1st Edition

Cyber Physical Systems Concepts and Applications

    190 Pages 27 B/W Illustrations
    by Chapman & Hall

    190 Pages 27 B/W Illustrations
    by Chapman & Hall

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    Cyber Physical System (CPS) is an integration of computation, networking, and physical processes: the combination of several systems ofdifferent nature whose main purpose is tocontrol a physical process and, through feedback, adapt itself to new conditions, in real time.Cyber Physical System: Concepts and Applications includes an in-depth coverage of the latestmodels and theories that unify perspectives.

    It expresses the interacting dynamics of the computational and physical components of asystem in a dynamic environment.

    • Covers automatic application of software countermeasures against physical attacks and impact of cyber physical system on industry 4.0
    • Explains how formal models provide mathematical abstractions to manage the complexity of a system design
    • Offers a rigorous and comprehensive introduction to the principles of design,specification, modelling, and analysis of cyber physicalsystems
    • Discusses the multiple domains where Cyber Physical system has a vital impact and provides knowledge about different models thatprovide mathematical abstractions tomanage the complexity of a system design
    • Provides the rapidly expanding field of cyber-physical systems with a Long-needed foundational text by an established authority

    This book is primarily aimed at advanced undergraduates, graduates of computer science. Engineers will also find this book useful.

    1. Digital Flow-Based Cyber Physical Microfluidic Biochips
    2. Jagjit Singh Dhatterwal, Anupam Baliyan

    3. Reliability Driven and Dynamic ReSynthesize Error Recovery in Cyber Physical Biochip
    4. Jagjit Singh Dhatterwal, Anupam Baliyan, Om Prakash

    5. Online Decision Making Based Cyber Physical Optimization in PCR Biochip
    6. Piyush Parkash, Nitin, Shalani Singh

    7. Security and Privacy Aspects of Cyber-Physical System
    8. Chhavi Sharma

    9. Challenges Taxonomy Cyber Physical Security and Trust
    10. Piyush Parkash, Nitin, Shalini Singh

    11. Cyber  Physical in  Supply Chain Management
    12. Rajbala, Pawan Kumar Singh, Avadhesh Kumar

    13. Security and privacy aspects in cyber physical systems
    14. Himanshu, Dr. Bharti Nagpal, Dr. Ram Shringar Rao, Shobha Bhatt

    15. The Impact of Industry 4.0 Cyber-Physical Systems on IndustrialDevelopment
    16. Sanjay Kumar, SahilKansal, Kuldeep Singh Kaswan, Vishnu Sharma, Javed Miya, Naresh Kumar

    17. Security and Privacy aspect of Cyber-Physical Systems
    18. Umesh Kumar Singh, Abhishek Sharma, Suyash Kumar Singh, Pragya Singh Tomar, Keerti Dixit, Kamal Upreti

    19. Cyber-Physical System Approach for Smart Farming and Challenges in Adoption

              Rajesh Kumar, Amit Pandey, Kuldeep Singh Kaswan


    Anupam Baliyan, Kamal Upreti