1st Edition

Design for People Living with Dementia

Edited By Paul A. Rodgers Copyright 2022
    272 Pages 70 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

      This book presents the latest research that shows how design thinking, making, and acting contribute to the co-designing and development of products, spaces, and services with people living with dementia.

      We know that there is currently no cure for the 130+ kinds of dementia that millions of people live with all over the world, but the designed interventions such as the products, spaces, and services described in this book can address stigma, isolation, loss of confidence, and raise awareness and greater understanding of dementia. This book showcases a range of innovative and creative design interventions that have been developed to break the cycle of well-established opinions, strategies, mindsets, and ways of doing that tend to remain unchallenged in the health and social care of people living with dementia.

      The book will be of interest to scholars working in product design, service design, experience design, architecture, design research, information design, user-centred design, and design for health.


      Paul A. Rodgers

      1. Interactive Textiles for Well-being in Dementia Friendly Communities

      Lucy Robertson, Chris Lim, and Wendy Moncur

      2. Textile Memories: Designing Wearables Technology for People Living with Dementi

      Julia Danckwerth

      3. Designed with DeMEntia: Building Long-lasting Collaborative Care

      Euan Winton and Paul A. Rodgers

      4. Design for People Living with Dementia: Considerations and Qualities for Technology and Design

      Rens Brankaert and Elke den Ouden

      5. Designing Nurturing Experiences for People Living with Advanced Dementia

      Cathy Treadaway

      6. The Emergence of Empathy: Through Designing for One

      Andrea Wilkinson and Niels Hendriks

      7. Dementia Architecture: Designing Typological Floorplans using the ‘Research through Design’ Approach

      Leonie van Buuren, Lex van Delden, and Masi Mohammadi

      8. Alexa, What Day is it Again? Virtual Assistants Empowering People Living with Dementia at Home

      Jeanie Beh, Sonja Pedell, Alison de Kruiff, and Ann Reilly

      9. Making the Fuzzy End Even Fuzzier: The Role of the Caregiving Relative in Participatory Design Processes with People Living with Dementia

      Carolin Schreiber and Diana Cürlis

      10. Paradise Room - How the Sensory Room can Become a Desirable Destination for Residents in Care Homes

      Anke Jakob

      11. Parlours of Wonder: Designing Intergenerational Spaces of Encounter

      Helen Manchester and Hannah Rumble

      12. Connecting Design Students with People Living in Long-term Care: Driving Social Change Through the Curriculum

      Jon Hannan, Caylee Raber, and Michael Peterson

      13. Super/Normal: Designing Dementia Services around Wicked Assets

      Daniel Carey

      14. Trigger Memories through Material Culture in Mexican People Living with Dementia

      Annika Maya Rivero

      15. Products and Strategies for Dementia Rehabilitation and Prevention in Nursing Homes

      Aline Aride and Rita Couto

      16. MemoryBox – Using Digitised Memories to Improve the Quality of Life of People Living with Dementia

      Kanvar Nayer and Kuldeep Nayer

      17. Evaluating Shared Tablet Interactions Co-created for People Living with Moderate to Advanced Dementia

      Stu Favilla, Sonja Pedell, Andrew Murphy and Jeanie Beh

      18. Exploring the Role of Everyday Sounds to Support People Living with Dementia

      Sarah Campbell, David Frohlich, and Norman Alm


      Paul A. Rodgers is a Professor of Design at the University of Strathclyde and is the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Design Leadership Fellow.