Deep Rock Mechanics: From Research to Engineering : Proceedings of the International Conference on Geo-Mechanics, Geo-Energy and Geo-Resources (IC3G 2018), September 21-24, 2018, Chengdu, P.R. China book cover
1st Edition

Deep Rock Mechanics: From Research to Engineering
Proceedings of the International Conference on Geo-Mechanics, Geo-Energy and Geo-Resources (IC3G 2018), September 21-24, 2018, Chengdu, P.R. China

ISBN 9781138487611
Published December 13, 2018 by CRC Press
116 Pages

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Book Description

At present, deep earth resources remain poorly understood and entirely under-utilised. There is a growing appreciation of the important role deep earth will play in future sustainability, particularly in opportunities for new and sustainable large-scale energy alternatives, and extraction of resources through mining and greenhouse mitigation. Deep Rock Mechanics: From Research to Engineering is a collection of papers on the effective development of deep earth resources, which were presented at the International Conference on Geo-mechanics, Geo-Energy and Geo-Resources 2018 (Chengdu, P.R. China, 22-24 September 2018). The contributions aim at breaking beyond existing patterns of discovery, to advance research on geomechanical and geophysical processes in deep earth resources and energy development, enhancing deep earth energy and mineral extraction and mitigating harmful atmospheric emissions.

Deep Rock Mechanics: From Research to Engineering covers a wide range of topics:

1. Deep rock mechanics and mining theory
2. Water resources development and protection
3. Unconventional oil and gas extractions
4. CO2 sequestrations technologies and nuclear waste disposal
5. Geothermal energy
6. Mining engineering
7. Petroleum engineering
8. Geo-environmental engineering
9. Civil geotechnical engineering

Deep Rock Mechanics: From Research to Engineering promotes safer and greener ways for energy and resource production at great depth, and will serve as a must-have reference for academics and professionals involved or interested in geo-mechanics, geo-energy, and geo-resources.

Table of Contents

Deep rock mechanics and mining theory

Modelling surface subsidence during underground coal gasification
Y.G. Derbin, J. Walker & D. Wanatowski

Time-dependent deformation behaviour of unloading-fractured marble
L. Wang, J.F. Liu, J. Pei & H. Xu

Mechanical and failure characteristics of dry and saturated sandstone under triaxial loading and unloading tests
Z. Sun, D. Li, W. Wang & X. Li

Permiability of a fractal single fracture under the coupling of multiple experimental cases
Y. Peng, R. Zhang, Y. Ju, M. Gao, J. Xie, L. Yi & Z. Zhang

Improved short and long time average ratio method with multi-scale theory for accurate arrival picking
Z. Zhou & R. Cheng

Failure style and acoustic emission characteristics of basalt under fatigue loading
K. Si, R.D. Peng, Z.D. Cui, M.X. Ge & Z.L. Xie

Geomechanical and seepage evolution characteristics of coal masses under mining-induced stress paths
Y. Xue & F. Gao

Investigation of the mechanical behaviour of brine saturated brown coal under uni-axial compression
K.H.S.M. Sampath, M.S.A. Perera, P.G. Ranjith & S.K. Matthai

A case study on stress relief mining and design methods for rock-salt mine
H. Wang, X.-C. Yang, H. Chen, H. Cao, X.-S. Qin, Y. Yuan & S.-B. Yu

Dynamic empirical Mohr-Coulomb criterion of marble under low loading rate
F.Q. Gong, S. Luo, G. Lin & X.F. Si

The additional resistant energy effect for supporting structure to surrounding rock in underground powerhouse
D.Y. Liu, J.H. Zhang, Z. Zhou, C.G. Liao, J.X. Zheng & T. Luo

Research on damage constitutive model of coal with different depths
L. Qin, Z. Zhang, M. Wang, R. Zhang, M. Gao, Z. Zhang & Z. Jia


Water resources development and protection

Research on flow field characteristics of compound jet pump
Y. Zhao, Y.-L. Chen, L.-G. Ran, B. Wang & Y. Xu

An investigation on the effect of divergent angle on performance of Venturi-type bubble generators
L. Zhao, L. Sun, Z. Mo, M. Du, G. Xie & J. Tang

A visualized investigation on bubble transportation and breakup in a small Venturi channel with rectangular cross section
J. Huang, L. Sun, J. Tang, G. Xie, L. Zhao & M. Du

Overall stability analysis of a high arch dam based on physical modeling and numerical simulation
B.-Q. Yang, X.-Y. Guo, L. Zhang, X. Jiao, Y. Chen, J.-Y. Chen & J. Dong

Deformation and cracking of an underground powerhouse cavern system under high in-situ stress
J.B. Wei & J.H. Deng

Estimation of permeability field from sparse measurements of local permeability and water table fluctuations
A. Chaudhuri, A. Chakrawal, P. Naigaonkar, H.-J.H. Franssen & M. Sekhar

Evaluation of GPM IMERG satellite precipitation product by using of ground-based data over the Yangtze River Basin
J. Liu, J. Du, Y. Yang & T. Zhu


Unconventional oil and gas extractions

Fractal characteristics and acoustic emission of a low-clay shale after CO2-water-rock interactions
Q. Lyu, J.Q. Tan, J.P. Zhou, P.G. Ranjith, C.E. Hu & W.B. Luo

Fracturing behavior of shale reservoirs in water, N2 and SC-CO2 fracturing process
J.G. Wang & X.X. Zhang

Fracturing-fluid migration front progression in fractured gas shale: Experiment and numerical analyses
F. Wang, Z. Pan, Q. Chen & H. Lin


CO2 sequestrations technologies and nuclear waste disposal

Permeability evolution of fracture during slipping under normal stress condition
Q. Zhang & X.C. Li

Time-dependent cracking of Beishan granite under the effect of temperature and stress condition
C.P. Wang, J.F. Liu, L. Chen & J. Liu

Neutron radiography study of water imbibition in unsaturated cracked sandstone: A time-fractal model to predict the dynamic evolution of wetting front
Y. Zhao, Y. Wu, S. Han, L. He, S. Xue & G. Fan


Geothermal energy

3-D numerical prediction of vortices group in multiple Francis turbines based on RNG-ELES approach
M. Yang, M. Zhang, C. Zhang & D. Chen

Experimental study on the thermal and mechanical performance of graphite-cement based composites
H.-R. Guo, L. Qiao & Y.-Y. Xiao

High heat generating granites of Saudi Arabian shield: Prospect for CO2 emissions reduction and climate mitigation
D. Chandrasekharam, K. Bankher & P.G. Ranjith

Digital rock physics and application of high-resolution micro-CT techniques for geomaterials
B. Mahanta, P.G. Ranjith, T.N. Singh, V. Vishal, W.H. Duan & M. Sazid

A semi-analytical model to predict the heat extraction from an enhanced geothermal system with multiple wells and areal flow
B. Wu, X. Zhang & R.G. Jeffrey

Overpressure-induced fracture slip triggering in granite
Y.L. Ji, Y.Z. Jia, T.D. Rathnaweera & W. Wu

Preliminary laboratory study on initiation and propagation of hydraulic fractures in granite using X-ray computed tomography
L. Zhuang, K.Y. Kim, S. Yeom, S.G. Jung & M. Diaz


Mining engineering

Effect of prefabricated crack width on stress intensity factors of Brazilian disc sample with center crack
C. Li, M. Gao, Y. Lu, Q. Liu, Z. He & G. Peng

Research on law of front abutment pressure change of top-coal caving
Z. He, M. Gao, J. Xie, Y. Lu & C. Li

Development of coring system with in-situ condition for deep rock by ultrasonic
L. Chen, X. Guo, H. Wan, X. Hua, Y. Lu, C. Li & Z. He

3D modelling of microwave induced damage and fracturing of hard rocks
Y. Yuan & T. Xu

Experimental study on crushing dissipated energy of deep granite under triaxial geostress condition
L. Chen, L. Qiao, M. Zhou & Q.W. Li

The immediate roof periodic fractures of suberect and extremely thick coal
G. Zhang & Y. Zhang

Effect of faults on stability of partially saturated rock slope
G. You, N. Jaggi, M. Al Mandalawi, K. Dowling & P. Dahlhaus

Temperature and pressure dependent gas diffusion coefficient in coal: Numerical modeling and experiments
S.Y. Liu, C.H. Wei, W.C. Zhu & Y.J. Yu

Study on the failure process of rock masses using the Discontinuous Deformation and Displacement (DDD) method
B. Gong, S. Wang & C. Tang

Prediction of UCS based on multivariate adaptive regression splines and the BP neural network
C. Xu, Z.-L. Zhang & Z. Zhang


Petroleum engineering

Seismic response characteristics of buried pipeline under different parameters
H. Qu, L. Liu, Y. Wu, Q. Hu & Y. Liu

Use of risk-controlled model for predicting collapse pressure of vertical and inclined wells
T. Ma, T. Tang, N. Peng, Y. Wang & Z. Guo

Modelling of phase behaviours, viscous instabilities and oil recovery during different types of surfactant-polymer flooding in five-spot setup
A. Chaudhuri & R. Vishnudas

Numerical approach for wellbore stability and minimum required mud weight
H.A. Sheha & A.-A.H. Elsayed


Geo-environmental engineering

Calculation methods of seepage coefficient for clay based on the permeation mechanism
Y. Zhang, T.L. Chen, Y.J. Zhang & W.Z. Ren

The application of a geographically weighted logistic regression for earthquake-triggered landslide susceptibility mapping on different geographic scales
Q. Lin & Y. Wang

Research on the dynamic propagation law of cracks in sandstone specimens under impact load
Y. Lu, M. Gao, S. Zhang, J. Xie, Q. Liu, Z. He & C. Li

A numerical analysis of Self-Similar Heat Exchanger for cooling the heat release equipments in deep space under the ground
W. Tang, L. Sun, J. Bao, G. Xie, M. Du & J. Tang

Study on the law of ground pressure obliquity effect with gently inclined thin to medium thickness phosphate body from open-pit to underground
X.-S. Li, K. Zhao, Y. Yang & X.-Y. Zhi


Civil geotechnical engineering

Ground motion at a rock trapezoidal hill under seismic waves induced by an underground exploitation
Z.L. Li, J.C. Li, Q. Zhang & J. Zhao

Discrete element analyses of debris flow impact on slit dams
S.X. Gong, T. Zhao, F. Dai & N.W. Xu

The loading effects on the mechanical behaviors of transversely isotropic rock
Z.Y. Liu, M.L. Xiao, J.F. Xue, L.L. Li, H.Q. Xie & J.D. He

Seismic response characteristics of stabilizing pile based on elastic-plastic performance
H. Qu, Y. Liu, Y. Liu, H. Hu & Q. Mei

Determination method of subgrade compaction scheme based on energy
H. Qu, L. Hu, L. Liu, J. Mao & Y. Liu

Jet geometry effects on the velocity decay of an oblique submerged jet in a plunge pool
N. Li, J. Deng, W. Guo & L. Li

An energy dissipation way in a high-dam to weaken atomization – jets non-collision energy dissipation
L. Li, C. Liu, J. Deng & N. Li

Equivalent Mohr–Coulomb model for Hoek–Brown rock mass around deep-buried tunnel
F. Ye, Y.-F. Wei, S.-P. Yang, X.-Y. Yuan, X. Ming & W.-X. Fu

Effect of deep unloading zone on working performance of arch dam and abutment: A case study in the Yebatan Hydropower Station
W. Zhang, Y. Chen, L. Zhang, B.-Q. Yang, C. Zhang & X.-Q. Liu

Study of geo-mechanical characteristics and stability of half-tunnel at Dharapani along Besisahar—Chame road section, Manang
P. Luitel & S. Panthee

A damage mechanical model applied to analysis of mechanical properties of discontinuous fractured rock masses
W.D. Yang, R.G. Yu, P.G. Ranjith, G.Y. Luo & C.C. Huang

Study on the anchorage depth of anti-sliding piles in steeply slipping colluvium landslides
X. Ma, J. Deng, S. Li & Y. Xiao

Experimental study on real-time compaction quality test indexes for coarse-grained soil in sand-gravel dam
T. Hua, X. Yang & H. Li

Monitoring and early warning of rainfall induced soil slope failure using elastic wave velocity
Y.L. Chen & T. Uchimura

A review of research on dynamic interaction between soil and buried pipeline under earthquake
H. Qu, Y. Liu, Y. Wu, Q. Hu & H. Zhao

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Heping Xie is President of Sichuan University, Chengdu, P.R. China

Jian Zhao is Professor in Resources Engineering at Monash University, Australia

Pathegama Gamage Ranjith is Professor in Geomechanics Engineering at Monash University, Australia.