1st Edition

Design and Analysis of Control Systems

By Arthur G.O. Mutambara Copyright 1999

    Written to inspire and cultivate the ability to design and analyze feasible control algorithms for a wide range of engineering applications, this comprehensive text covers the theoretical and practical principles involved in the design and analysis of control systems. From the development of the mathematical models for dynamic systems, the author shows how they are used to obtain system response and facilitate control, then addresses advanced topics, such as digital control systems, adaptive and robust control, and nonlinear control systems.

    An Introduction to Control Systems
    Modeling of Dynamic Systems
    Dynamic System Response
    Characteristics of Feedback Control Systems
    Root Locus Design Methods
    Frequency Response Design Methods
    State Space Design Methods
    Digital Control Systems
    Advanced Control Systems
    Plus each chapter contains a summary and problems
    Appendix A: Laplace and Z-Transforms
    Appendix B: MATLAB Basics and Exercises


    Arthur G.O. Mutambara