Diet and Nutrition in Palliative Care  book cover
1st Edition

Diet and Nutrition in Palliative Care

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ISBN 9781439819326
Published May 24, 2011 by CRC Press
464 Pages - 70 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Optimal terminal and palliative care requires consideration of the patient and family unit as well as cultural and religious sensitivities. The patient’s well being in terms of mobility, anxiety, stress, social interaction, and pain control needs expert focus and attention. Furthermore, there is an increasing awareness that diet and nutritional support plays an integral part of the patient’s holistic well being. The interface between nutritional, emotional, cultural, and medicinal support challenges terminal and palliative care providers to recognize the right thing to do, often in the face of considerable uncertainty.

Currently, there is no comprehensive book on nutrition in terminal or palliative care that is suitable for novices and experts alike. Diet and Nutrition in Palliative Care addresses this deficiency in the literature. Designed for doctors, nurses, caregivers, and those working within the palliative or end of life domain, each chapter contains sections on applications to other areas of terminal or palliative care, practical methods and techniques, guidelines, key points and ethical issues. The book is divided into six sections:

  • Setting the Scene
  • Cultural Aspects
  • General Aspects
  • Cancer
  • Non-Cancer Conditions
  • Pharmacological Aspects  

Despite the complexity of the correlation between diet and disease, there is now a sufficient body of evidence to encourage applying nutritional science in everyday clinical practice. Increasingly, a strong interest and up-to-date knowledge and understanding of scientific studies on nutrition enables clinicians to help patients under their care more effectively at every stage of their illness. In response to this need, this handbook presents important information on the holistic use of nutrition and diet therapy in palliative care.

Table of Contents

Definition, goal, purposes

V.R. Preedy
Enlightening the need for a specialized interest in food and nutrition in palliative care
Defining palliative, end of life and terminal care

Religion faith and end-of-life decisions
H-H Bulow
Pain control and sedation at the end of life
N.J. Cherny
The Nurse and end-of-life decisions
A. J. E. De Veer
Sedation in palliative care and its impact on nutrition
K.C.P. Vissers
Nutrition in palliative care: Western perspectives

M.P. Fuhrman
Nutrition in palliative care: Japanese perspectives
T. Morita
Nutritional support in palliative care: Chinese perspectives
W.-Y. Hu
Cultural aspects of forgoing of tube feeding in dying American and Chinese patients
S.M.C. Pang
Gastrointestinal side effects in tumor therapy: Implications for nutrition

F. Mayer
Support for hydration at end of life
R.L. Fainsinger
Palliative treatment of dysphagia
C.P. Selinger
Artificial nutrition, advance directives and end of life in nursing homes
C.A. Monturo
Home nutritional support in end of life
S. Antoun
Preparing hospice families for home: diet and nutritional aspects
K. A. Kehl
Fatigue in hospice cancer patients: what nutritional variables does it correlate with
Y.-H. Lai
Hospice patients and help in mouth care and eating and drinking
J.e. Munn
Drugs and constipation in hospice patients
D. Weschules
Vitamin deficiency in patients with terminal cancer

D. J. Harrington
Total parenteral nutrition in life-limiting cancer
A.P. Abernethy
Incurable cancers and home total parenteral nutrition
A. Jatoi
Nutritional aspects of palliative in head and neck cancer
N.E. Goldstein
Nutrition and palliative care in End of Life Ovarian Cancer
L.J. Herrinton
The relationship between nutrition and quality of life in palliative care of cancer
C. Pichard
Nutrition and palliative total pharyngo-Iaryngo-esophagectomy
T. Shinozaki
Nutrition and euteral stenting in palliative of cancer
P. Fockens
Feeding in advanced dementia: a palliative approach

A.E. Volandes
Nutritional therapy in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
K. Kollewe
Nutrition in the palliative care of surgical patients

G.P. Dunn
Nutritional support in the vegetative state
M. Luchetti
Nutrition and palliation in chronic wounds
O.M. Alvarez
Nutritional support in the palliative care of adult BIV/AIDS patients
D.J. Wantland
Nutrition and palliative care of children with BIV/AIDS
A.J. De Baets
Antioxidants in palliative care and drug induced osteoporosis
S.N. Chavan
Nutrition and terminal renal failure
J. Dotsch
Withholding nutritional support: what is the process

M. Hynninen
Withholding nutritional support in the ICU
M. Heaney
Comparisons of withholding support in Six European Countries
H.M. Buiting

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Professor Victor R. Preedy is the Director of the Genomics Centre in the department of Nutrition and Dietetics at King’s College in London.


"The book has a clear structure, with many illustrative tables and the essential points of each chapter are summarized at the end. It is written to accommodate all who care patients for palliative stage but could be particularly useful for students who do advanced work in both basic and specialist training. Each chapter has a variety references for those wishing to immerse themselves further."
Svenskt Palliativt Natverk, 2012

"This book provides a wonderful blend of palliative and nutrition care concepts for the healthcare professional and adds to the body of knowledge for clinicians seeking to improve aspects of patient care based on quality-of-life goals, rather than technology-driven healthcare."
—Denise Baird Schwartz, MS, RD, FADA, CNSD, in Nutrition in Clinical Practice, 27(2), 2012

"The essays are well written … useful as a reference work on a palliative care floor in a health care facility. Summing Up: Recommended."
CHOICE Magazine