1st Edition

Dialectical Materialism A Historical and Systematic Survey of Philosophy in the Soviet Union

By Gustav A. Wetter Copyright 1958
    624 Pages
    by Routledge

    Dialectical Materialism (1958) surveys the history of dialectical materialism from its Hegelian beginnings to the death of Stalin, and its sequel in the celebrated XXth Party Congress of the C.P.S.U. It also presents a systematic account of the theory as it was formulated and discussed by the philosophers of the Soviet Union.

    1. The Philosophical Roots of Marxism  2. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels  3. Revolutionary Movements in Russia: the Origins  4. Philosophical Tendencies in Russian Marxism before the Revolution  5. Vladimir Ilyich Lenin  6. Philosophical Developments in the USSR up to 1931  7. Mechanism  8. Menshevik Idealism  9. Developments since 1931  10. Stalin as a Philosopher  11. Since the Death of Stalin  12. Conception of Philosophy  13. The Theory of Matter  14. The Materialist Dialectic  15. The Theory of Categories  16. Dialectical Materialism and Modern Science  17. The Dialectical Materialist Theory of Knowledge  18. Logic


    Gustav A. Wetter was a Jesuit father and a professor at the Papal Oriental Institute in Rome. He enjoyed a worldwide reputation as a leading authority in his field, whose learning and impartiality met with reluctant commendation even from avowed political opponents.