440 Pages 86 Color & 44 B/W Illustrations
    by Jenny Stanford Publishing

    In recent decades, dendrimers — free-shaped synthetic macromolecules — have garnered a great deal of scientific interest because of their unique molecular nanostructure. Used in a variety of scientific applications, dendrimers are now widely regarded as a safer, more precise and more effective way to practice medicine.

    This book compiles and details cutting-edge research in science and medicine from the interdisciplinary team of the Michigan Nanotechnology Institute for Medicine and Biological Sciences, which is currently revolutionizing drug delivery techniques through the development of engineered nanodevices. Edited by Istvan J. Majoros and James R. Baker Jr, two prominent nanotechnology researchers, this book will appeal to anyone involved in nanotechnology, macromolecular science, cancer therapy or drug delivery research.

    Targeted Drug Delivery in General, New Technology in Medicine, B.B. Ward and J.R. Baker, Jr.
    General Carriers for Drug Delivery, T.H. Dunham et al.
    Poly(amidoamine) Dendrimer Synthesis and Characterization, I.J. Majoros and D.E. Carter
    Optical and Biophotonic Applications of Dendrimer Conjugate, J.Y. Ye and T.B. Norris
    Dendrimer Conjugates for Cancer Treatment, I.J. Majoros et al.
    Biological Application of PAMAM Dendrimer Nanodevices in vitro and in vivo, T.P. Thomas and J.F. Kukowska-Latallo
    Dendrimer-based Targeted Apoptosis Sensors for Medical Application, A. Myc et al
    MRI Using Targeted Dendrimer Contrast Agents, S.D. Swanson and C.R. Williams
    Nanoparticle — Membrane Interactions: Mechanism for Enhanced Permeability, S. Hong et al.
    Computer Simulations of Dendrimers, S.K. Kandasamy et al.
    Dendrimer-Entrapped and Dendrimer-Stabilized Metal Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications, X-Y Shi and S.H. Wang


    Istvan Majoros, James R. Baker Jr.

    "The authors' approach to fill in a little history with futuristic perspective will be a delight to all readers interested in the field. A must read."
    —Prof. George R. Newkome, The University of Akron, USA