1st Edition

Dealing with Disruption Lessons from the Publishing Industry

By Michael N. Ross Copyright 2016
    234 Pages
    by Routledge

    234 Pages
    by Routledge

    Publishing today requires a presence in local and global markets, and successful publishers can be more effective in reaching both by employing current technology at all stages of the publishing process. Finding the most efficient and profitable business models has become more challenging (and more rewarding) by the same advancements in technology. Michael Ross provides a roadmap to the essential aspects of the international publishing industry, from how to develop content that can be easily adapted to other cultures, to establishing relationships and negotiating licensing and co-publishing contracts. With a discussion of the critical innovations in the industry and through case studies from all stages in the publishing process, the book provides insights into the maturing of digital publishing and the challenges and opportunities provided by new technologies. Many publishing models have emerged over the last 15 years, and technology has made the mechanics of publishing in general, and web publishing in particular, easier. Thus, the role of the professional publisher is being challenged, and issues of quality and trust are now competing with easy access to information. Publishing, in all forms, can be viewed as a conspicuous bellwether for any business that must make strategic and tactical adjustments quickly to innovate and grow. Ross applies principles from both consumer and educational publishing to explore publishing's ongoing 'sea change' and its implications for other industries.



    1. Digital Publishing Comes of Age
    2. Life After Print
    3. The Print-to-Digital Continuum
    4. Tools to Change By
    5. Towards a Global Idiom
    6. Brand and Reputation Matters
    7. The Virtue in a Virtual Town Hall
    8. Luck Is Not a Strategy
    9. Making a Deal with Best Practices
    10. Consumption Models
    11. The Lion and the Mouse: The Professional vs the Amateur




    Michael Ross is the Senior Vice President & Education General Manager at Encyclopaedia Britannica Inc., where he heads up the sales and marketing activities in North America and the UK/EMEA. Prior to joining Britannica in 2002, he held executive positions at other publishing companies; he began his publishing career as an editor for Time-Life Books where he spent three years at their Tokyo Bureau. Michael has worked in all areas of publishing, including editorial, technology, product development, sales and marketing. Michael has been inducted into Printmedia's Production Executives' Hall of Fame and AEP's Educational Publishing Hall of Fame. He has a B.A., summa cum laude, from the University of Minnesota; an M.A. from Brandeis University; and a certificate from Stanford University's Advanced Management College.

    "Michael Ross writes from long experience with ease and authority. His analysis of change in audiences, creative development, marketing channels and financial models in global publishing is insightful and succinct. His practical examples illustrate his argument with clarity. Michael's conclusion, that disruption challenges us by solving problems that the market - all of us - creates through the decisions we make, underpins his overarching philosophy: that no civilized society exists without the vigorous interchange of continuously minted fresh ideas."
     - Ian Grant, Chairman, Inpress Books Ltd; Partner, Creative Structure Ltd

    "Humorous in a way only Michael Ross can be, this book thoughtfully and practically demonstrates how the digital age is disrupting the publishing industry but also brings opportunity to meet educational needs meaningfully while growing a successful business. Noteworthy case studies illustrate Ross's concepts and offer rich new ideas for providing content in innovative and exciting ways. I highly recommend this book."
     - Rachelle Cracchiolo, Founder, Teacher Created Materials

    "What do we fear? It's typically the unknown and there is nothing more fearful to an industry like a yet to be unveiled disruptive technology. Publishing executives could tell you all about that as they have ignored, feared, struggled against and ultimately embraced the digital age. Michael Ross' new book Dealing with Disruption shines a light on the darkness that is the history of publishers dealing with these newest realities. As someone who has published several blog posts on this topic I admire what Mike has put together. Among other things it includes a matter of fact re-telling of the publishing industry's struggle with disruption. But it also includes the hope and promise of this new digital age. If nothing else it'll have a calming effect on publishing executives to counteract any lingering hysteria." 
    - Michael Foy, President, Publishing Search Solutions

    "Even though he was describing a huge, respected brand-name, Michael's open and honest account of the challenges of the digital future for Britannica have already inspired my colleague and I to consider the future for our tiny children's publisher and take advantage of the practical guidance he offers for dealing with the inevitable disruption coming our way."
     - Catherine Bruzzone, Managing Director, b small publishing ltd