1st Edition

Dimensions of Thinking and Cognitive Instruction

Edited By Beau Fly Jones, Lorna Idol Copyright 1990
    568 Pages
    by Routledge

    536 Pages
    by Routledge

    By establishing a conceptual framework and a common language for educators to work together, this volume attempts to answer the challenge facing all teachers -- how can students improve the quality of their thinking? Methods of strengthening the thought process include: helping students learn to monitor their attention and commitments; asking questions that require students to organize, analyze, and integrate information; setting tasks that involve complex processes such as problem solving and research; and modeling and reinforcing fair-mindedness.

    Contents: B.F. Jones, L. Idol, Introduction. S.G. Paris, P. Winograd, How Metacognition Can Promote Academic Learning and Instruction. J.G. Borkowski, M. Carr, E. Rellinger, M. Pressley, Self- Regulated Cognition: Interdependence of Metacognition, Attributions, and Self-Esteem. H.J. Klausmeier, Conceptualizing. K.J. Roth, Developing Meaningful Conceptual Understanding in Science. S.L. Kline, J.G. Delia, Reasoning About Communication and Communicative Skill. P.D. Pearson, T.E. Raphael, Reading Comprehension as a Dimension of Thinking. J.R. Hayes, Individuals and Environments in Writing Instruction. E.A. Silver, S.P. Marshall, Mathematical and Scientific Problem Solving: Findings, Issues, and Instructional Implications. R.D. Tweney, B.J. Walker, Science Education and the Cognitive Psychology of Science. H. Borko, R.J. Shavelson, Teacher Decision Making. S.J. Derry, Learning Strategies for Acquiring Useful Knowledge. J.D. Bransford, N. Vye, C. Kinzer, V. Risko, Teaching Thinking and Content Knowledge: Toward an Integrated Approach. D.N. Perkins, The Nature and Nurture of Creativity. R.W. Paul, Critical and Reflective Thinking: A Philosophical Perspective. R.S. Nickerson, Dimensions of Thinking: A Critique. B.F. Jones, L. Idol, Conclusions.


    Beau Fly Jones, Lorna Idol

    "...an essential text for both researchers and educators interested in thinking and instruction."
    Contemporary Psychology