1st Edition

Cybersecurity Lessons from CoVID-19

By Robert Slade Copyright 2021

    Using the SARS-CoV-2/CoVID-19 pandemic as a giant case study, and following the structure of the domains of information security, this book looks at what the crisis teaches us about security. It points out specific security fundamentals where social, medical, or business responses to the crisis failed or needed to make specific use of those concepts. For the most part, these lessons are simply reminders of factors that get neglected during times of non-crisis. The lessons particularly point out the importance of planning and resilience in systems and business.

    Those studying cybersecurity and its preventive measures and applications, as well as those involved in risk management studies and assessments, will all benefit greatly from the book.

    Robert Slade has had an extensive and prolific career in management, security, and telecommunications research, analysis, and consultancy. He has served as an educator visiting universities and delivering lecturers and seminars.

    1 Expanding Security: The CIA Triad 1

    2 Security Management 17

    3 Access Control 31

    4 Security Architecture 35

    5 Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning 41

    6 Physical Security 51

    7 Cryptography (Yes, Really) 55

    8 Application Security 57

    9 Security Operations 67

    10 Telecommunications and Networking Security 79

    11 Law, Investigation, and Ethics 93

    12 Be Kind. Be Calm. Be Safe 97

    13 Will We Win? 103


    Robert Slade has had an extensive and prolific career in Management, security, and telecommunications research (26 years), analysis (29 years) and consultancy (21 years), as well as being an educator visiting universities and delivering lecturers and seminars (40 years). I have authored and co-authored a number of books with Springer, McGraw-Hill and Syngress.

    "In Cybersecurity Lessons from COVID-19, author Robert Slade uses the COVID-19 pandemic as a method to examine the core areas of information security... There are plenty of introduction to security books that are almost 1,000 pages long. At about one-tenth of that, Cybersecurity Lessons from COVID-19 provides a brief but detailed introduction into the primary areas and topics around information security and risk management. For those looking to get their feet wet in the subject, this is a great place to start."

    Reviewer: Ben Rothke, CISSP, CISM, CISA

    See the full review at: https://www.asisonline.org/security-management-magazine/articles/2021/11/book-review-cybersecurity-lessons-from-covid-19/