4th Edition

Dance Music Manual

By Rick Snoman Copyright 2019
    566 Pages 254 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    566 Pages 254 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Dance Music Manual, aimed at the novice and seasoned professional alike, takes the reader through the software and hardware needed to create original, captivating, and professional sounding music.

    Key features of Dance Music Manual include:

    • How to create compelling, professional-sounding original or remixed dance tracks.
    • The differences between different genres and how to produce them.
    • How to expose your tracks to their chosen audience and equip you with the skills to develop your career as a dance music producer and engineer.

    Along with the book is a companion website, which provides examples of synthesis programming, compression, effects, MIDI files, and examples of the tracks discussed in this edition.

    The new and improved fourth edition covers processes and techniques used by music producers, masters, mixers, and DJs. Each page is full of facts presented in a manner that is easy to absorb and implement.




    Chapter 1

    The Studio Centre Piece

    Chapter 2

    The Audio Interface

    Chapter 3

    Monitors and headphones

    Chapter 4

    Hearing Protection

    Chapter 5

    Frequency and Amplitude

    Chapter 6


    Chapter 7

    FM and wavetables

    Chapter 8

    Modular Synthesis

    Chapter 9

    The Theory of Sound Design.

    Chapter 10


    Chapter 11


    Chapter 12


    Chapter 13


    Chapter 14

    Mixing Desk structure

    Chapter 15

    Hybrid Studios

    Chapter 16

    Fundamentals of Rhythm

    Chapter 17

    Kicks and Percussion

    Chapter 18

    Drum Loops

    Chapter 19

    Fundamentals of Music Theory

    Chapter 20


    Chapter 21

    Composing and Designing Strings

    Chapter 22

    Composing and Designing Leads

    Chapter 23

    Composing and Designing Bass

    Chapter 24

    Sound Effects.

    Chapter 25


    Chapter 26

    Formal Structure in Dance Music

    Chapter 27


    Chapter 28


    Chapter 29

    Uplifting Trance

    Chapter 30


    Chapter 31

    Chill out

    Chapter 32

    Drum & Bass

    Chapter 33


    Chapter 34

    Mixing Theory

    Chapter 35

    Mixing Practice

    Chapter 36


    Chapter 37

    Publishing and Promotion

    Chapter 38

    A DJ’s Perspective




    Rick Snoman has over 30 years’ experience in the production of electric dance music. He has released under various names including AeonSoul, Phiadra, NeuroKode and Ascii, and has remixed professionally for numerous international artists. He has written articles and columns for leading music technology magazines, and is the founder of Dance Music Production, an industry leading educational website. He is the author of the first three editions of Dance Music Manual, which are required reading at a number of universities, and actively encourages the education/development of music producers. He currently runs his own recording studio and works as a ghost producer for artists and DJs.