1st Edition

Cybersecurity for eHealth A Simplified Guide to Practical Cybersecurity for Non-Technical Healthcare Stakeholders & Practitioners

By Emmanuel C. Ogu Copyright 2022
    134 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    134 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The modern realities of cybersecurity have uncovered the unpreparedness of many sectors and industries to deal with emerging threats. One of these sectors is the healthcare industry. The pervasiveness and proliferation of digital innovation, systems, and applications in global healthcare, especially powered by modern information and communications technologies, have created a threat domain wherein policy and regulation struggle to keep pace with development, standardization faces contextual challenges, and technical capacity is largely deficient.

    It is now urgent that healthcare professionals understand the most relevant concepts and fundamentals of global cybersecurity related to healthcare (particularly eHealth). Cybersecurity for eHealth: A Practical Guide for Non-Technical Healthcare Stakeholders & Practitioners combines a rigorous academic and practical professional approach in covering the essentials of cybersecurity. This book

    • Distills foundational knowledge and presents it in a concise manner that is easily assimilated
    • Draws lessons from real-life case studies across the global healthcare industry to drive home complex concepts, principles, and insights
    • Helps eHealth professionals to deal more knowledgeably and effectively with the realities of cybersecurity

    Written for healthcare professionals without a background in the technical workings of information and communication technologies, this book presents the basics of cybersecurity and an overview of eHealth. It covers the foundational concepts, perspectives, and applications of cybersecurity in the context of eHealth, and traverses the cybersecurity threat landscape to eHealth, including

    • Threat categories, agents, and objectives
    • Strategies and approaches deployed by various threat agents
    • Predisposing risk factors in cybersecurity threat situations
    • Basic practical techniques for protecting against cybersecurity incidents at the personal and institutional levels

    A comprehensive and practical guide, this book discusses approaches and best practices for enhancing personal cybersecurity, covers the basics of data and information security in healthcare, and presents an overview of the goals and responsibilities of governance, ethics, and regulation in eHealth.

    Who should use this book?

    • Healthcare stakeholders and practitioners seeking a better understanding of cybersecurity as it pertains to healthcare information and communication technologies
    • Regulatory and Board Authorities seeking to design comprehensive and foundational training programs in cybersecurity for healthcare stakeholders and practitioners
    • Chief Information Officers and Chief Information Security Officers of healthcare organizations needing a basic internal training resource for healthcare professionals
    • Non-technical enthusiasts seeking to understand the threat landscape and realities of cybersecurity in healthcare

    1. Cybersecurity Basics and an Overview of eHealth
    2. The Cybersecurity Threat Landscape for eHealth
    3. Personal Cybersecurity for eHealth Deployments
    4. Data and Information Security for eHealth Deployments
    5. Securing eHealth Systems and Infrastructure
    6. Governance, Ethics, and Regulation in eHealth


    Emmanuel C. Ogu is a computer scientist, a chartered IT professional, an advocate for digital rights and freedom, a cybersecurity specialist, a technology governance and digital development expert, and a sustainable development researcher. He is a 2020 Youth Ambassador of the Internet Society (ISOC) to the Internet Governance Forum (IGF), with more than seven years cumulative experience working at the intersection of cybersecurity and information technology with the domains of public policy, sustainable development, and internet governance.