1st Edition

Dialogical Engagement with the Mythopoetics of Currere Extending the Work of Mary Aswell Doll across Theory, Literature, and Autobiography

Edited By Brian Casemore Copyright 2022
    122 Pages
    by Routledge

    122 Pages
    by Routledge

    This volume showcases a series of chapters that elaborate on Mary Aswell Doll’s contributions to the field of curriculum theory through her examination of currere as a mythopoetics.

    By bringing Doll’s Jungian, autobiographical, and literary perspectives into conversation with emergent forms of subjective inquiry—including aesthetic concepts, ecological questions, and spiritual themes—the volume foregrounds the originality and significance of Doll’s book The Mythopoetics of Currere in particular, while simultaneously extending it and demonstrating its applications in various scholarly conversations. Leading scholars in the field of curriculum studies such as William F. Pinar and Molly Quinn demonstrate how they use Doll’s ideas as pedagogy, as theoretical framing for their work, and as the basis of their own study and self-exploration. A response essay from Doll herself concludes the text, bringing further thought and insight to the mythopoetic dimensions of currere.

    This text will benefit scholars, academics, and students in the fields of curriculum studies, curriculum theory, and the foundations of education more broadly. Teachers and teacher educators interested in the conceptualization of curriculum in humanities education will also benefit from this volume.

    Introduction: On the Expressive Forms and Dialogical Depths of Mythopoetic Curriculum

    Brian Casemore

    1: Following the Thread of Life

    Brian Casemore

    2: Inscape

    William F. Pinar

    3: Reflections on a Mythopoetics of Listening for a More-Than-Human World

    Marilyn Hillarious

    4: Conjuring Spirit, Incarnating Soul in Curriculum Study

    Molly Quinn

    5: Complications and Threads: An Appreciation of My Commentators to The Mythopoetics of Currere

    Mary Aswell Doll


    Brian Casemore is Associate Professor of Curriculum and Pedagogy in the Graduate School of Education and Human Development at The George Washington University, Washington, DC, USA.