1st Edition

Differential Diagnosis in Obstetrics & Gynaecology An A-Z, Second Edition

Edited By Tony Hollingworth Copyright 2016
    375 Pages 219 Color Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    One of the major challenges in obstetrics and gynaecology is the need for a broad knowledge of medicine and surgery as well as the conditions specific to reproduction. The comprehensive nature of Differential Diagnosis in Obstetrics and Gynaecology achieves this goal.

    The book provides clinicians with invaluable assistance in the diagnostic process to differentiate quickly and correctly among various diseases. From minor to major symptoms, the differential diagnoses are explored and offered in a way that is easy to read and leads to practical management.

    Arranged alphabetically, and based upon presenting symptoms, the text takes readers through a step-by-step approach to that presentation, culminating in a description of the different diagnoses that it might represent.

    The layout of the book is engaging as the text is interspersed with excellent illustrations and useful boxes highlighting important points. Algorithms, references, and websites have been included where appropriate and a glossary of common terms and terminology used in obstetrics and gynaecology has been provided at the end.

    A–Z Entries
    Abdominal Pain
    Abdominal Pain in Pregnancy
    Abdominal Swellings in Pregnancy
    Amniotic Fluid Abnormalities
    Anaemia in Pregnancy
    Back Pain in Pregnancy
    Bell’s Palsy in Pregnancy
    Birth Injuries, Maternal
    Birth Injuries, Neonatal
    Bleeding Disorders in Pregnancy, Including Thrombocytopenia
    Bleeding in Childhood (Vaginal)
    Bleeding During Early Pregnancy
    Bleeding in Late Pregnancy (Antepartum Haemorrhage)
    Bleeding, Postmenopausal
    Bleeding, Rectal, During Pregnancy
    Blocked Nose in Pregnancy
    Breast Lumps in Pregnancy
    Breast Tenderness in Pregnancy and the Puerperium
    Breast/Nipple Discharge in Pregnancy
    Breathlessness in Pregnancy: Cardiac Causes
    Breathlessness in Pregnancy: Respiratory Causes
    Cervical Cytology, Abnormal
    Cervical Swelling (Cervix Uteri)
    Chest Pain in Pregnancy: Cardiac Causes
    Chest Pain in Pregnancy: Non-Cardiac Causes
    Collapse in Pregnancy
    Collapse in The Puerperium
    Ctg Abnormalities
    Epigastric Pain in Pregnancy
    Fever, Postoperative (Gynaecological)
    Fever, Puerperal
    Fits in Pregnancy
    Genitalia, Ambiguous (Including Congenital Anomalies)
    Glycosuria of Pregnancy
    Haematemesis in Pregnancy
    Haematuria (Blood in the Urine)
    Hand Pain in Pregnancy
    Headache in Pregnancy
    Heartburn During Pregnancy
    Hot Flushes
    Hydrops Fetalis
    Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy
    Incontinence, Faecal, and Pregnancy
    Incontinence, Urinary
    Intrauterine Fetal Death and Mid-Trimester Pregnancy Loss
    Itching in Pregnancy (See Also Rashes in Pregnancy)
    Jaundice and Liver Disease in Pregnancy
    Keloids and Hypertrophic Scars
    Labour, Precipitate
    Labour, Premature
    Labour, Prolonged
    Leg Pain in Pregnancy (Deep Venous Thrombosis)
    Leg Swelling in Pregnancy
    Libido, Loss of
    Menstrual Periods, Absent (Amenorrhoea)
    Menstrual Periods, Heavy and/or Irregular
    Menstrual Periods, Infrequent (Oligomenorrhoea)
    Menstrual Periods, Painful, (Dysmenorrhoea)
    Miscarriage, Recurrent
    Nosebleeds (Epistaxis) in Pregnancy
    Ophthalmic Issues and The Maternal Eye in Pregnancy
    Oral and Dental Considerations in Pregnancy
    Ovarian Swellings
    Pain During Intercourse
    Palpitations in Pregnancy
    Pelvic Pain
    Pelvic Swellings
    Premenstrual Syndrome
    Prolapse of Uterus and Vagina
    Prolonged Pregnancy
    Proteinuria in Pregnancy
    Psychological Problems in Pregnancy and the
    Postnatal Period
    Pubic Bone Pain in Pregnancy
    Rashes in Pregnancy (See Also Itching in Pregnancy
    And Vulval Itching)
    Thyroid Problems in Pregnancy
    Tiredness in Pregnancy
    Tumour Markers in Gynaecology
    Urinary Retention
    Uterine Swellings
    Vaginal Discharge
    Vaginal Swellings
    Vomiting in Pregnancy
    Vulval Investigations
    Vulval Itching
    Vulval Pain
    Vulval Swellings
    Vulval Ulceration

    Appendix: Definitions and Tumour Staging


    Edited by

    Tony Hollingworth, MB ChB, PhD, MBA, FRCS(Ed), FRCOG, consultant in obstetrics and gynaecology, Whipps Cross University Hospital, London, UK

    "Having an accessible, readable and trustworthy review of Obstetrics and Gynaecology is worth its weight in gold-and this book is certainly a worthy contender."

    Praise for previous editions:

    "The text is well referenced and lists helpful resources and websites for further reading and information. I would certainly recommend it to anyone with a specialised interest in obstetrics and gynaecology … a very valuable addition to the medical bookshelf."
    —The Obstetrician and Gynaecologist