1st Edition

Dielectrics in Electric Fields Tables, Atoms, and Molecules

By Gorur Govinda Raju Copyright 2003
    592 Pages
    by CRC Press

    600 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Discover nontraditional applications of dielectric studies in this exceptionally crafted field reference or text for seniors and graduate students in power engineering tracks. This text contains more than 800 display equations and discusses polarization phenomena in dielectrics, the complex dielectric constant in an alternating electric field, dielectric relaxation and interfacial polarization, the measurement of absorption and desorption currents in time domains, and high field conduction phenomena. Dielectrics in Electric Fields is an interdisciplinary reference and text for professionals and students in electrical and electronics, chemical, biochemical, and environmental engineering; physical, surface, and colloid chemistry; materials science; and chemical physics.

    1. Introductory Concepts 2. Polarization and Static Dielectric Constant 3. Dielectric Loss and Relaxation-I 4. Dielectric Loss and Relaxation-II 5. Experimental Data (Frequency Domain) 6. Absorption and Desorption Currents 7. Field Enhanced Conduction 8. Fundamental Aspects of Gaseous Breakdown-I 9. Fundamental Aspects of Electrical Breakdown-II 10. Thermally Stimulated Processes 11. Space Charge in Solids Dielectrics


    Raju, Gorur Govinda