1st Edition

Designing Mobility and Transport Services Developing traveller experience tools

Edited By Mike Tovey, Andree Woodcock, Jane Osmond Copyright 2017
    280 Pages
    by Routledge

    280 Pages 3356 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    European cities increasingly face problems caused by transport and traffic. For many people transport provision is unsatisfactory and current arrangements are leading to a deteriorating environment. A fundamental problem is that our currently fragmented approach makes it difficult to understand fully the circumstances and needs of transport users. In any overall approach public transport is a crucial component. Designing Mobility and Transport Services shows how these issues can be addressed and resolved.

    The development of an inclusive, validated passenger experience measurement instrument is the first step in understanding the situation and thus tackling it. It is needed if we are to create high quality, user centred, integrated, accessible public transport services, which are capable of attracting and retaining public transport users whilst meeting sustainability targets. The METPEX research project was devised to tackle these issues. Coordinated by Coventry University, the METPEX consortium brought together 16 European partners from 12 countries. The project’s underlying rationale was the proposition that if transport operators and authorities were provided with a robust, reliable and tailorable means of measuring the whole multimodal passenger journey, they could improve service provision.

    The book describes how such an improvement can be achieved, to attract travellers out of their private vehicles, thereby reducing congestion and pollution and increasing health and well-being. It provides a template for a creative approach and a meta-design narrative in designing for transport systems to enhance mobility choices by improving the door to door journey and thus underpin sustainable transport initiatives.

    Preface Professor Michael Tovey

    Overview of the METPEX project Andree Woodcock

    Part 1: The Context for the Project (cover page)

    Chapter 1. Sustainable Transport Dan Caraman and Isolda Constantin

    Chapter 2. The complexity of the public transport system Andree Woodcock with Gabriela Rodica Hrin

    Chapter 3. The Door-to-Door Journey Dan Caraman, Laura Panea, Michael Tovey

    Chapter 4. The whole journey experience through the lens of the hexagon spindle model Andree Woodcock

    Chapter 5. Land use and Mobility Behaviour: why planning solutions are not suited to solving mobility problems Merja Hoppe, Alberto Castro

    Chapter 6. Accessibility and Policy: Definitional framework of transport accessibility Nigel Berkeley, Kevin Broughton and Jordon Lazell Part 2: The METPEX Tools (cover page)

    Chapter 7. Implementing various different tools to measure the door-to-door travel satisfaction Yusak O. Susilo and Roberto Abenoza

    Chapter 8. Enhanced Transport Survey Tools in Location-Aware Devices Dr. Fotis K. Liotopoulos

    Chapter 9. METPEX Trial Results – Investigating different key determinants of travel satisfaction for different group of travellers Yusak O. Susilo and Roberto Abenoza

    Chapter 10. Quality Indicators for the whole-journey experience Marco Diana, Miriam Pirra, Alberto Castro and Andre Duarte

    Chapter 11. Traveller groups and public transport Jane Osmond and Andree Woodcock

    Part 3: Practical Applications (cover page)

    Chapter 12. From KPIs to operationalising the quality of the passenger experience Andree Woodcock

    Chapter 13. Strategies for integrating and optimising transport systems Andree Woodcock, Merja Hoppe, Elena Tavlaki, Andrius Jarzemskis, Georgio Georgiadis

    Chapter 14. Guidance for selecting innovative technologies to support integrative accessibility Andree Woodcock, Andrius Jarzemskis, Merja Hoppe, Elena Tavlaki, Georgio Georgiadis, Dolores Herrero

    Part 4: Impact and Conclusion (cover page)

    Chapter 15. Impact of METPEX Andree Woodcock

    Chapter 16. Conclusion: Smart Cities Michael Tovey, Andree Woodcock and Jane Osmond


    Michael Tovey is Reader in Design Pedagogy and Professor of Industrial Design at Coventry University. He was Dean of the Coventry School of Art and Design for 18 years.

    Andree Woodcock is Professor of Educational Ergonomics and Design and Coventry University and Director of the Centre of Excellence in Product and Automotive Design.

    Jane Osmond is Research Fellow for the Centre of Excellence for Automotive and Product Design (CEPAD). As research fellow for the Centre, her main duties include carrying out, analysing and publishing qualitative research on a number of projects.