2nd Edition

Digital Curation
A How-to-do-it Manual

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ISBN 9781783300976
Published April 29, 2016 by Facet Publishing
256 Pages


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Book Description

This second edition of Digital Curation outlines the essential concepts and techniques that are crucial to preserving the longevity of digital resources.

The first edition of this textbook provided in-depth explanation of the entire digital curation lifecycle, from creation to appraisal to preservation to organization/access to transformation and set a benchmark for both thoroughness and clarity. In this revamped and expanded second edition, international authorities Gillian Oliver and Ross Harvey have widened the scope to address continuing developments in the strategies, technological approaches, and activities that are part of this rapidly changing field.

Useful as both a teaching text and day-to-day working guide, this book outlines the essential concepts and techniques that are crucial to preserving the longevity of digital resources and covers topics including:

the scope and incentives of digital curation, detailing Digital Curation Centre's (DCC) lifecycle model as well as the Data Curation Continuum

key requirements for digital curation, from description and representation to planning and collaboration

the value and utility of metadata

creating an appraisal and selection policy for digital objects that considers the needs of producers and consumers when

the paradigm shift by institutions towards cloud computing and its impact on costs, storage, and other key aspects of digital curation

the quality and security of data

new and emerging data curation resources, including innovative digital repository software and digital forensics tools

mechanisms for sharing and reusing data, with expanded sections on open access, open data, and open standards initiatives

processes to ensure that data are preserved and remain usable over time.

Readership: This book will be essential reading for any information professional, records manager or archivists who appraises, selects, organizes, or maintains digital resources and has responsibilities as a digital curator.

Table of Contents

PART I - DIGITAL CURATION: SCOPE AND INCENTIVES 1. Introduction 2. The Changing Landscape 3. Conceptual Models 4. Defining Data PART II - KEY REQUIREMENTS FOR DIGITAL CURATION 5. Curation and Curators 6. Description and Representation Information 7. Preservation Planning and Policy 8. Sharing Knowledge and Collaborating PART III - THE DIGITAL CURATION LIFECYCLE IN ACTION 9. Designing Data 10. Creating Data 11. Deciding What Data to Keep 12. Ingesting Data 13. Preserving Data 14. Storing Data 15. Using and Reusing Data

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