1st Edition

Design Reliability
Fundamentals and Applications

ISBN 9780849314650
Published June 18, 1999 by CRC Press
416 Pages

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Book Description

As engineering systems become more and more complex, industry has recognized the importance of system and product reliability and places ever increasing emphasis on it during the design phase. Despite its efforts, however, industry continues to lose billions of dollars each year because of unexpected system failures. Therefore, it becomes increasingly important for designers and engineers to have a solid grounding in reliability engineering and keep abreast of new developments and research results.

Table of Contents

Reliability History
Need of Reliability in Product Design
Reliability in the Product Design Process
Reliability Specialized and Applications Areas
Terms and Definitions
Reliability Information Sources
Military and other Reliability documents
Design Reliability Mathematics
Boolean Algebra Laws
Probability Properties
Useful Definitions
Probability Distributions
Hazard Rate Models
Partial Fraction Method and Equation Roots
Differential Equations
Engineering Design and Reliability Management
Engineering Design
Reliability Management
Failure Data Collection and Analysis
Failure Data Uses
Failure Data Collection Sources in Equipment Life Cycle and Quality Control Data
Failure Reporting and Documentation System Design Guidelines and Failure Data Collection Forms
External Failure Data Sources
Failure Data for Selective Items and Tasks
Hazard Plotting Method
Underlying Distribution Determination Tests
Maximum Likelihood Estimation Method
Basic Reliability Evaluation and Allocation Techniques
Bathtub Hazard Rate Curve
General Reliability Analysis Related Formulas
Reliability Networks
Reliability Evaluation Methods
Reliability Allocation
Failure Modes and Effect Analysis
Terms and Definitions
Types of FMEA and Their Associated Benefits
Steps for Performing FMEA
Criticality Assessment
FMECA Information Needs, Data Sources, and Users
FMEA Implementation Related Factors and General Guidelines
Advantages of FMEA
Fault Tree Analysis
FTA Purposes and Prerequisites
Fault Tree Symbols
Fundamental Approach to FTA
Boolean Algebra Rules
Probability Evaluation of Fault Trees with Repairable and Non-Repairable Components
Fault Tree Duality and FTA Approach Benefits and Drawbacks
Common Cause Failures and Three State Devices
Common-Cause Failures
Three State Devices
Mechanical Reliability
Reasons for the Discipline of Mechanical Reliability and Mechanical Failure Modes
General and Gear Failure Modes
Safety Factors and Safety Design
"Design by Reliability" Methodology and Stress-Strength Models
Mellin Transform Method
Failure Rate Models
Failure Data Sources for Mechanical Parts
Optimum Models for Mechanical Equipment Replacement or Maintenance
Human Reliability in Engineering Systems
Terms and Definitions
Human Error Occurrence Examples and Studies
Human Error Occurrence Classification and its Types and Causes
Human Performance and Stress
Human Performance Reliability in Continuous Time and Mean Time to Human Error (MTTHE) Measure
Human Reliability Evaluation Methods
Human Reliability Markov Modeling
Human Error Data
Reliability Testing and Growth
Reliability Testing
Reliability Growth
Reliability Growth Models
Reliability in Computer Systems
Terms and Definitions
Software Reliability Versus Hardware Reliability
Computer Failures Causes
Software Life Cycle Phases and Associated Error Sources
Software Reliability Improvement Methods
Software Reliability Assessment Methods
Fault Masking
Robot Reliability and Safety
Robot Safety
Robot Reliability
Medical Device Reliability
Facts and Figures Government Control and Liability
Medical Electronic Equipment Classification
Medical Device Recalls
Medical Device Design Quality Assurance
Error Occurrence and Related Human Factors
Medical Device Software
Sources for Adverse Medical Device Reportable Events and Failure Investigation Documentation
A Small Instrument Manufacturer's Approach to Produce Reliable and Safe Medical Devices
Aerospace and Medical Equipment Reliability and Reliability Approach Comparisons
Guidelines for Reliability and Other Professionals Associated with Health Care
Design Maintainability and Reliability Centered Maintenance
Design Maintainability: Maintainability Need and Relationship Between Reliability and Maintainability
Reliability Centered Maintenance
Total Quality Management and Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment
Life Cycle Costing
Reasons and Uses Life Cycle Costing and Required Inputs
Life Cycle Costing Steps and Activities
Skills Requirements Areas of a Life Cycle Costing Analyst and His/Her Associated Professional
Life Cycle Costing Program Evaluation Areas and Life Cycle Cost Estimate Report
Time Dependent Formulas for Life Cycle Cost Analysis
Life Cycle Cost Estimation Models
Cost Estimation Models
Life Cycle Costing Data
Life Cycle Costing Advantages and Disadvantages Resistance Factors and Associated Important Points
Plus each chapter contains references and exercises

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