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Differential Equations
Dynamical Systems, and Control Science: Lecture Notes in Pure and Applied Mathematics Series/152

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ISBN 9780824789046
Published October 18, 1993 by CRC Press
984 Pages

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Book Description

Presents recent developments in the areas of differential equations, dynamical systems, and control of finke and infinite dimensional systems. Focuses on current trends in differential equations and dynamical system research-from Darameterdependence of solutions to robui control laws for inflnite dimensional systems.

Table of Contents

"A Brief History of Control, Lawrence Markus Differential Equations De Motu Arietum (On the Motion of Battering Rams), Rutherford Aris and Bernard S. Bachrach A Note on Continuation Algorithms for Periodic Orbits, Pavol Brunovsky and Milan Kubala Uniformly Isochronous Centers of Polynomial Systems in R2, Roberto Conti Some Remarks on the Titchmarsh-Weyl m-Coefficient and Associated Differential Operators, W. Norrie Everitt Periodic Solutions of Single Species Models with Delay, H. I. Freedman and Huaxing Xia Asymptotic Estimates for a Nonstandard Second Order Differential Equation, William A. Harris, Jr., Patrizia Pucci, and James Serrin Asymptotic Phase, Shadowing and Reaction-Diffusion Systems, Morris W. Hirsch Numerical Methods for Studying Parameter Dependence of Solutions to SchrOdinger's Equation, M. Holthaus, C. S. Kenney, and A. J. Laub Differential Systems and Algebras, Michael K. Kinyon and Arthur A. Sagle Limit Cycles and Centres: An Example, N. G. Lloyd and J. V. M. Pearson Stability Criteria with a Symmetric Operator Occurring in Linear and Nonlinear Delay-Differential Equations, James Louisell Approximating Piston-Driven Flow of a Non-Newtonian Fluid, David S. Malkus, John A. Nohel, and Bradley J. Plohr A Necessary and Sufficient Condition for Exponential Stability of Large-Scale Stochastic Delay Systems in Hierarchical Form, Xuerong Mao The Averaging Method and the Problem on Separation of Variables, Y. A. Mitropolsky Construction of Lyapunov Functions Using Integration by Parts, Patrick C. Parks Remarks on Williams' Problem, William Parry Approximations of the Long-Time Dynamics of the Navier-Stokes Equations, Victor A. Pliss and George R. Sell About the Solution of Some Inverse Problems in Differential Galois Theory by Hamburger Equations, J. P. Ramis A Remark on Bessel Functions, Yasutaka Sibuya The Broadwell System, Self-Similar Ordinary Differential Equations, and Fluid Dynamical Limits, Marshall Slemrod and Athanasios E. Tzavaras The Statistical Mechanics of Asset Prices, Michael Stutzer The Winding Problem for Stochastic Oscillators, Ananda P. N. Weerasinghe On the Convexity of Carrying Simplices in Competitive Lotka-Volterra Systems, E. C. Zeeman and M. L. Zeeman Dynamical Systems and Control Science The Shuffle Product and Symmetric Groups, A. A. Agrachev and R. V. Gamkrelidze Optimal Control of Infinite Dimensional Systems Governed by Integro Differential Equations, N. U. Ahmed Data Analysis of a Lumped System, Louis Auslander Ergodic Bellman Systems for Stochastic Games, Alain Bensoussan and Jens Frehse Some Results on Feedback Stabilizability of Nonlinear Systems in Dimension Three or Higher, William M. Boothby and Riccardo Marino Robust Stabilization of Infinite-Dimensional Systems with Respect to Coprime Factor Perturbations, Ruth F. Curtain and A. J. Pritchard Time-Delayed Perturbations and Robust Stability, Richard F. Datko Positive Controllability of Linear Systems with Delay, Mohamed A. El-Hodiri and F. S. van Vleck Discrete Time Partially Observed Control, Robert J. Elliott and John B. Moore Symmetries of Differential Systems, F. Fagnani and Jan C. Willems Relaxation in Semilinear Infinite Dimensional Control Systems, H. O. Fattorini An Algebraic Approach to Hankel Norm Approximation Problems, P. A. Fuhrmann Stabilizing Solutions to Riccati Inequalities and Stabilizing Compensators with Disturbance Attenuation, Aristide Halanay Vector Field Approximations Preserving Structural Properties, Henry Hermes Nonlinear Boundary Stabilization of a von Kármán Plate Equation, Mary Ann Horn and Irena Lasiecka Global Null Controllability of Linear Control Processes with Positive Lyapunov Exponents, Russell Johnson and Mahesh Nerurkar Linear 2-Dimensional Systems with Deviating Arguments, Tadeusz Kaczorek Boundary Controllability in Transmission Problems for Thin Plates, John E. Lagnese Approximation of Linear Input/Output Delay-Differential Systems, E. Bruce Lee Local Smoothing and Energy Decay for a Semi-Infinite Beam Pinned at Several Points and Applications to Boundary Control, Walter Littman and Stephen W. Taylor Abnormal Sub-Riemannian Minimizers, Wensheng Liu and HEctor J. Sussmann Some Algebraic Approaches for Stability Analysis of Two-Dimensional Systems and Digital Filters, Wu-Sheng Lu A Control-Theoretic Banach Lie Group GA,B-The Stability Group, Dahlard L. Lukes Min-Max Game Theory and Algebraic Riccati Equations for Boundary Control Problems with Analytic Semigroups: The Stable Case, Christine A. McMillan and Roberto Triggiani Approximate Controllability of Linear Functional-Differential Systems: A State Space Independent Approach, Andrzej W. Olbrot The Attainability Order in Control Systems, Emilio O. Roxin Extending Linear-Quadratic Optimal Control Laws to Nonlinear Systems and/or Nonquadratic Cost Criteria, D. L. Russell and Xiaohong Zhang Existence of Optimal Controls for a Free Boundary Problem, Thomas I. Seidman Maximun Principle for Optimal Control of Distributed Parameter Stochastic Systems with Random Jumps, Shanjian Tang and Xunjing Li Spillover Problem and Global Dynamics of Nonlinear Beam Equations, Yuncheng You A Dynamical Systems Approach to Solving Linear Programming Problems, Stanislaw H. Zak, Viriya Upatising, Walter E. Lillo, and Stefen Hui "

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