1st Edition

Demographic Targeting The Essential Role of Population Groups in Retail Marketing

By James A. Pooler Copyright 2002

    This title was first published in 2002: Retailers who ignore the demographics of their customers do so at their peril. Examining the role of age and gender in the behavior and patterns of shoppers, this book looks at all shoppers as members of distinct demographic groups, each of which marches to the beat of its own drum. We can say a lot about people and their shopping behavior simply by examining their demographic group membership. For example, we can say that middle-aged shoppers have less time available for shopping, but more money. Such ideas provide valuable information about how to sell to them. Demographic targeting is the key to success when it comes to modern retailing. This book takes a look at shopping from the perspective of demography and considers the demographic group to be a crucial concept for understanding the modern shopper.

    Contents: Demographics and shopping: introduction; The young parenting and infant demographic: time-pressed; Young children: the end of the age of innocence; Pre-teens: the shopping pressures of growing up; Teens: shopping for an identity; The young single demographic: shopping for self-esteem; The young married democratic: shopping as grown-ups; The busy demographic: the most important group; The baby boomers: shopping for emotional reasons; Conclusion; Index.


    James A. Pooler has been a Professor in the Department of Geography at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, Canada, since 1983. He holds seminars in population geography (including demography), introductory economic geography, and statistics. His published writing to date includes scientific research articles and chapters in books. He has also published a previous book with Ashgate entitled ’Hierarchical Organization in Society: A Canadian Perspective.’ Professor Pooler is presently editor-in-chief of the international journal ’Geographical & Environmental Modelling.’

    ’This book provides an easy-to-read set of descriptions of important demographic cohorts targeted by retailers, advertisers and manufacturers. By going beyond simple demographic profiling to incorporate the motivations, attitudes, opinions and lifestyles of different market segments, James Pooler offers a rich set of insights and implications for those interested in improving their understanding of customer behaviour across different demographic categories.’ Dr Nicole Coviello, Associate Professor and Area Chair of Marketing, The University of Calgary, Canada '...a comprehensive look at consumers in this easy and interesting read. Pooler presents detailed information for retailers to consider when developing marketing strategies.' Journal of Consumer Marketing