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Developing Trauma-Responsive Approaches to Student Discipline A Guide to Trauma-Informed Practice in PreK-12 Schools

    ISBN 9780367651602
    172 Pages 32 B/W Illustrations
    Published September 26, 2022 by Routledge

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    Building on comprehensive research conducted in US schools, this accessible volume offers an effective model of school leadership to develop and implement school-wide, trauma-responsive approaches to student discipline.

    Recognizing that challenging student behaviours are often rooted in early experiences of trauma, the volume builds on a model from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) to walk readers through the processes of realizing, recognizing, responding to, and resisting the impacts of trauma in school contexts. Research and interviews model an educational reform process and explain how a range of differentiated interventions including Positive Behaviour Interventions and Supports (PBIS), social-emotional learning (SEL), restorative justice, and family engagement can be used to boost student resilience and pro-social behaviour. Practical steps are supported by current theory, resources, and stories of implementation from superintendents, principals, and teachers.

    This text will benefit school leaders, teachers, and counsellors with an interest in restorative student discipline, emotional and behavioural difficulties in young people, and PreK-12 education more broadly. Those interested in school psychology, trauma studies, and trauma counselling with children and adolescents will also benefit from the volume.

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    About the Authors

    Preface: A Synthesis of Solutions

    Introduction: Examining the Purpose of Student Discipline

    Part I: Understanding the Need for Trauma-Responsive Discipline Reform

    Chapter 1: Identifying the Problems of Exclusionary Discipline

    Chapter 2: Looking Through the Lenses of Trauma and Resilience

    Chapter 3: Setting the Stage for Reform

    Part II: Leading Trauma-Responsive Discipline Reform

    Chapter 4: Realize: Developing a Schoolwide Awareness of Trauma

    Chapter 5: Recognize: Acknowledging Trauma and Resilience

    Chapter 6: Respond: Embracing Trauma-Responsive Practices

    Chapter 7: Resist: Avoiding Retraumatization through Trauma-Informed Systems and Supports

    Epilogue: Tending to a Crisis in Education

    Appendix A: Realizing Trauma-Awareness

    Appendix B: ACE Questionnaire

    Appendix C: Devereux Adult Resilience Survey (DARS)

    Appendix D: Strategic Vision Builder

    Appendix E: Restorative Justice Mindset Survey



    Kirk Eggleston is Principal of Gayton Elementary School, Virginia, USA.

    Erinn J. Green is Assistant Principal at Prince Edward County Elementary School, Virginia, USA.

    Shawn Abel is Principal at Midlothian High School, Virginia, USA.

    Stephanie Poe is Principal of Hopewell High School, Virginia, USA.

    Charol Shakeshaft is Professor of Educational Leadership at Virginia Commonwealth University, USA.

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