with Experience Analytics. 10. Target and Personalize Marketing Experiences Based on Digital Body Language. 11. Extend Experience Analytics to New Channels.


    Akin Arikan has over 20 years of experience working with customers in the field of digital intelligence and is an award-winning industry speaker, a published author on multichannel marketing, a frequent contributor to magazines, and a blogger. Akin is a director of product at Contentsquare, a popular customer experience analytics and optimization solution, and a guest lecturer on the first-of-its-kind Cross-Channel Management certificate program at the University of St. Gallen.

    "Companies have had to, mistakenly, choose between delivering customer delight or increased revenue – assessing that delivering the former is expensive and delays the latter. With patterns gleaned from 50 real-world case studies, Akin delivers a clear roadmap for how to deliver customer delight AND increase revenue! In fact, one cannot live without the other."
    Avinash Kaushik,
    Author: Web Analytics: An Hour A Day, Web Analytics 2.0
    Global Lead, Strategic Analytics: Google

    "Akin's deep expertise in digital intelligence shines through as he delivers practical tools to help you understand your customers better."
    June Dershewitz,
    Digital Analytics Association Board Chair

    "There’s no lack of customer data for Marketers and CX professionals. But much like the famous line "water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink" in Samuel Taylor Coleridge's poem, that doesn’t mean all that data is useful or usable. Akin Arikan’s book provides the key to unlock insights from digital experiences so that business leaders can make improvements to increase customer loyalty and drive value to the enterprise. Highly recommended."
    Bob Thompson
    Founder/CEO of CustomerThink and Author Hooked On Customers: The Five Habits of Legendary Customer-Centric Companies.

    "At Human37 most of our clients are complementing their traditional analytics solution with experience analytics to get comprehensive and actionable insights so they can fine-tune all the details of the experiences they offer on all of their digital assets."
    Julien De Visscher,
    Managing Director, Human37

    "At Wunderman Thompson, our clients prioritize delivering the best possible brand experiences. This book illustrates that at the core of any great brand experience, is great data."
    Josh Archer,
    VP Analytics, Wunderman Thompson